Doug Pederson: It’s Carson Wentz’s team, and Nick Foles understands it


Some think the Eagles could end up with a quarterback controversy between starter Carson Wentz and Super Bowl winner Nick Foles. Coach Doug Pederson doesn’t.

“I still believe this is Carson’s team,” Pederson told reporters on Tuesday regarding the No. 1 quarterback who suffered a torn ACL in December. “I don’t have any other — I don’t think differently about that.”

Does Nick Foles, who led the team to a Super Bowl win in Wentz’s absence, see it that way?

“For sure,” Pederson said. “For sure.”

As a result, Pederson has no concern about the possibility that, if Wentz isn’t be ready to go when the season begins and Foles plays well, a problem will arise.

“I just think there are no egos involved,” Pederson said. “They’re in this thing together. Both support each other. Nick supported Carson during the season last year, and then Carson turned around and supported Nick at the end of the year. Their relationship has carried over into this spring and summer, and it’s really good. I see them working in the classroom. I see them working on the field. They keep talking. They want to get better individually. They want to get our team better. And so it’s been a really good, really good dynamic between those two.”

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio asked Pederson about the notion that Foles has earned the right to run onto the field with the first-team offense when the team celebrates its Super Bowl win in Week One.

“Well, right now today, that’s the case, because Carson is not ready,” Pederson said. “I can’t speak for September when we open up against the Falcons. I don’t know where we’re going to be at that time. I think on the outside world people looking at the Philadelphia Eagles, they would probably say, ‘Yeah, Nick deserves an opportunity.’ But this is the offseason still. We’re working a lot of people. Obviously encouraged with Carson’s progress on the field right now. He’s obviously very limited, as you know, just working through some seven on sevens.

“So right now, standing here today, if we’re playing a game, I’d probably say Nick Foles is going out on the field, you know? So that’s where we’re at today. Now come September, we don’t know yet.”

So it sounds like Wentz will play if he’s ready, and that Foles won’t get an automatic one-week stint to commemorate what he did in the postseason. Of course, the possible desire to let Foles enjoy the victory lap could be a factor in assessing whether Wentz is truly ready to go when the season gets going.

16 responses to “Doug Pederson: It’s Carson Wentz’s team, and Nick Foles understands it

  1. If Wentz is ready he plays. If not, he won’t and Foles will. This is not Senior Night. I love Foles, but he is the backup.

  2. So what happens if Wentz starts, but the team struggles and loses a few games? Do they stick with Wentz or go to Foles.

    It’s easy to say that “Wentz” is our guy”. Every team says that about their starting QB. They say it right until they bench him.

  3. Carson Wentz could possibly be the dumbest athlete on a professional sports team right now. He’s proved he is an idiot by how he conducts himself on the field.

    And to the toad coach – yes, the team is Nick Foles. He is the reason you got be an arrogant jerk. Without Wentz, you’d be just another washed up fool that coaches the Philthydelphia team.

  4. Sick of hearing about the Eagles (NYC Resident here).

    Wentz will NEVER win a Super Bowl and Foles is a CHUMP for not taking self-accountability for winning a Super Bowl along with the MVP Award and “taking his talents” (a la LeKing [LeBron]) to another city.

    Foles is just a cheese-b_tt, like the guy who called out Kevin Durant at his hotel entrance the other day LOL

  5. Foles will demand to be traded, Wentz will be hurt and there goes the Iggles.

  6. The part that frustrates reporters (and people commenting above) the most is that there is absolutely no QB controversy. Foles knows that Wentz is the better QB and he’s ok with that. Where this would rip apart most teams in the league, it hasn’t with the Eagles. And for the people who thirst for drama, it’s driving them nuts.

  7. Now that foles won the big one and at some point will he leaving , Wentz’s career will forever be tied to winning the big game. If he doesn’t, I can’t see how Eagles fans cannot look at him as anything but a dissapointment.

  8. Eagles could go to their 3rd stringer Sudfeld and still field a better quarterback than Dallas, Washington and the pathetic Giants.

  9. section338 says:

    June 12, 2018 at 6:53 pm
    Foles is better than Wentz, period! Big mistake not understanding that.


    You and everybody else who actually thinks Foles is better than Wentz is an IDIOT!!!. Wentz was hands down the MVP at the time of his injury. Foles played two good games.

  10. Yes it is, but it’s Nick Foles’ super bowl ring, and he earned it by going toe to toe with Tom Brady and coming out on top. Foles had 27 TD’s and only 2 int’s back in 2013, so he’s not a one hit wonder. Howie Roseman has been near perfect in putting this organization together. I don’t think it’s a fluke, and as long as Roseman is in charge, I see the Eagles flying higher than ever. Carson Wentz hasn’t even scratched the surface.

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