Report: Oliver Luck getting $20 million guaranteed from the XFL

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It’s not the $40 million per year that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell makes, but new XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck will be able to buy steak whenever he wants.

According to SportsBusiness Journal (via Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal), Luck will receive $20 million guaranteed over multiple years as the leader of Vince McMahon’s resurrected football venture. The number could end up going north of $30 million, if the league succeeds.

The number of years in “multiple” is key, for a couple of reasons. First, it reveals the average salary; $20 million over three years obviously has much more annual value than $20 million over five years. Second, it may shed light on the number of years that are funded by McMahon for the second attempt to make the XFL a first-class operation.

“Vince in a very sort of clear-eyed way analyzed the original XFL [and] realized that there are a number of things that needed to be done better,” Luck said last week in a visit to the #PFTPM podcast. “Clearly there was a belief that the quality of play simply wasn’t at the point that it needed to be, particularly when you consider there was national television. We’re going to be very, very focused, laser-like focused on making sure that as we prepare for a 2020 launch. The good news is we have the time to do this in a very sort of methodical manner. Very focused on producing a high level of play. We believe that football is popular because people understand it in many cases in this country and want to make sure that we’re offering a great level of play.

“I think our business plan is solid. I think the capital structure and that money of course is coming from Vince who’s got an incredible passion for the game. I think that’s solid. All in all I think that lessons were learned from the original league. Also I think at the end of the day, it’s a little bit of a different era in the sense of technology and what we have available both from a health and safety standpoint, for players, for coaches in terms of competition on the field, for practice, for fan engagement. I think it’s almost a different world if you think about what was around 2001 versus today. I think that’s going to be a real benefit for us.”

Regardless of how it turns out, Luck will be getting real money to turn the XFL into a real football league. If similar money is available for players, the tug of war between the AAF and the XFL could get interesting.

14 responses to “Report: Oliver Luck getting $20 million guaranteed from the XFL

  1. That’s an awful lot of guaranteed money for an unproven league. Meanwhile players will be paid about $20-30,000, and he gets guaranteed $20 mill. Yeah, that seems fair.

  2. Oliver Luck’s Time is Very Valuable, Hence why he is commanding this much money. And He is leaving a Post at WVU… Makes Sense hed be paid like this

  3. Wrong time of the year. After the Superbowl, many people had enough of football for awhile. Have it just before the regular season when fans are chomping at the bit. Free agents could use it as an audition. Unsigned college players could make use of it too.

  4. I don’t think the XFL and AAF will be competing for the same audience. They may not even be competing for the same players. With that kind of investment is just the commissioner, the XFL may be going after the elite players, like the USFL did 35 years ago. I still think the USFL would’ve worked if Donald Trump didn’t botch it up and attempt to move it to the Fall. So the XFL has a chance.

    The AAF is more of a developmental league, but with a TV contract. They’ll be attempting to get hardcore football fans–the type that would sit for three hours and watch minor league football–to watch up-and-coming players.

    Here’s what’s a shame: Either of these leagues, on their own, has a chance to make it. But by founding themselves in nearly the same time frame, I think they’re both doomed to fail.

    I know I just said they’re not looking for the same audience, but there will be some significant overlap, and there’s only so much time people will set aside for professional football. I can maybe fit one more league in my life. Two? No way.

  5. granadafan says: “Meanwhile players will be paid about $20-30,000, and he gets guaranteed $20 mill. Yeah, that seems fair.”

    It’s Vince’s money and his business venture. If he thinks the commissioner is worth $5m/yr, then that’s his choice. If you don’t think that’s fair, go start your own league and pay whatever you think is “fair” and see how long you last.

  6. Focusing on the quality of play does seem like a refreshing alternative to the NFL’s plan to transform football into the noncontact woke olympics. It’s just crazy enough to work.

  7. @ QB Film Room:

    Luck left WVU 4 years ago. He’s been in the NCAA office in Indianapolis since 2015.

  8. granadafan says:
    June 11, 2018 at 11:03 am
    That’s an awful lot of guaranteed money for an unproven league. Meanwhile players will be paid about $20-30,000, and he gets guaranteed $20 mill. Yeah, that seems fair.


    You realize Goodell makes 40 mil/year and a ton of NFL players make less than 1, right? It’s good to be the boss

  9. I’m glad that there’s other leagues trying to be relevant. Maybe some other options would make these other crybabies quit wining and just be happy to be paid millions to play a sport!

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