New Gronkowski deal likely, but not imminent


Chatter regarding a potential trade of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski continues to bubble up from time to time in part because Gronkowski has yet to get a new contract. And a new contract won’t be coming in the immediate future.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a new contract for Gronkowski is “likely,” but “nothing is imminent.”

The source added that there’s still plenty of work to do. The biggest challenge, in our estimation (and not from any source), would be to determine whether Gronkowski will get another incentive-driven raise (he earned an extra $5.5 million last year) or whether he will have a guaranteed increase in his base pay, regardless of performance.

While a trade remains possible in theory, two different sources tell PFT that Friday’s out-of-the-blue reports regarding a looming trade were, as Gronk called them Saturday, “hashtag fake news.” The specific report of coach Bill Belichick striking a tentative deal, quarterback Tom Brady threatening to retire if it goes through, and owner Robert Kraft blocking the trade, simply didn’t happen — on Friday or at any other point of the offseason.

If that would ever come close to occurring, a new team would need to know that Gronkowski would be on board with the change of venue, or whether he’d walk away from the game. It also would be wise to have an idea as to the amount of money he’d want under a new contract. None of that happened, either.

Here’s what remains the most likely outcome: Gronkowski gets another sweetener to his deal, he plays for at least one more year with the Patriots, and then he decides after 2018 whether to continue to play football.

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  1. Was it ever reported who the other team was? Gronk would be a good add for most teams… Specifically, the Cowboys jump to mind.

  2. Didn’t anyone realize all that nonsense sounded nearly identical to the made up story that ESPN posted at the end of last year? Brady going over BB’s head to Kraft to complain about something. It’s so made up.

  3. 1. Behind every myth is a grain of truth.
    2. Every gm in the league gets trade inquiries on every player on their team, which they consider, however fleetingly.
    3. On the teams “stars”, if the deal would allow the team to improve, and, is sweet enough, the gm would consult with the owner (in the Pats case).
    4. Would the owner/gm consult with the qb about the offer seeking his input? For some qbs, absolutely.

    For example: Suppose Denver offered Von Miller and two #1s for Gronkowski, would Belichek consider it? Damn right he would.

    Belichek has a history of dumping players who are about to drop in production and ability. Gronk has a history of injury, and, recently, excessive violence outside the rules. Would that enter into Belicheks analysis of a potential trade?

    Pats fans: What would be sufficient trade value for Belichek to consider trading Gronk? There is a price any player in the league can be bought for.

  4. GRONK isn’t going anywhere….. he’ll be playing for the Pats at least 2 more years with incentives……
    After that, who knows…. that will depend on GRONK wanting to keep playing & for who…..

  5. Does anyone really think that Belichick, a 5 time SB winning HC, would continue to work for a guy who “forced him” to trade Garappolo and veto’d a supposed trade of Gronkowski?

    It’s idiotic. There is no way Kraft would be telling Belichick what football decisions he could or couldn’t make, and there is no way Belichick would accept that if it did happen.

    All fake news nonsense that the haters lap up like gospel.

  6. Will he get an incentive for how many db’s he can cheapshot in the back of the head knocking them out like White last year? About the cheapest dirty hit I saw all last year!

  7. Sorry I don’t believe the reports on Friday were made up. It’s possible gronk didn’t even know himself. A lot of the time, athletes find out they’re being traded on twitter before the team tells them.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if B.B. is traded before the season starts. You read that right. Brady is clearly at war with B.B., and most of the team doesn’t seem to trust him. Now kraft is going against B.B. decisions. McDaniels takes over. Remember, there were rumors B.B. wanted to coach the giants mid season. Seems to me this dynasty will finally come to an end before 2019.

  8. No worries. Brady is in control of football personel. If he doesn’t like something, he goes crying to Kraft who vetos Bill. Fact. See the forced trade of Jimmy G instigated by Brady. Huge mistake, just huge!

  9. taintedsaints2009 says:
    June 11, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Now kraft is going against B.B. decisions.
    Sure. Sure he is. Kraft tells BB what he can and can’t do and Bill just says OK and walks back to his office? Ridiculous.

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