C.J. Prosise is on the roster bubble in Seattle

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Less than three months after running back Marshawn Lynch retired during Super Bowl 50, the Seahawks tried to replace him in part by adding running back C.J. Prosise in round three of the draft.

It hasn’t gone well for Prosise, or for the Seahawks.

Through two seasons, Prosise has 195 total rushing yards in only 11 appearances. Last year, he generated a mere 23 yards on 11 carries. Injuries have been the primary problem, but running backs at the NFL level need to be able to stay healthy, obviously. And that’s been one of the biggest problems for all of the Seattle running backs, post-Marshawn.

Enter Rashaad Penny, via round one of the 2018 draft, and Prosise not surprisingly is on the roster bubble. Coach Pete Carroll confirmed that recently, although he also praised Prosise as a guy who has done very well in the offseason program.

C.J. has really jumped out,” Carroll said, via the Seattle Times. “He’s looked good now. He knows he’s battling [for a roster spot].”

The Seahawks currently have five running backs on the roster: Penny, Prosise, Chris Carson, J.D. McKissic, and Mike Davis.

Of course, the Seahawks have their leading rushing from last year, by a margin of 346 yards. His name is Russell Wilson.

Which sort of underscores the entire problem.

11 responses to “C.J. Prosise is on the roster bubble in Seattle

  1. Explosive player, can’t take a hit. The Seahawks need to use him in the outside, more like a true flanker. Sort of the way they used Percy Harvin in 2013.

  2. The only reason he’s on the bubble is his injury history. When healthy, Prosise is a game changer. I’m not banking on it, but if he is healthy, he could be a star. We just need one to stay healthy between Penny, Carson, or Prosise and we’ll have a 1,200+ yard rusher/500 yard receiver.

  3. I had high hopes for him when he was coming out college, but he can’t seem to stay healthy. If he gets injured again, my bet is they’ll cut him, sadly…

  4. Prosise is too injury prone…go with J.D. McKissic and GET him the ball in open space. Bevell couldn’t ever figure that out!

  5. Injuries stopped many a player from reaching their potential. This appears to be much the same situation.

  6. Of those guys, Davis is the only one with power, so he’s probably more safe than the others. Carson had a few good games, McKissic can catch the ball well and is a balanced runner, but all of these guys have injury histories. We’ll see what Penny does, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your running backs are if your O-line lets them get hit all the time. Marshawn wouldn’t have stayed healthy behind the line they have now.

  7. ak185-“Marshawn wouldn’t have stayed healthy behind the line they have now.”

    Sorry Marshawn produced behind a less talented, less consistent o-line, he just broke a lot of tackles, and battled a lot of injuries. He was just a “beast” and played through a lot of injuries most guys would be sitting out weeks for.
    McKissic is not a balanced runner, he is a speed guy and that is it. Converted from WR. The dude only produced when he was running to the outside. He couldn’t run between the tackles. If Carson stays healthy he will be the RB1 if not Penny will be. Davis unfortunately will be a roster casualty.

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