Steve Young urges T.O. to reconsider his Hall of Fame boycott

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Former 49ers receiver Terrell Owens won’t be going to the Hall of Fame for his induction ceremony. Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young wants Owens to reconsider.

It’s shocking,” Young said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group, “especially in context for what it feels like to be there and the guys that you surround yourself with and the meaning it has personally and just for the team and the respect of all the people that got you there. . . . The relationship with the Hall of Fame for him has been difficult, because they delayed his time getting in. I’m sure there’s resentment and scar tissue about it, but I beg him to reconsider.”

Young thinks that Owens could be creating a lasting scar.

“The damage to the relationship could be permanent,” Young said. “You don’t want that. So I beg him to reconsider because the longevity of all the people that want to respect him and that he should respect as well. Forget about, ‘I’m mad at the voters, I’m mad at the system.’ The damage that could be done by not going could overwhelm him over a period of time.”

But here’s the reality: Those who dislike Owens will always find a reason to justify their feelings. If he changes his mind and shows up, the critics will find a way to bash him for it. If he apologizes, they’ll find a way to say it wasn’t sufficiently genuine.

Regardless of who’s to blame, the relationship between Owens, the Hall of Fame, and the voters already has been permanently damaged. Nothing he says or does from this point forward will change it.

So he should just do whatever he thinks is right for him, and if anyone has a problem with that, it’s their problem.

46 responses to “Steve Young urges T.O. to reconsider his Hall of Fame boycott

  1. Are you guessing the damage is irreversible, or does it come from deep down inside you?

  2. Everybody who is concerned about T.O. attending the HOF should donate a few thousand of the million or two they have in the bank so he can do so in the lifestyle he was used to before he became broke.

  3. It’ll be okay. It’s just another football award. I’d venture a guess that if T.O. had it to do all over again, he wouldn’t change anything. The guy was certainly a stud on the field. You always thought twice before betting against him.

  4. The most undeserving cancerous player to ever be inducted when you have Great players like Jim Marshall,Jerry Kramer,Ken Anderson,Randy Gradishar,Steve Atwater,…. and list goes on that are not in the HOF yet…I think its time that the rules are changed to allow a player to be removed by a special ballet, It also goes to show that the players themselves need to be ableto take a roll in the voting as well !!!!

  5. If he wants to announce his own celebration, it’s his party and he can invite who he wants. Might be a hell of a potluck lunch

  6. Stay home. Football fans don’t want to hear what you have to say. This is on the HOF voters.. You let a psycho in, expect psycho actions..

  7. It’s true that Owens owes no one anything and that he should do what he wants, but if I was in his circle, I would urge him to go. Have a professional write your speech, apologize for your actions with the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys. Cry, laugh and put on that million dollar smile for all to see. He doesn’t have to mean a word of it, he just has to sell everyone else. Then sit back and laugh all the way to the bank as the endorsement deals come rolling in. Everyone wants to forgive GREAT athletes. We let them off the hook for almost everything. Look at how many HOF players have been given black eyes in front of the media and fans, but how quickly everyone moves on.

    T.O., dude… you’re broke and we all know it. He’s got a golden moment, probably the last in his lifetime, to cash in. Some people may pay attention to his own personal celebration, but no where near as many as the HOF ceremony.

  8. Let’s have a pitch-in HOF party … Invite me, Terrell, and I will bring my famous double fried chicken, along with my more awesome six bean, bean dip recipe.

    I would kill to have TO’s athleticism (well, not really). As weird as he is at times, I stand behind him having the right to go, or not go … But, I just want him to go, and invite me, too.

  9. Fairly or unfairly, he has been treated as a pariah by people who are not his friends. Why should he turn the other cheek after being lambasted for years for his eccentric character? He was never a complete jerk, actually.

  10. It absolutely is TO’s choice to protest by skipping a massive event in his honor. It would be unprecedented for a healthy
    player to do such. But it should also be the Hall of Fame’s choice for making another unprecedented move: RESCINDING IT.

    It he doesn’t want to be a part of that exclusive club, God bless him! That’s his prerogative. But there are thousands more and dozens more who were on that ballot where this pick was wasted. Have him tell his sad story of waiting three years to Bobby Bethard and Robert Brazille, whom it seems waited an eternity!

    Also, please tell the other finalists for this year’s Hall of your self-pity, including Steve Atwater, Tony Boselli, Isaac Bruce, Don Coryell (RIP), who should have been in the Hall 25 years ago! And tell that same sad story to Roger Craig, Alan Faneca, Torry Holt, Joe Jacoby, Edgerrin James, Jimmy Johnson, Ty Law, John Lynch, Kevin Mawae, and Karl Mecklenburg. Any of them will GLADLY take TO’s space on that stage~even as a last minute addition under special circumstances.

