Will Khalil Mack show up for mandatory minicamp?

Getty Images

As the mandatory minicamp guessing game continues, one major player whose potential attendance remains in doubt serves as the centerpiece of the Raiders defense.

Defensive end Khalil Mack doesn’t have a new contract. And he has skipped the entirety of the offseason program.

So will he show up on Tuesday? Skipping out will cost $84,435, but he’s already due to make $13.846 million this year, so the fine becomes a drop in the bucket.

If he doesn’t show up for mandatory minicamp, the next question becomes whether he’d gladly incur $40,000 in daily fines to take a stand — and to get the contract he wants and arguably deserves.

By all appearances, the Mack situation will be the first financial test of Jon Gruden’s return to the NFL. And the entire locker room surely will be watching closely at how the team treats one of its most important and accomplished players.