Aaron Donald not expected at Rams minicamp today

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It appears we have another veteran player who is willing to sacrifice $84,435 while he hopes for a larger amount.

According to Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, there was no indication Monday that Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald was going to appear at this week’s mandatory minicamp, which starts today.

Other players reported Monday for other activities, but Donald was not among them.

Donald has been looking for a new contract since last year. In 2017, he skipped voluntary offseason activities but attended the mandatory minicamp, though he didn’t practice (which was enough to avoid the fines).

The star interior rusher is scheduled to make $6.9 million in the final year of his rookie deal, but figures to land a deal which will eclipse that, and could make him the highest-paid defensive player in league history.

And until that happens, it doesn’t appear they’ll be seeing much of him.

Falcons wideout Julio Jones and Raiders pass-rusher Khalil Mack are also skipping their minicamps this week, as they look for new deals.

19 responses to “Aaron Donald not expected at Rams minicamp today

  1. Good for Aaron, he should get his deal while he has leverage.
    I hope he keeps in mind that if he asks for too much, the deal will be backlogged and he’ll be too expensive to keep or re-sign towards the end of his deal. That and he doesn’t take up so much cap room that the team cannot sign better talent around him.

  2. I wish my Chiefs had him especially after blowing a 21-3 lead at home in the playoffs last season, why do we always lose in the playoffs? And then we trade away Smith for an unknown bum like Mahomes, I’ll never see a SB in my lifetime, I’m going to become a Raiders fan

  3. >>Falcons wideout Julio Jones and Raiders pass-rusher Khalil Mack are also skipping their minicamps this week, as they look for new deals.

    Julio Jones signed a contract before last season and is under contract for 3 more years. He made his decision, live with it.
    As for Mack, he’s a great player but it depends what he’s asking for.
    The team can tag him twice and let him walk at age 29 when he will probably begin declining.

  4. The Rams bring in outside high priced players before taking care of their greatest and most important player, Aaron Donald. Shameful!!! Stay strong bro.

  5. He should seriously threaten retirement, at least for this season.

    They’ve made trades for and signed a bunch of talented guys on expensive 1 or 2 year deals, clearly trying to win a Super Bowl while Goff is on his rookie contract. As their best player, Donald has leverage here.

  6. It’s sad how some of these non-quarterbacks are treated. Guys like Donald, Mack, and Jones are the best players on their teams. Julio Jones made Matt Ryan successful. GM’s can’t wait to shove money down the throats of these average QB’s, but when it comes to these proven warriors who have earned their paychecks, teams want to go silent. There is one QB’s on this earth that I have ever seen carry team with average talent around him, and that is Tom Brady. Sad to be an NFL fan right about now.

    Greedy owners who couldn’t care less about these players sacrificing their bodies with short careers, and then you have the big mouth president trying to add his two-cents every chance he gets! Bad Look!

  7. There is an Aaron that will be at his team’s camp. It’s the same Aaron that this site was writing multiple articles about daily. Those articles were about is supposed unhappiness with his contract. They quoted only anonymous sources, since the direct source himself wasn’t giving any quotes that were worth printing, since they didn’t push the narrative.

  8. I don’t condone players holding out or asking for early re-negotiations on the contract that they signed… but Aaron Donald is one of a handful that has grossly out-performed their contract and deserves to be extended and paid. There are hundreds of veterans who don’t deserve the $$ they’re currently being paid, but Donald deserves to be the top-paid Defensive lineman in the league. Enough of the nonsense… pay the man.

  9. It’s not that Donald doesn’t deserve it, but both teams and players work within the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. Currently, the Rams have Donald this year at about 7 million ave then two potential franchise tags that probably don’t make 20 million either year.
    I’m not saying franchising a player is great for a team, but vice versa it’s not in the team’s best interest to make someone the highest paid player if they don’t yet have to.
    Donald provably has to bend a little on highest paid player/20 mil a year or wait until at minimum for next year to push for the deal he ultimately wants.
    It’s not personal, it’s just business.

  10. The idiot rams hired a coach from the Redskins staff…so it’s no surprise they’re willing to go out and spend big money on other peoples stars, but won’t take care of their own! Donald should only suit up for the minimum amount of games required to accrue for this season to count…then sit the rest!

  11. I hate to break it to Ram fans, but do you want to keep Aaron Donald and have him be the highest paid defensive player in the league or do you want your team to win a SB?

    Rarely do both of those things happen to the same team, so I’d be careful what you wish for, look at it this way – how many SB winning teams ever have the most expensive guy/s at multiple positions? In the salary cap era, it can’t be done – you need to have rookies that severely outplay their rookie deals while making good decisions on which FA/veterans to bring him to make the TEAM successful.

  12. What I find surprising is how the Rams have divulged exactly what they have offered to Donald to the public. Oh, wait… they haven’t?

    Then why are so many people here commenting as if they know what the Rams have offered?

  13. He may be worth the big money versus having money for other players. Not my/our call, that’s up to management. What does tick me off is his refusal to come to mandatory work outs and just stand on the sidelines. Willing to lose $84k just to prove a point. Do you know what $84k would do for some families/communities/groups. Just show up, “earn” that money that you are not being fined, and donate it to a worthy cause.

  14. Trouble in paradise.

    This is what happens when a franchise pays all kinds of outside talent who hasn’t helped the team, assuming they can keep paying their internal studs chicken feed.

    It will translate to the team chemistry.


  15. The whole point is guaranteed money, and more than Mack who has the same agent. Rams have no cap space, Donald will play out this year with the same salary, and the “retire” idea is laughable! He’d lose a whole years salary and service time, so he’d be right back here again next year!

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