Clearly, there’s an issue between the Falcons and Julio Jones

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Receiver Julio Jones tried to downplay it when confronted last month with a TMZ camera, but it’s now obvious that he has a problem with what he’s making from the Falcons.

At $14.25 million per year, which puts him at No. 8 among all receivers and — perhaps more importantly — at less than half of what quarterback Matt Ryan makes, Jones clearly wants more. The problem is that he’s under contract for three more years, making it harder for the Falcons to justify giving him more.

The decision to skip mandatory minicamp takes the situation to the proverbial next level, making it clear that despite Jones’ past denials, there’s a problem. Even if neither Jones nor his agent, Jimmy Sexton, will admit it.

“I’m not going to comment publicly about the situation,” Sexton told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’m going to let them say whatever they want to say.”

That last quote suggests that Sexton and Jones may not actually agree with whatever the Falcons have said, including the claim that talks have been “productive and constructive.”

The broader question for Jones, as it will be for any playing skipping mandatory minicamp, becomes whether he’ll risk incurring $40,000 in daily fines or surrender game checks if necessary to get what he wants.

And, yes, this is all very much unlike Jones. But Jones has been working out with Terrell Owens, and the team (per a league source) has already wondered whether T.O. is influencing Jones to take a stand. Also, as Jones begins making significant investments with his football money (including the purchase of KIA and Mazda dealerships in Alabama), he’s moving in circles with people who make much more money than he does playing football.

So if he’s going to make a big financial play on the field (which could better fund the financial plays he’s making off the field), now is the time to do it — especially with his 30th birthday looming.

Thus, although the shirtless driveway situps may never happen, Jones has entered a new phase of his career. And it’s going to get very delicate and/or very expensive for the Falcons.

33 responses to “Clearly, there’s an issue between the Falcons and Julio Jones

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs dont have these problems.
    The classiest organization in the league.
    Head Coach that all players want to play for.
    The best GM in the league.
    The Chiefs are a T E A M. Not a collection of M E people

  2. Ok, I agree there is an issue there. But until such time my team is playing the Falcons its not something I need to give much thought too. Same with Mack and Donald. (not to be confused with MacDonald’s) I wish the best to all of those players and their teams to get it sorted to a happy conclusion.

  3. He’s got a boatload of foot/toe injuries, I doubt that clears up and he’s got three years left on his contract. With those issues he may not make it to the last year of his deal.

  4. Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:
    June 11, 2018 at 6:04 pm
    The Kansas City Chiefs dont have these problems.
    The classiest organization in the league.
    Head Coach that all players want to play for.
    The best GM in the league.
    The Chiefs are a T E A M. Not a collection of M E people

    How are the Chefs doing in the post season?

  5. Normally I’ve been on the players side of the coin…but this time it’s on Julio…

    Don’t sign a long term deal…sign short term deals so that you’re up for a new contract every 2 or 3 years…Captain Kirk Cousins showed the way…follow it or shut up when your long term deal suddenly becomes underpaid…

  6. Players make these deals for the killer signing bonuses and then they get mad when other players surpass them. I understand when a guy has one more year left on his deal but 3?

  7. T.O……. a diva drama queen that’s a lockerroom/sideline cancer is influencing Julio…. gee what could go wrong there??
    I really like Julio, but 14+ million a year for a WR is very reasonable….. these guys that sign long term contracts for SECURITY PURPOSES with X amount guarenteed, then, 1/2 way thru,want to renegotiate their deal is getting old….
    & T.O. is financially hurting so WHY listen to him??!!
    & on top of that, he can’t be a man & accept his HOF nomination with class because his EGO is bigger than the reality of his success in the NFL….
    Julio needs to DISTANCE himself from that clown STAT!!!

  8. He’s worth about $14 mil a yr max. He was out for a ton of plays last yr. I paid more attention since he was my 1st pick in Fantasy so I watched more ATL games than I care to. No matter what anyone thinks he’s not the same and his health and durability should be in question. He’d be worth more to ATL as trade bait.

  9. ALSO, Julio shouldn’t compare his salary with Ryan…. Ryan is the leader & touches the ball on EVERY PLAY…. that comment above in the article is just LAZY analytics & irrational in its context…..

