Will Julio Jones show up for mandatory minicamp?

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When the Falcons convene on Tuesday for a mandatory minicamp, the biggest question continues to be whether receiver Julio Jones will be there.

Jones skipped all Organized Team Activities, reportedly because he’s not happy with his contract. And while he has denied it during an impromptu discussion with TMZ, the prevailing view continues to be that he’s sending the team a message about dissatisfaction with his compensation package, which averages $14.25 million and pays $10.5 million this year.

But with three years remaining on his deal, what would skipping mandatory minicamp and/or holding out of training camp accomplish? It could be that Jones opted simply to flag the issue by skipping voluntary OTAs this year, and that he’ll show up from this point forward, hopeful that the new deal comes after the current season. If it doesn’t, then next year Jones may opt for a different tactic.

It’s not entirely clear what Jones wants, other than more. Though some think he’s not happy being the eighth highest-paid receiver in the NFL, the thing bugging him the most could be that quarterback Matt Ryan‘s recent deal has a new-money average of $30 million per year, more than twice what Jones earns.

There’s a wild card in this equation, which per a league source has gotten the team’s attention. Jones has been working out with Terrell Owens, who wasn’t afraid to do what he had to do to get fairly compensated. Most recently, the duo was spotted in L.A., catching passes from new USC quarterback J.T. Daniels.

While Jones has been, from a personality standpoint, the exact opposite of T.O., they have three important things in common: They have off-the-charts God-given skills, Hall of Fame-caliber work ethics, and they both went through periods of being woefully underpaid. Owens dealt with his situation one way, Jones is dealing with his a different way.

Still, it’s out of character for Jones to skip practice, even if it’s voluntary. Come Tuesday, we’ll find out whether this mid-career curveball will include staying away from practices he’s contractually required to attend.

Semi-educated guess? He’ll be there. Come next year, however, Jones may push harder for a new contract. If he doesn’t get one, maybe he’ll even inch a little closer toward shirtless driveway situps.

17 responses to “Will Julio Jones show up for mandatory minicamp?

  1. So apparently we ran out of Patriots players worth harping on and are starting on other name players around the leage.

    How is Hunter Henry doing? I wish him the best on his recovery.

  2. they both went through periods of being woefully underpaid

    Your definition of “woefully underpaid”differs greatly from mine…by a lot.

  3. Rodgers has shown up for all voluntary team functions this off season, but you’ve written triple the number of articles about him being unhappy compared to all the players who keep skipping OTA’s.

  4. Adam Kachur says:
    June 10, 2018 at 11:58 am
    julio jones is a bum.

    1 32 Rate This

    Your last years fantasy football 1st rounder I take it.

  5. TO is not a team player. He is all about himself. If Julio Jones becomes the new TO, then the Falcons would need to find other receivers. Their 30 million dollar per year quarterback should be able to succeed without Jones. If not, then they will have to pay Jones a lot more money again and again, because TO just kept asking for more and more.

  6. At some point the money doesn’t represent what they need to survive….it’s more about respect and how much they make relative to what their peers get. It’s like Monopoly money. You’re trying to get as much as you can and that has nothing to do with being able to feed your family. It’s a game.

  7. magnumpimustache says:
    June 10, 2018 at 11:31 am
    Any NFL player can be fired or injured at anytime and not get the money owed on the contact.

    The NFL Is the only business where contracts are not honored
    Wrong. Every player signs the contract KNOWING that contract can be severed at any time. IF the player is unwilling to accept this condition, he does not have to sign the contract. Since NFL teams are acting WITHIN the bounds of the contract, that is honoring it.

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