    While I like TO as a person, having been around him and chatted with him, I hate this last selfish act. Too many people helped get him to this stage. Now, how does he thank them? By denying them an opportunity to be a part of something so special.

    And even when/if he does throw his own party, please don’t ask the media to cover it. He might as well throw it Chuck E. Cheese, in one of those private rooms set aside for kid parties.

  11. There are great many players who were loved and over time ruined it after their playing days.
    There are also a great many players who were jerks and over time changed how they were viewed.
    Mike Vick anyone?

    But somehow the writer feels this is not possible with T.O.

  12. What exactly is T.O. protesting? Having to wait to get into the HOF? Seriously? Cry me a river. If this is truly why I can’t imagine something more asinine as you’re not hurting the HOF at all. You’re only hurting yourself from the experience of getting inducted with your class.

    Or it could just be his inflated ego not allowing him to be the 2nd best receiver in his HOF class.

  13. No! No! No! Please — Steve Young — do not talk TO out of not going to his induction ceremony. No one wants him there in the first place, so please Steve — tell him he did the right thing by saying he isn’t going!!!

  14. Anything that upsets these HOF sports writer’s feelings is fine by me.

    BTW, for the rest of you nancies, Terrell Owens is IN THE HALL OF FAME and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  15. This is exactly what Owens wants, people begging him. I firmly believe the reason he’s boycotting is that he is afraid he will have nobody there

  16. He’s pretty much being a big pouty baby. Not surprising, based on his gigantic ego.

  17. Vick is a good example. I believe he now walks the straight and narrow. And the story about him paying his creditors back almost in full, impressive. I’m all for people getting second chances if the do right with them. I’ve still yet to meet a perfect person.

  18. Does anybody really care what this diva does? Will anybody really miss him at the induction? T. O. Who?

  19. But here’s the reality: Those who dislike Owens will always find a reason to justify their feelings. If he changes his mind and shows up, the critics will find a way to bash him for it. If he apologizes, they’ll find a way to say it wasn’t sufficiently genuine.
    No, HERE’s the reality: Young was not talking about the voters or those who dislike Owens. Those opinions no longer matter. Young was talking about the the other players that wear the gold jackets. Those are permanent and their opinion of their brethren does matter. It is hard for me-first guys (and apparently “fight the man” bloggers) to understand that the actions of one member of the “team”, in this case HoFers, does impact the honor, respect and reputation of the group as a whole. If Owen’s first act as a member of the Hall of Fame is to disrespect and snub the rest of the Hall of Famers you can bet they will not appreciate his lack of class or maturity.

  20. And why should T.O. have to pay for his own party anyways?! , The people who he invites to go with him to the induction should. That would put it all on them to provide their appreciation and love to his day… weather it be a large amount of appreciation ..or a small lol

  21. The HOF voting system is flawed to say the least. It’s members are voted in by media members, and those media members have axes to grind against certain players and contributors for their off-field dealings instead of looking at the player as a performer. Look at someone like Tony Grossi, that has personally grandstanded and filibustered against a league builder and business architect like Art Modell, who’s contributions to the framework of the league far surpass many members that have less of a resume… simply because he moved his team out of Cleveland. Owens should have been a first ballot HOF’er based on his stats, but sports writers who don’t like his off-field antics kept him out initially… and if I was TO, I’d be bent too.

    That being said… it’s not the fans fault this happened, and fans of his that would have flocked to Canton to see this honor bestowed upon him, albeit a few years late, are the ones being cheated. He needs to reconsider and show up for them and his former teammates that would also be in attendance. This isn’t the NFL Draft where a player is no longer chastised for staying home and not going to the draft… it’s the highest honor that the sport he played for years can give you. Show up, TO.

  22. All he wants is attention, he has every intention of going, he just wants to be begged. By the time of the event the entire world will realize why so many were on the fence.

    Great athlete and a greater pain in the ass

  23. I wanna see T.O. show up,..take his own bust and spike it into the ground then throw a box popcorn in his face…. do 25 sit ups,….and leave.

  24. This whole bru ha ha about TO, a writer and now Young proves that the hall of fame is nothing more than a PR award. As opposed to stats, talent and success.

    TO was/is a clown. But that shouldn’t matter. He has the stats.
    Writers hold up allowing TO into the Hall because they don’t like him.
    TO has every right to show them what a mockery the hall of fame has become.

  25. TO is right! The Hall of Fame takes their time adding players that should have been in awhile ago. In the meantime, some players die before they’ve had a chance to enjoy being a “Member.” Look how long Packers guard Jerry Kramer had to wait! Ridiculous! I was hoping one day, that a player would shun the ceremony! Bravo TO!

  26. Owens should attend and use his speech to attack the HOF voting system.

    The system has frustrated and angered many. At one point, Myron Cope was so angry that he resigned from the Board of Selectors.

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