Duce Staley says Jay Ajayi is “the guy” in Eagles backfield

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Eagles running back Jay Ajayi said earlier this offseason that he’s looking forward to returning to a workhorse role after splitting time in the backfield following the trade that took him from Miami to Philadelphia last year.

Ajayi isn’t the only one looking forward to seeing Ajayi in a more prominent role. Running backs coach Duce Staley said he knows Ajayi is excited about “being able to go out there and dominate and being able to be that guy” and that head coach Doug Pederson is excited about it as well.

Staley said it has “been awesome” with Ajayi since his arrival and shared what he’s seen from the back this offseason.

“Just him being focused, coming in, knowing he’s the guy, knowing he’s the guy that’s going to step up there and just put everything on his back and ride with him,” Staley said, via the team’s website.

The Eagles still have Corey Clement, Darren Sproles and others in the backfield, but it looks like they will all be vying for time behind Ajayi as the summer unfolds in Philadelphia.

20 responses to “Duce Staley says Jay Ajayi is “the guy” in Eagles backfield

  1. last year dolphin fans said the same thing. good luck philly.. and ajayi played hard and the eagles won their first lombardi. so you might want to wish yourselves luck especially with the coach and lineup you are putting out there.

    this time, duce is telling ajayi what he wants to hear. which is that in his contract year, he will get the chance to earn the big second deal. which probably won’t be in philly, but will yield a comp pick if he balls out.

    btw, they told blount the same thing beginning of last year, and then went and got ajayi mid season. so they will do what is necessary to elevate the talent level on the team, despite having to change their original plan.

  2. Funny dolphins fans have more to say about him now he’s gone than when he was on their team. You got robbed, get over it already.

  3. phinfan is right. Ajayi can be good but when he starts thinking he is the man he starts thinking and acting like he has made it, is irreplaceable and no longer needs to worry about stuff he doesn’t think is important…like pass-pro, route releases or hitting the designed running lane. Good luck Philly, I hope it works out but don’t say some Miami fans haven’t warned you.

  4. Dolphin fan here
    I hope Jay becomes ALL PRO, he was nice to the fans
    Definitely was a fan favorite, despite what’s put out in the media

  5. It was frustrating watching Ajayi last year. Some of it was poor playcalling and a refusal by Gase to play to Ajayi’s strengths but I also saw some confused running when he hit the wrong holes and a lot of petulance when it didn’t go his way. I wasn’t surprised to see him go but Gase needs to show that getting rid of Ajayi and Landry (and Pouncey to a lesser degree) leads to a better offence or he will be under a lot of pressure. Good luck to Ajayi- I have some great memories from his breakout year.

  6. Hilarious the “PhinPhans keep weighing in on J-Train! He has a SB ring! He was nothing but an extremely hard worker and positive part of the RB rotation – and that’s all we need him to be again! The Phins will stink….AGAIN. Ajayi probably just need a good coaching staff and a good atmosphere and locker room – and he thrived in his role in Philly. Worry about not being terrible and trying to beat NE and keep JTrain and the World Champs out cha mouth!

  7. Ajayi absolutely is better than the Blount-lovers in Philly say.

    His knees are a concern but his allegedly diva attitude has yet to be an issue.

    I have absolutely no problems with Jay getting more touches/game and so long as his body handles the workload across the season we’ll see zero drop in productivity in the run game.

  8. Too much of a ME-ego, and a one-dimensional runner – and for example he could not help keep the Pats off the field with any sort of pounding clock-killing ground game once Philly got ahead, nada, even though Pats D was so banged-up and nonexistent. He’s OK in rotation but def not a bellcow because he just can’t block nor catch well enough to be out there every play. Philly would be fools to give him the big bucks.

  9. Dolphins fans are hilarious.

    Good luck with that? LOL he helped us win the Super Bowl!!!!

    Hate isnt a good look. Enjoy further mediocrity.

  10. Where have I seen these comments before about Ajayi?….oh yeah, before last season in Miami. I hope for Wentz’s safety he learns the playbook.

  11. I don’t see much changing, to be honest. Clement earned more touches, too. Sproles will return. Ajayi will be the main guy on early downs, but the other guys will get their touches and the entire team will be better for having a committee than a workhorse back.

  12. @andymannfl says:

    Where have I seen these comments before about Ajayi?….oh yeah, before last season in Miami. I hope for Wentz’s safety he learns the playbook.
    He played with Wentz and knew the playbook. Try again…
    #Defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles

  13. Theyre just saying that to appease Ajayi. He is a 2 down back. Sometimes not even that.

    Sproles and Clement are superior blockers and receivers. Ajayi is not a good blocker, and a very average receiver.

    He definitely needs to work on his blocking skills if hes going to be “the man” in that backfield.

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