Eli Manning knows Odell Beckham’s contract talk can be a burden

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning is going to be glad to see wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. today, when they begin their mandatory minicamp.

And from his own experience, he knows what kind of burden ongoing contract talks are.

Manning went through it in 2015, and the Giants and Beckham are in a similar spot now, working toward what would be a monstrous contract for a key player. Beckham has been around for some of the voluntary work, seemingly a good faith gesture, but there’s still no deal beyond this year for the star wide receiver.

“Even though it wasn’t really something that was on my mind you just had to keep answering questions about it,’’ Manning said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “It’s not something I discussed with people, but for whatever reason it becomes an issue. I didn’t harp on it, I didn’t worry about it, but the fact that it was in the papers or you had to answer about it, it can become a hassle.

“Hopefully, obviously everything with Odell and that, whether it gets solved or whatever, it’s something that you don’t have to keep answering about it.’’

Manning’s situation was ultimately resolved, though he acknowledged the uncertainty could weigh on a player.

What’s unclear is how much Beckham will be able to do this week. He was limited in OTAs after surgery last year to repair a broken left ankle, and Manning said he wasn’t expecting to see much more.

“Very little on-the-field work,’’ Manning said of Beckham’s OTA workload. “Just kind of getting in the meeting rooms and he’s been there for some of the walk-throughs and stuff. It’s important to just kind of hear the plays, hear the formations, hear everything so he’ll have a good idea of what’s coming up. . . .

“I think he’s supposed to be allowed to do a few things this week, whether it’s just routes versus air, or certain things that we can start working on. A lot of the routes are very similar, there are a few that are a little different, and we can start working on those and start getting the timing down.’’

And perhaps, with time, they’ll be able to stop talking contract. But that time hasn’t come yet.