Report: Odell Beckham’s “preference” not to do team work


The biggest question leading into Giants minicamp has been how much work wide receiver Odell Beckham would do after an offseason spent doing limited individual work on the field while making his way back from last year’s fractured ankle.

Giants coach Pat Shurmur suggested last week that Beckham could receive full medical clearance in time for Tuesday’s start to the minicamp, but there’s been no word of that clearance this week. Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that there was “discussion” inside the team on Monday about making such an announcement with hope that Beckham would do some “team reps” during minicamp.

Anderson also reports that Beckham’s “preference” is to not do any team work at this point in his return from injury.

There’s also the issue of his desired contract extension, which has been the backdrop for much of the offseason discussion about when he’ll return to action. Stepping up his practice work would also step up the risk of injury, which is a dicey proposition for a player in the final year of his deal.

Assuming he does skip the team work this week, the focus will shift to Beckham’s plans for training camp should the deal he seeks fail to materialize with the Giants.

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  1. While Florio and others might think it’s prudent not to risk the long term benefits of a contract that could be sacrificed by OTAs/Mini Camp, the only way a WR is going to jive with his QB and offense is to do “team activities”.

  2. Ankle’s fine but those pesky bone spurs are a different story.

  3. Come on Giants…pay the man! He’s your best talent, or with Saquon, at very least 2nd best.

  4. I mean, fair enough.

    If he thinks it’s better to work out by himself to heal quicker, then by all means do it!

  5. OBJ ridiculously said in Feb he wanted $20M/yr! But with the o-line patched Eli may need NYG to pay it so they can use previous years’ excuses for his repeated failings leading the team:

    2014 – 6-10 would have been 10-6 but for OBJ hamstrung for 4 games.
    2015 – missed playoffs because OBJ played but misbehaved (which also got Coughlin fired).
    2016 – painfully bad 1 & done performance because OBJ screwed up in the playoff game.
    2017 – OBJ’s sprained ankle, then bad behavior, then wonky finger all partly blamed for 0-4 before his wk5 ankle break blamed for the team going 0-5 and folding.

    Giants & Pats were jointly 2017’s most banged up teams, but elites are too busy to cast blame.

  6. Let’s see, Eli is 37, they don’t have a decent back-up in the house, and a few months ago OBJ was photographed with pot and cocaine in his possession.

    The Giants should let OBJ go into his contract year with something to prove. Coddling grown baby-men isn’t the way to run a business.

  7. I’m not a fan of these negotiating tactics (assuming Beckham actually employs them). Beckham wants to be paid a king’s ransom but he also doesn’t want to practice because he might get hurt. If he’s so injury prone why should he be paid a king’s ransom?

    The Giants don’t know what kind of a player he’s going to be coming back from that ankle injury. Why not get out there and show them once you get clearance. Wear preventative knee braces to be safe but go out there and give it your all and put pressure on the Giants to pay you or risk losing you.

    Next summer when they put the franchise tag on you it’s a different story. Don’t sign it, hold out until Week 1. But you’re under contract in 2018 and you still have to prove you’re worth the contract you’re asking for.

  8. I read elsewhere that this is more about him not wanting to rush his return from the injury. It was indeed a bad injury so I cant say this doesnt make sense. I agree with those saying he and Eli need to get reps in. But not rushing the injury is still a more important consideration. I am sure his contract is a factor here but I think this is more more about him wanting to be extra careful the injury doesnt mess up a contract year than that this is about him playing a holdout game. He is right that as things stand right now (no new contract) he cant afford for this season to be a dud. For all his flash, stats, and highlights he has yet to have any of that turn into any significant winning by the team. So he needs to have hit this year out of the park for his agent to be able to negotiate for max. (He is guaranteed a really good payday, but he wants something well beyond the market so far for eaven orher great receivers)

  9. He’s simply not worth the drama that comes with his huge talent. Every TD/1st.down now must be followed by a 15 yd. penalty? Gettleman was wise not to pull the trigger on a trade. Let him prove he’s healthy physically AND mentally in the final year of his rookie contract. If the NYG aren’t convinced to open the vault on a long term deal then franchise him for two more seasons. If Beckham is unhappy? Gettleman said it best: “So be it.”

