Ereck Flowers wants to prove to himself that he can play “at a certain level”

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Since the end of last season, Ereck Flowers saw the Giants sign someone else to play left tackle in free agency and then had his name come up as a possible trade chip before reporting to work as a right tackle after the team’s offseason program was already underway.

Flowers never spoke to the media at any point during that period, but that changed at Giants minicamp on Wednesday. Flowers said “of course” when asked if it was hard to be shuttled to the other side of the line, but is “very happy” now and that the adjustment is going well.

Flowers also said that his goal is not to prove himself to the Giants this season as much as it is to prove how good he is to himself after three rocky seasons since being selected in the first round of the 2015 draft.

“At the end of the day, they have to do what is best for the organization,” Flowers said. “I don’t have any personal feelings about it and for me, I want to prove myself and every time I hit the field, I want to get better every year and mainly I want to do it for myself. It’s not to prove to anybody else, I want to prove to myself that I can play at a certain level.”

If Flowers hits a higher level, he’ll hit free agency with a head of steam that hasn’t been in evidence so far in his career. That would be a good development for him as well as for the team that moved him in hopes of finding a better offensive line group.

7 responses to “Ereck Flowers wants to prove to himself that he can play “at a certain level”

  1. Not to be a negative Annie but if he needs to prove something to himself after being in the nfl all this time then I would not rely on him getting better. Good/great players have something no coach can judge with 40 times or lifting 225 lbs x amount of times. If the inner desire was there it would have been evident from day one and increased each down he played. I don’t see that special quality that Oline coaches savor and love. Just my opinion. If it’s not there from day one it’s not ever going to be there.

  2. The Giants O line will be better but not as much as some people think. Solder is an average tackle being paid a lot of money and the interior of the Giants line is brutally bad. Flowers was awful on the left side so why would you expect anything on the right side where teams are now lining up their best edge rusher. Barkley will help the running game but that’s about it.

  3. Former GM Reese swung and missed badly yet again by wasting a number one on Flowers. Enough of ‘he’s still young’ and ‘he has a mean streak.’Watch his film. How can such a large man be so easily thrown off balance repeatedly by defenders simply slapping his hands away? He might have to fall back on his college degree to make a living once he gets released. NYC Subway Turnstile Management.

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