Clinton McDonald restructures his brand new deal with Broncos

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Clinton McDonald just signed with the Broncos this offseason, but he’s not ready to pass a physical, so the contract just got smaller.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, McDonald agreed to a restructured contract, which dropped his base salary for the year from $3 million to $1 million, but allows him to make up the difference if he stays on the field.

McDonald had shoulder surgery earlier this offseason, and he initially had a $1 million roster bonus which would have been fully guaranteed if he passed his physical before June 11 (yesterday). Since he didn’t, the terms were changed.

Under the new deal, the 31-year-old McDonald can earn $140,625 for each game that he’s on the 53-man roster (up to $2.25 million) and another $46,875 for each game that he is active on gamedays (up to $750,000 total).

If he can stay healthy and play all 16 games, he can still make the full $4 million he was scheduled to make when he signed with the Broncos in March.

9 responses to “Clinton McDonald restructures his brand new deal with Broncos

  1. Another Broncos Bust. This is hysterical. Elway is slowly destroying this team with his over inflated ego and lack of front office knowledge. He should pay more attention to what Belichick is doing but his narcissism won’t let him.

  2. Hard to say why Denver signed him in the 1st place. Not a bad player, but dropped last year. Maybe with a new scheme & better players he might be ok. We will see.

  3. Denver is just looking for help up front, one of the two areas they suffered most last year. They’re just weak up the middle, at DT and MLB/ILB. McDonald might see some looks inside or outside on the line, but he’s there to help get a push up front and this contract is now fairly cheap for Denver if they choose to cut him. Unlikely that he makes the full $4 million, but as far as Denver goes, it’s a win-win: they either get to cut him for almost nothing, or if they do end up paying the full value of the contract, it means that McDonald contributed something for them to use.

    He’s a good locker room guy besides, a vet with a good work ethic and good attitude. His play has slipped quite a bit, but Denver has a few young guys like Kyle Peko and Adam Gotsis that have yet to develop their skills at the professional level. Cheap signing that’s easily cancelled if it ends up being a bust.

  4. raiderspy1 says:
    June 12, 2018 at 1:38 pm
    He is not ready to take physical because the pot hasnt cleared his system. He agreed because 1 million is better than NO MILLION.

    Do some research on Clinton.

    And this from the Raider’s fan (pot!!!)? Do we ALL need to make outlandish assumptions, now?

  5. bfallona says:
    June 12, 2018 at 2:19 pm
    Hard to say why Denver signed him in the 1st place. Not a bad player, but dropped last year. Maybe with a new scheme & better players he might be ok. We will see.

    Not that tough to see what they were thinking. They needed depth up front, specifically someone else to rush the QB on third downs if Walker doesn’t pan out in that capacity this year. He’s a solid pro who provides cheap depth at a position of need, and he’s proven as an interior rusher. Elway has made a fair bit of hay on this type of low risk veteran signing over the years.

  6. Everyone said Peko was washed up when Denver signed him last year and he had a very solid year on the line. McDonald hopefully can do the same.

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