  10. Wanna punish him ? Ship him off to dallas where he an spend the season chasing erratic passes

  11. When they end up 3rd in the division this season, think back to things like this to explain it.

  12. Eight (8) years in, and JJ has only had one (1) season with double-digit TDs?

    How can you justify any MONEY-talks when JJ’s 7-year production is sub-par, compared to other top-notch wideouts/TEs such as Dez Bryant, OBJ, or, for that matter, “The ‘Real’ Jimmy G” (TE Jimmy Graham) or Rob Gronkowski — that’s right peeps, TEs run routes and catch TDs, too!

    JJ, if I were you, I would have OchoUno/T.O. advise you on how to be more productive on the field. That’s why OchoUno/T.O. dun already hitched a ride to Canton. Whether they (the HoF voters) voted for him or not, OchoUno/T.O. was still Top 5, all-time, at the end of his NFL career. You still got time to buy your bus ticket, bruh.

  13. Clearly there is no problem between Jones and the Falcons. Julio has three years left on his contract. You play or you don’t make millions. What’s the problem? Honor your contract!

  14. Apparently, “wallabear” thinks Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson were the same person…moron!

  15. they should add some incentives to the contract so that he would have the potential to earn AB money if he performs–otherwise they will have an unhappy Julio during a potential superbowl year

  16. He’s going to negotiate himself to being cut Dez style in 2 years.
    He is ‘underpaid’ now.
    Will negotiate a ‘revised deal’ and get a bonus that makes him ‘properly paid in 2018.
    He will then be ‘overpaid’ in 2019.
    Then he will be ‘not worth the cap space’ in 2020. Especially since the defense will need new deals.

    Becomes more likely if Ridley pans out and a younger version of Sanu is signed and another high WR draft pick.

  17. Hangin’ with T.O. is bad enough but if he’s going to invest in
    Auto Dealerships, at least invest in one of the better selling
    ones, (Ford, Toyota or Chevy).

    At the end of 2017, Ford had 14.29 % of the market share,
    ranked #1. Toyota was 2nd with 12.35 % and Chevy 3rd with 11.98 %.

    Kia was ranked 9th at 3.42 % and Mazda 17th with 1.68 %.

    Hopefully he’s not taking investment advice from T.O. (The guy who
    made $80 million in 15 years and filed for bankruptcy a year after
    retiring). lol

  18. owlbania says:
    June 11, 2018 at 6:39 pm
    Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:
    June 11, 2018 at 6:04 pm
    The Kansas City Chiefs dont have these problems.
    The classiest organization in the league.
    Head Coach that all players want to play for.
    The best GM in the league.
    The Chiefs are a T E A M. Not a collection of M E people

    How are the Chefs doing in the post season?


    Well, they have won more Super Bowls than the Falcons

  19. You sign a friggin contract – honor it or retire. I’m so sick of these fools thinking they are owed something and that contracts are to be torn up.

    Let him sit and refuse to pay him a dime – then sue him.

  20. The only people who think Julio isn’t a monster are fantasy clowns who know nothing about actual football. Blame the loser drunk OC Atlanta replaced Kyle the super choker shanahan with for your fantasy butthurt. Mind boggling terrible signing and the O fell off a cliff as a result.

    Every team in the South would be thrilled to see Julio out of the division. Pay the man.

  21. purpleupstateny

    Be sure before calling people names, OchoUno means “81”, TO has talked about changing his name to OchoUno in the past.

    For the record Chad Johnson was Chad Ochocinco “85”.

  22. If a players has 3 years left on their contract and are unhappy they need to look in the mirror.
    QBs do get paid more now, but the salary cap has grown less than the rate of QB pay in the last couple of years.
    You can’t give all your players the same percentage increase.

    Whats he going to do, sit out? And give back part of his 33MM signing bonus?
    Sitting out will cost him close to 20MM in lost salary and pro-rated bonus forfeiture. He’s no longer young. Make a boatload of money for a few more years and retire.

  23. did we really need a “Chiefs won more Super Bowls” comment. Those kinda comments are idiotic. When’s the last time they one one? With that idiotic mentality, the Browns must be the best NFL team of all time, cause they got the most championships.

  24. last week you said t.o. was justified in holding out with a deal with six years left and only months after signing it. now you say good citizen julio jones to whom the team should have more loyalty than philly to t.o. after 1 season will have a hard time justifying a holdout with three years left. so how is that? click click

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