Case Keenum takes leadership reins in Denver


After Case Keenum signed his two-year, $36 million deal with the Broncos, he said he was “excited to earn the right to be a leader.” The quarterback has done just that since arriving in Denver.

“The first thing is that he takes control of everything,” receiver Demaryius Thomas said, via Nicki Jhabvala of The Athletic. “Not just offense but the whole group. Offense, defense, special teams and all. He takes control of the huddle. I know that I was in the huddle one day and I said, ‘Wait, wait, wait. We’re missing. . . ’ and he said, ‘I’ve got this,’ and I said, ‘OK.’ So, it’s stuff like that. It’s good to have him around. We’re still working to get that connection going.”

Keenum has called leadership a “daily mindset.” The Broncos, who have sought a leader at the position since Peyton Mannning’s retirement, have noticed.

Kennum has credibility, having led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game last season.

“You have a bona fide leader,” defensive end Shelby Harris said. “You have one guy that you can look toward, like, ‘This is our guy for the season.’ Don’t get me wrong, I thought Trevor [Siemian] was a great quarterback. I thought he did great things last year. And I think Paxton [Lynch] is a good quarterback. But when you have a QB battle, it’s like, ‘Who takes the reins? Who’s the one who steps up and is the leader?’ But this year with Case, you have a leader. You have a guy you can go to, a guy that has won games in the league. You saw what he did with the Vikings last year. So, it’s a great relief for our team to be able to have that guy for this year and hopefully for years to come.”

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  1. Going to miss him in Minnesota. He’s excellent at extending plays, scrambling a bit, keeping his eyes down field, and finding an open man when the coverage breaks down. Fun player and personality.

  2. Seldom did you hear these comments about leadership coming out of Washington about Cousins… time will tell, Cousins gets the benefit of going to an established team , though teams often play to the level of the leadership…will be interesting to watch…

  3. He did an impressive job for the Vikes last year. But at critical times when we really needed him to preform, he fell short. The last 6 quarters he was bad. Two second half int’s against the Redskins almost cost us a big game. The pick 6 right after we score in the Eagles game. The Carolina game he was not good. The Saints game he was bad in the second half until the miracle. There are other examples I can’t think of right now. He did play very well at times too. I think the Vikes just didn’t trust him when it gets right down to it. We’ll see if it was the right decision. Having said all that it would have been a tough decision to make a change if it would have been up to me. So, we’ll see if the Vikes were right or not. They have a terrible history of assessing QB talent. This one will be interesting.

  4. Now that he’s taken seriously as a QB and there’s a season’s worth of film on him playing with a decent team, leadership might not get it done.

  5. He can do everything except hit receivers in stride outside of 25 yards!
    That’s why 3 NFL teams have passed on keeping him, and I predict the Broncos will be team #4. As a Vikings fan, I witnessed every pass, every pass outside 25 yards was a jump ball or thrown to a place where the receiver was going to catch it or nobody was going to. That’s why he’ll always be a perennial backup.

  6. The Broncos have an average offensive line and play in a division with really good pass rushers. I don’t see how Case is an improvement over Siemien for the Broncos.

  7. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    June 11, 2018 at 4:08 pm
    The Broncos have an average offensive line and play in a division with really good pass rushers. I don’t see how Case is an improvement over Siemien for the Broncos.


    Trevor Siemian was a joke last year, in fact, you could say he even made the offensive line look way worse than it did. Case Keenum probably had a worse offensive line in Minnesota last year, and still managed to be a top 10 QB, and a top 5 QB getting rid of the ball quickly. The Broncos did tweak their offensive line a it better this year, and Case will take away his one year experience from Minnesota into Denver, you’ll see major improvement.

  8. As a Bronco fan I want all this to be true and translate to team success. That said throw a dart at a team and you hear the same thing. The Texans for example said similar things about Brock, then when he was gone about Tom Savage. That lasted 2 quarters. Forgive me but I’ll wait until we’re a few games in to get excited about this.

  9. The leader of your franchise is a career backup. Which is basically how you’ve operated since fivehead retired. Expect the same results.

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