Greg Hardy knocks out Austen Lane in UFC fight

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In a UFC matchup of two former NFL defensive ends, Greg Hardy knocked out Austen Lane in less than a minute.

Hardy, making his professional mixed martial arts debut after previously winning three amateur fights, needed just 57 seconds to knock out Lane, who was 4-0 as an MMA fighter heading into the fight.

The knockout victory makes it virtually certain that the UFC will give Hardy more fights, and in bigger venues than tonight’s fight, which was part of the UFC’s minor-league “Contender Series.” Hardy clearly has a future in the UFC.

“This means everything. It’s awesome. I don’t really have the words,” Hardy said afterward. “I got lucky, came in, did what I was supposed to do and it worked out.”

The UFC has taken criticism for signing Hardy, whose NFL career is best remembered for a domestic violence incident that ended his tenure with the Panthers. But the UFC isn’t apologizing, and Hardy appears to be in the UFC to stay.

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  1. So much for everyone TURNING THEIR BACK on Hardy, who I agree is an abuser. But hes getting a lot of Publicity too, ESPN had this front page also. Which in turn does over time generate revenue for UFC and thus him.

  2. ufc is kind of a mess because if theres no knockout theres no way to objectively count points like landed punches in boxing, but good for hardy

  3. Why would UFC take criticism for bringing him on? The sport is filled with overaggressive males that want to pounce on each other. Shoot, one was just convicted of attempted murder. #stayinyolane

  4. nwofolife says:
    June 12, 2018 at 9:35 pm
    Remember when the Clownboys paid him 9 million for 6 sacks.

    Bro know football much? It was only 8.8 million!
    … yep and Garrett wanted NOTHING to do with this. FINALLY Hardy is where he belongs. Cant keep hating, this is impressive as first stated. Better then hearing or reading about a horse named Gronk.

  5. He hasn’t fought anyone yet. They will hype him up because it will draw attention and he will get a title shot which will end up with him probably taking a beating.

  6. Greg Hardy should join Kapernick and Reid in their collusion case against the NFL. He should be a starter in the NFL. There’s no doubt he’s being blackballed by the league

  7. ufc is kind of a mess because if theres no knockout theres no way to objectively count points like landed punches in boxing, but good for hardy
    Which is why the committees need to get specific MMA level judges. Most people that judge fights are the same as boxing judges. They are lost and don’t know which fighter is having a better fight when it isn’t standing.

  8. He wasn’t awarded a contract. Probably will be put on the Ultimate Fighter to draw on his star power. They NEED heavyweight talent. Extremely thin division.

  9. Leonard little and donte stallworth both killed people with their cars. Got second chances….Mike vick….killed and tortured dogs…Got second chances…Greg hardy domestic violence….don’t agree with it but if those guys got second chances maybe hardy should too. Why shouldn’t he get a second chance bc Ray rice punched his girlfriend in the face and there was video of it….now there is outrage….just be consistent nfl and nfl fans….you are either a second chance league or you are not….why does zeke Elliot get a second chance…why is Michael Bennett not getting investigated closely….let’s not be hypocrits to some and not others.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the undercard in a UFC event in the next few months. The UFC tried their publicity stunt with CM Punk and it failed miserably. This will be their next PR stunt. They will probably pit him against a few more tomato cans and hype him up more and more and more. We haven’t heard the last of Hardy.

    The UFC has taken criticism for signing Hardy

    Personally I don’t care if they signed Hardy. I just don’t really care about Hardy one way or another. However, I’d love to see him go up against one of the top fifteen ranked heavyweights and see if he can keep from having his head bounced off the canvas.

  11. Heavyweights typically a typically aren’t very skilled and multidimensional like other weight classes. That being said, he’s got a legitimate shot to have some success.

  12. Am I supposed to be impressed when most of these fights are fixed. The UFC will play off his name and shoot him to the top of the heap for awhile.

  13. Served whatever legal sanction was imposed in a case that had doubts.
    He is allowed to move on with his life as much as the hypocritical types denigrating him above.

  14. The other players in the NFL did not get a second chance B C of fan outrage. It has nothing to do with able to play and everything to with off field arrest, abuse. Take what the owners R hearing from their fan base. Fans do not want someone who punched their girl friend seen on video, kneeling in front of the flag while the national anthem was playing. It is like the alumni in college football. These groups of people have a lot of influence. I don’t think NFL players disrespect the military, but R protesting this country on a few issues. One is police brutality. In some cases they R right. But have to find a better way to do it other than a football field.m

  15. It’s the WWE “heel” pitch th UFC is banking on to rake in the cash with any Hardy fight. People will watch hoping to see someone feed him more mat than he can chew…

  16. Heavyweight is the weakest division in the UFC right now. Hardy has been training at a top 5 MMA camp. Nobody other than Jon Jones has his athletic talent at this size. He’s going to destroy the lower half of the division, but anybody like a Curtis Blyades or Overeem level of heavyweight would destroy him.

  17. He has paid quite a price in dollars and shame, even ridicule, considering there was never a conviction in court. Let him earn a living.

  18. corkspop says:
    June 13, 2018 at 10:01 am
    He has paid quite a price in dollars and shame, even ridicule, considering there was never a conviction in court. Let him earn a living.


    You think the same thing about OJ?

  19. I saw that clip, as a guy that isn’t a professional fighter I wouldn’t want to fight Hardy. Had to remember that he was a NFL Defensive End because for a bigger body guy, he’s pretty light on his feet and is not only quick, but smooth. Don’t know how that will be for his UFC career but he’s definately an athlete.

    Also the freeze frame of Lane being punched is why I never ever would be a professional fighter, be it boxing or anything. Just the force from the impact to his jaw and knowing that the brain felt that too. I’m good where I’m at.

  20. why does zeke Elliot get a second chance”

    Maybe, and I might be going out on a limb here, he didn’t do anything?


    Maybe Hardy didn’t do anything either…..same as zeke… accusations and pictures with no convictions or jail time.

  21. Watched the fight. Hardy needs to get in shape and learn some ground game. His whole fighting style is basically power punches. That worked for him so far though…

  22. Some ancient history – being a star pass rusher for the Jets, steroid wonder boy Mark Gastineau tried his hand at boxing. He won several fights, which we later found out were fixed. In a tv fight that was supposed to be leading up to a PPV appearance he got creamed. The guy didn’t take the money. He exposed Gastineau as a sham.

    I’m just saying, don’t bet the kid’s tuition money on Hardy.

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