FOX adds two sideline reporters, Mike Pereira to Thursday Night Football

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FOX didn’t get the commentator it wanted when Peyton Manning turned down the opportunity to call Thursday Night Football games. But the network has now finalized its broadcasting team, and it’s a supersized version of what it airs on Sundays.

In addition to the previously announced A-team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth, FOX has now announced that two sideline reporters, Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink, will work on Thursday nights. And Mike Pereira, the former NFL head of officiating, will attend each Thursday night game in his role as a rules analyst.

Pink has previously worked some Sunday afternoon games but will now relinquish that role and work only on Thursday nights. Andrews will continue to work as the lone sideline reporter on Sundays with Buck and Aikman.

The question facing FOX is whether five people can work together seamlessly, or whether the crew will have a “too many cooks” feel to it. FOX wants Thursday nights to feel like a big deal, and it remains to be seen whether the broadcast team is too big.

43 responses to “FOX adds two sideline reporters, Mike Pereira to Thursday Night Football

  1. Just what we need, more people talking nonsense while I’m trying to watch the game.

  2. Half of these women dont even really know football. Just show the damn game

  3. Here is an idea. Get rid of THURSDAY games except the opener and Thanksgiving.

  4. The single most worthless addition to the NFL – the sideline reporter. I must admit, their vanilla questions and the cliche responses are riveting but just can’t compare to the in-depth knowledge and inside slant we get during these 20 second clips immediately after halftime!
    It just goes to show how completely out of touch the NFL is with its fanbase. I do not know a single individual who feels anything but disdain for these worthless interruptions, wether they are from a former player, a knowledgeable reporter, or just some eye candy. Now FOX wants to double them up? Wow! ….. I’m so excited!

  5. It’s still Joe Buck putting everyone to sleep, until you get rid of him it doesn’t matter who you add.

  6. I’d be more likely to watch if they used their B-Z teams so that I didn’t have to hear Joe Buck.

  7. What happened to the good old days when there were just the announcers in the booth and no one else?

  8. So they are deciding to double down on one of the aspects people can’t stand and wish was just gone from telecasts, sideline reporters.

    Way to be in touch NFL.

    Why don’t you bring back the color rush uniforms while you’re at it.

  9. OK, I am not against the women hired to do sports sideline reporting but if you really think about it, it is aimed at someone at the brass level who think men want to see a good looking woman on the sideline talking to us…whether it’s football, basketball (college), racing, etc. It’s almost an insult to your intelligence.

  10. The rules guy is useless because so much is subjective and most people make up the way the rules should be anyway. I like fewer people involved. Romo handles the rules just fine.

  11. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still gonna be a pig–and Thursday night games are still gonna be lousy football, no matter what Fox does. I wish the NFL would figure out a way to adjust the schedule so teams have time to rest and prepare before and after Thursday night games. It would certainly make for a better experience overall. The teams would play better and the fans would enjoy the games so much more. But I suppose that makes too much sense, so the NFL will never go there.

  12. Erin Andrews is unbearable. That nasally voiced hag will most likely be scantily clad trying to draw attention during every game , yet she cried in court when a man saw her naked. Total hypocrite

  13. Fox’s Sports department, much like its Faux News department, have no grasp of the concept of lipstick on a pig. Instead, they double down on it.

  14. They should just mic up the field and the stands and get rid of the booth.
    Hell, maybe Watson can call the game. Troy Aikman adds nothing to broadcast. He is so boring. They need to put a guy who is drinking during the game to add color. Get Joe Thomas to come in and spice up the network.

  15. collectordude says:
    What happened to the good old days when there were just the announcers in the booth and no one else?

    Actually, the concept of sideline reporters is a very old one, dating back much further than many people realize.
    However, in the old days sideline reporters were invisible. They were there to garner information on injury updates, coaching moves, and other things germane to the game. They relayed that information quickly to the booth, where it was passed on to the viewers by the announcers in a matter-of-fact way.
    Then somebody got the bright idea we needed more eye candy on the sidelines, so now we get a lot of women and ex-players inundating us with banal comments and inane information that merely distracts from, rather than adding to the viewing experience.
    You just know that coaches love being stopped on their way in or out of the locker room and having to answer obvious and clichéd questions, for which they give obvious and clichéd answers as they roll their eyes and keep moving.

  16. Not Mike “pariah”. Has anyone ever noticed that when they go to him first he usually gets the call wrong, then when the official NFL ruling comes down he back peddles like a circus clown and the excuses and justifications roll out. What a joke.

  17. They should attach a drone to them and fly them around the stadium like Mary Poppins. Now, that’s what I call entertainment.

  18. I’m a football official and although i usually like to hear top of the profession guys like Perreira break stuff down there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for Perreira to be down there. The game is bogged down enough with mindless commentary and boring replay. I’d rather see him do a 30 minute show every week on the controversial calls and their explanations

  19. Erin Andrews sucks! They should have gotten someone knowledgeable, she is just a parrot repeating stuff. Pam Oliver was great, she should have been in a booth.

  20. I am trying to think of something more worthless than a side line reporter at a football game. How about a Kodak or Polaroid Camera? Edsel? Yugo automobile? O.J. ?

  21. I do not know Kristina Pink, but please get Erin Andrews off my T.V. If I have to hear her ask a player how they felt when something irrelevant off the field happened I’m probably going to kick my T.V. off the stand.

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