Pete Carroll on Earl Thomas: I wish he was here; that would be nice

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Earl Thomas didn’t show up to Seahawks’ minicamp Tuesday as expected. On Sunday, the safety announced on Twitter his decision to skip the mandatory work in the absence of a new contract.

“Kind of had heard that he was making that choice,” head coach Pete Carroll said, via Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio KJR and PFT. “I wish he was here. That would be nice. But we’re focusing on the guys that are here, and we’ll see how that goes.”

Thomas, 29, suggested he will skip training camp, too, risking incurring even more fines than the $84,435 he will lose this week. Thomas is scheduled to make $8.5 million in the final year of his deal.

The Seahawks could seek to trade him again after shopping him before the draft. The Cowboys likely retain interest after not adding a free safety in the draft.

But Carroll said he still views Thomas as part of the team.

“Heck yeah, he’s under contract. Sure,” Carroll said. “. . . He gives you everything he’s got when he’s with you.”

But Thomas isn’t with the Seahawks now and sounds as if he won’t be for a long time without a contract extension.

15 responses to “Pete Carroll on Earl Thomas: I wish he was here; that would be nice

  1. Apparently Earl forgot about what happened to Kam. “Earned the right”? Literally, you are still under contract and you have the obligation to play one more season for the Hawks. After that, enjoy your time losing in Dallas, I guess.

  2. Seattle will beg Dallas for a 3rd for him and we will give them a 4th and they will jump on it. Now does Dallas want him, YES.
    Is Dallas in a win now mode with their talent stacked as it is, YES. Now will Dallas open the bank for a player that has 2 great years and 3 good years left? … We shall see. Cuz good is still better then what we have in the secondary.

  3. And Btw, Seattle has No leverage. They want something for him, They OBVIOUSLY dont want to extend him. And Pete and his rah rah speeches are boring the Vets that have been around, so Pete really doesnt want him Especially in a rebuild mode.
    Dallas honestly will give up a 3rd BUT they are not thrilled about breaking the bank. But Dallas did not draft a S, so their IS something to this. Just like when I (WE) Knew Dez’s days were numbered.
    We have the cap space next year, and a bit this year. But it is tricky juggling Zack Martins and Dlaws coin this year with adding big duckets for ET. But like I been saying for months now ET WILL BE A COWBOY THIS YEAR!
    CAN YOU HERE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  4. $8.5 million for an aging injured safety to play across from another old injured safety? Fourth place is imminent.

  5. Seahawks fans have become very bitter in only being a fanbase since 2012.

    Remember the down years make winning that much sweeter. Don’t become a fairweather fan this year…we all know a lot of you will go back to being Niners fans.

  6. This dude is not “old” (29) and definitely not “washed up”. He had a great year when many on the D were injured and the offense was struggling. I have always hated Thomas since he’s killed my team 2x a year, but I’ve never kidded myself that he was anything but and outstanding Safety. Hall of Fame? Maybe/maybe not, but definitely among the top players in the league. He can play at least five more years at a very high level. Seattle brass thinks they can replace “aging” vets with draft picks and free agents. We’ll see. Their recent track record isn’t so hot.

  7. I think its really comical that Seahawk players haven’t learned that the organization doesn’t budge on contract holdouts. If the player wants to hold out then fine they will move on. Marshawn was the only one who got the tiniest of budges and that was the same amount of money just shifted to pay out in a different way, there was no difference in the total amount of years/money to him. Kam got the hard reality that the Hawks were serious when they said no. The hawks missed him for two games that he could have impacted for sure, but that is chance their willing to take. I don’t think even Russell Wilson would have leverage if he decided to hold out.

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