Jay Gruden calls Trey Quinn a “quiet assassin”

Getty Images

Wide receiver Trey Quinn became the latest player to get the Mr. Irrelevant label when he became the final pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, which lead him to say that he plans to be “the most relevant” player ever with that tag.

He’s off to a good start making that happen and he’s earned a new label from Washington head coach Jay Gruden by playing well without saying much.

“Trey has come in here, and I haven’t heard him talk a whole lot. He’s very quiet,” Gruden said at a press conference last week. “He’s a quiet assassin and he just goes out there and is very detailed in his routes. Ike [Hilliard] has done a great job with him, and Trey, when the ball’s in the area, he’s got strong hands. Very quarterback-friendly target. He can run the option routes. He’s learning from Jamison [Crowder], which is good, but he can also line up in different spots, so Trey is a guy that we’re going to rely on to be able to play multiple spots, be tough enough in the running game to block safeties from time to time. He’ll do whatever is asked of him, I know that, and maybe even return some punts. We’ll see, but I’ve been very impressed with Trey.”

Crowder, Paul Richardson and Josh Doctson are expected to be the top three receivers in Washington this season, but Quinn, who had an FBS-best 114 catches at SMU last year, should be right behind them if his summer goes as well as the spring.