Dak Prescott to bond with his receivers in a destination throwing session


The Cowboys admittedly don’t have a No. 1 receiver, and Dak Prescott has said he doesn’t believe they need one. But they do need chemistry.

The quarterback will work out with at least some of his receivers — several of them new — during the break before training camp.

“We’ll definitely get away,” Prescott said after Wednesday’s second of three minicamp practices. “Work out in the morning, throw, then hang out in the afternoon.”

The Cowboys released Dez Bryant this offseason. Jason Witten retired. Terrance Williams has spent the offseason recovering from foot surgery.

That has left only Cole Beasley with any sort of familiarity with Prescott. The Cowboys signed Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson in free agency; they traded for Tavon Austin; and they drafted Michael Gallup in the third round.

“We know it’s a lot of work to do; we knew that coming into minicamp,” Prescott said. “I think it’s a work in progress. We’re not anywhere where we need to be. We know the strides we need to make, and we know where we need to get to. We’re not going to stress too much or get too frustrated over a few drops here and there. Obviously I miss throws, so that’s part of it. But we’re definitely getting better, and that’s the main importance of this right now.”

11 responses to “Dak Prescott to bond with his receivers in a destination throwing session

  1. Cole Beasley becomes Dak’s go to guy and security blanket. All he does is move the ball down field. Dak’s got Williams, Austin, and Thompson as his down field options. Hurns and Gallup as his possessions receivers. Dak and the Cowboy receivers will be fine.

  2. If there is a weakness on this time it is the WRs. So far, no alpha dog! The number 2 has a stone fingers problem and the number 3 took 2017 off. Jason W. is no longer there to get the first down when it is 3rd down and 4 yards got go. Dak, my man, this will be your most challenging year. Zeke, you gotta stay healthy – and out of trouble.

  3. Dak showing some real leadership and taking the right approach (big surprise there), preparing for his third year. And he is right, from what I’ve read the young secondary has been flying around in practice disrupting the receivers’ routes with tight coverage (good news for the defense), and throwing off the timing of the offense. I’m sure Dak wants to get the receivers to hit certain landmarks on the field on particular routes and develop the right timing for each one of them so that it really doesn’t matter the quality of the defense, as long as the confidence of the qb in the receivers’ ability to be where they are supposed be is there. I’m confident they have the right guy to fix whatever kinks there are in the offense right now and get everyone on schedule when it’s time to play for real.

  4. Dak is getting as annoying as Wilson. He’ll be selling some magical product soon.

  5. Love the good research and/or knowledge of the Cowboys WR group… Noah Brown has familiarity with Dak (he played last year), and Lance Lenoir was on the PS so there might be alittle there, oh and the Cowboys also drafted Cedric Wilson.

  6. orangeraider says:

    Daily light weight info from the Cowboys camp.
    no one is forcing you to read any Cowboys stories, worry about your Faiders as it will be another long year in Oaktown.

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