Chris Conley “pretty close” to normal after torn Achilles

Getty Images

With Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce in the lineup, Chiefs opponents are going to have to make some tough calls about how to deploy their defenders this season.

Those choices could leave less than stifling coverage on wide receiver Chris Conley, who missed most of last season after tearing his Achilles in the fifth game of the season. Conley has been working on the field throughout OTAs and that’s gone well enough to leave him feeling like he’s nearly back to where he wants to be.

“I’m feeling really good,” Conley said, via the Chiefs website. “I think we found out that things are pretty close back to normal. I can do a lot of things out there and I can do them fast. The thing is just to not do too much volume. It’s been a long time working on this thing and getting it to the point where it is right now. We don’t want to rush it and get back. We’re being smart and thinking about the long haul.”

Assuming Conley returns to form, quarterback Patrick Mahomes will have a lot of speed at receiver to work with in his first season as the team’s starter. That seems like a good fit for a player with a strong arm and could lead to good things for Conley if he’s the odd man out when other teams are figuring out who to focus on defensively.