Delanie Walker would welcome Dez Bryant to the Titans

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Dez Bryant has been looking for work for nearly two months. One veteran pass catcher has a possible answer.

Titans tight end Delanie Walker would be happy to have Bryant in Tennessee.

“[W]e’ve got some good, premier receivers on our team, Corey Davis, Rishard Matthews,” Walker said Saturday at Michael Crabtree‘s youth football camp in Dallas, via the Dallas Morning News. “It’s another element if they was to bring him to the team. If he can help us out, gladly I would welcome him with open arms.”

Like so many others, Walker believes Bryant has plenty left in the tank.

“I see him in my type of situation, you know, an older vet guy,” Walker said. “And I’m able to play at a high level, so I’m still sure he’s able to play at a high level. People have got to remember, it’s football. Some years you’re going to have bad years, some years you’re going to have good years. And, you know, they’ve got to look at the better years he had than him having one bad year.”

But here’s the thing. Bryant didn’t have one bad year. He’s had three straight seasons that don’t reflect No. 1 receiver performance, all of which came after he signed his long-term deal in Dallas. His subpar effort in 2015 resulted from injury. In 2016, he played in 13 games and generated fewer than 800 yards. Last year, his total numbers were up, but per-catch average plunged from 15.9 yards to 12.1.

So it’s unclear whether he can still perform at a high level. And it’s unclear whether he’d be happy with the third spot on a depth chart. And it’s unclear whether he’d be able to translate motivation into production.

Regardless, with offseason programs nearly over, Bryant will face a real challenge to learn an offense and earn playing time if/when he signs. And the later he agrees to terms into training camp, the harder it will be.

14 responses to “Delanie Walker would welcome Dez Bryant to the Titans

  1. No way a coach like Vrable will take a me first guy like Bryant. Especially in his first year as a head coach.

  2. Which is why guys like Deandre Hopkins is super human. Average everything, comes down with it every time and never had a QB.

    He is not on the same page as Prescott. Not saying it’s Prescott’s fault but it does show that a true #1 (like Hopkins) can do it without a top QB or in his case, with no QB continuity at all.

    A #1 is a #1 regardless of how good or bad a QB is. We can all see it. So he’s not a true #1. How many are? So pay him like a #2. They seem to get paid quite a bit.

    It does not help that he is a semi-distraction. The “I want to win” thing is fine. So does Demaryius Thomas, Hopkins, Fitzgerald and more and they don’t get all petulant. Fitzgerald changed his WR position which is way harder than people realize, if they’ve never done it. Going from the outside to the inside is like going from a room with a view to being in a crowd on the street.

    Dez is not a #1 and he is a distraction. He needs to swallow some humble pie and be quiet from here on out. He wastes so much energy while garnering too much attention not between the lines. Between the lines is where the energy should be spent.

    I played so many sports with guys that were unbelievably passionate and still talk about games 40 years later but were never a distraction. Games where I caught 12 passes and they caught 3. Games where I struck out 16 and they warmed up just in case. Passion is not teachable. Being grown up about it isn’t either.

  3. Dez’s lack of production, involved playing through injury AND not having Tony Romo as our q/b!! I will believe what Romo said in his interview about Dez over ANY “pundit”, coach (this is pure sarcasm about our “coaches” ), or the media!! I wish him nothing but the best, but when you call out the offensive play-calling, and rightfully so indeed, Linehan has it in for him and has for a long time…..smh

  4. People can beat the drum for Dez Bryant all they want. I predict he will not be signed by any team and has played his last in the NFL. He is just too high-maintenance.

    * He turned down a 3-year $21M offer from the Ravens. No other team is going to offer
    nearly that much for a guy who throws temper tantrums on the sidelines
    * He’s probably going to want to be the #1 WR even though he certainly hasn’t performed
    like a #1 the last three years.
    * Venting on social media will not endear him to teams unless they want their locker room
    to be torn apart.

    The reason Dez doesn’t have a job is because of Dez. He came out and said “Hell no” when asked about taking a paycut. So here’s the deal. What does Dallas do? Do they offer him a paycut and run the risk of him agreeing to it and being an even worse problem on the sidelines? I think when he adamantly stated he would not take a paycut that the Cowboys realized they were done with him. Had he not done that chances are they could have come to some agreement and he’d still be a Cowboy. It was not very bright for him to refuse a paycut because now he has ZERO prospects. At least if he’d have taken a paycut (maybe they could have negotiated switching some to incentives) he’d be on a good team and at least he’d be making something. However, that’s not Dez. Dez likes to rant on the sidelines and go scorched earth on social media.

    What team is going to want to put up with that. I bet nobody in the Cowboys organization will miss him.

  5. Would Delanie also accept the debet that the Titans owner would have to pony up for a receiver that cannot get separation, runs terrible routes, drops tons of passes???

  6. @grogansheroes

    Mike vrabel wouldn’t want him ?? Mike Vrabel played with Randy Moss when Moss was considered the cancer of cancers

  7. grogansheroes says:
    No way a coach like Vrable will take a me first guy like Bryant. Especially in his first year as a head coach.

    The Truth says:
    Mike vrabel wouldn’t want him ?? Mike Vrabel played with Randy Moss when Moss was considered the cancer of cancers

    I don’t pretend to know squat about what Mike Vrabel will or won’t do as a coach in Tennessee. But what in the world does him playing with Randy Moss have to do with the Titans signing Dez Bryant?
    The truth is, Vrabel and Randy Moss happened to be Patriots at the same time, period. Vrabel had no say in the matter. However, as a coach he DOES have at least some say in how he wants his Titans assembled. Maybe Vrabel wants Bryant and maybe he doesn’t, but the two scenarios are in no way connected.
    You will argue that Vrabel saw how much a player like Moss can help a team, even if he is a cancer, and would therefore want to gamble on Bryant. Maybe he would, but I would counter with three points:
    1. Moss usually wasn’t a cancer when his team was winning and he was getting the ball, while Bryant has always had cancerous tendencies, even when he was playing well;
    2. New England with Moss had more veteran talent, a much better QB and coach, and light years more experience and leadership than Tennessee currently has, making the Pats better able to handle and control a cancer in the locker room;
    3. What a player brings to the table has a great deal to do with whether teams are willing to gamble on a bad attitude. Aside from Mr. Bryant himself, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who equates what Bryant can do with what Moss brought to the table in terms of stretching the field and all-around ability, and it isn’t even close.

  8. The Truth says:
    June 10, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    Mike vrabel wouldn’t want him ?? Mike Vrabel played with Randy Moss when Moss was considered the cancer of cancers

    Randy Moss was one of the best receivers of all time. Dez is borderline mediocre. Moss was tired of losing in Oakland and was traded for, at a very low cost. Dez want lots of money, and is not very good.

  9. The only thing that’s “unclear “ is if Dezs’ new contract will be for the league minimum or not get picked up at all.

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