  10. Sign him or don’t, it makes no difference to me. Don’t get me wrong, he is a huge talent but he alone is not going to win the Superbowl for you. Its a team sport.

    Go Gmen !

  11. I don’t blame Odell. Almost lost his career playing in a meaningless preseason game. These guys don’t want to pay you when your healthy, so you know you would be on the first thing smoking out of here with another injury! Andrew Luck got that big contract and hasn’t sniff the field in two years nursing his sore shoulder. No heart, no desire! Don’t hear anybody saying much bad about him… Odell can’t even sneeze without getting criticized. I wonder why?

  12. Well if he’s fine with Nelson Agulolor being the best receiver in the division,this will work for him !

  13. Soon, players will not have to work out or practice at all. Ever. And they’ll hire surrogates to play in the games for them. And they will want 85% of the revenue. And guaranteed salaries for life.

  14. Too much hate on this board for Odell. He’s a top talent. He’s trying to balance his best interests with those of the team. Why is it you guys always side with ownership? They are freaking billionaires and will make money whether they sign Odell or not. Why all the love for billionaires and hate for a guy whose window is open only for a few years?

  15. omeimontis says:
    June 12, 2018 at 10:39 am
    Sounds like he is the new TO. Me me me, and Mo’ Money.


    That’s for sure. TO was also great, so if he can achieve what TO did in his career it would be a huge accomplishment. I worry that he might end up more like Percy Harvin.

  16. He and his agent need to come back to reality on what they’re asking for…WR’s don’t get QB money once they understand that then bring them to the table to start negotiations.

  17. Players like Odell Beckham and leveon bell are once in a lifetime players that excite not just their own fans but others to. When they pull crap like this and act like a prima donna divas and ask to be the highest paid players in the NFL you always want to root against them.

  18. The root of the problem is that pesky 5th year option…which only applies to 1st rounders.

    So while Mack, Donald, and Beckham are still waiting to get their new deals…lesser players drafted after them like Devonte Adams, Jarvis Landry, David Carr, and Paul Richardson have been rewarded handsomely by virtue of not having a 5th year option stuck to their rookie deal. By getting that 2nd contract sooner rather than later, it improves their chances of seeing a 3rd lucrative contract…Something those studs drafted in the first round are less likely to see!

    1st round picks got royally screwed by the CBA!!!

  19. Oh and pay attention Saquon…the Giants are showing their hand in how they treat star players who’ve given the team terrific results on the field. They didn’t mind paying Vernon who gave another team positive play…but they won’t take care of their own!!!

  20. Elmerbrown, you actually get dumber every time I see a comment from you, it’s almost impressive. Nelson Agholor has 1 good season and all the sudden he’s the best in the division? Wrong, not even the best receiver on his team and if you want to count ertz, he’s not even the 2nd best on his team. In the division it is OBJ, alshon jefferey, ertz, agholor and Jordan Reed is somewhere in that mix if he could stay healthy

  21. I think obj is the most talented WR in football. And I would trade him immediately if I were the giants.

    When was the last time the best WR in football won a Super Bowl ?

  22. there is such a thing as a CAP, pay all the $ to one guy and the rest of the team goes away. most of the teams use all their cap, it doesn’t go to the “billionaire” owners directly.

  23. The analogy is the gorgeous but crazy girl, which you should date all day long but not marry

  24. The new age football player. What great work ethic. Hopefully he’ll be able to get some good fishing and beach activities in during training camp.

  25. If you’re coming back from an injury in which you missed the majority of the previous season, why would you come back and participate in teamwork with your contract situation in limbo? If anybody who has played football (because I have) can tell me the benefits of team workouts in minicamp please let me know. That’s an injury waiting to happen and not worth the risk, he’s not missing out on anything. At this stage in his career, being at minicamp is about learning the system and playbook.

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