Falcons players say “business as usual” despite Julio Jones absence

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The Falcons opened minicamp without wide receiver Julio Jones in attendance on Tuesday, which wasn’t a huge surprise given his absence from voluntary work and talk about dissatisfaction with his contract.

It also wasn’t anything that upset the apple cart for the players who were there for the first day of mandatory work this offseason. Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu said players were “just practicing like we are any other day” and center Alex Mack called it “business as usual.” Mack also echoed several teammates’ belief that Jones will be ready to go when the time comes.

“Someone’s contract or what he wants over there, is kind of outside of our control,” Mack said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “He’s a great teammate. He’s a great guy. He works hard every day. I’m sure he’s going to ready to go whenever he shows up.”

Coach Dan Quinn said he’s never disappointed in a player’s choices as long as there’s communication and that he’s spoken to Jones over the course of the offseason. Quinn was also asked about Jones working out with Terrell Owens, which has led some to wonder if Owens is in his ear about taking a hard line with three years left on his current contract.

The coach didn’t offer any comment on that aspect, but did call the two wideouts two of the “hardest working athletes that I’ve seen.” It just remains to be seen when Quinn will get his next close look at Jones’ work.

6 responses to “Falcons players say “business as usual” despite Julio Jones absence

  1. Remember when Julio Jones deleted all Falcon related content on his IG, and Atlanta said “Oh its no big deal nothing to see here.”
    Then they drafted Ridley “Oh, Matt Ryan works better with dual targets.”
    Now he’s missing from mandatory camp, and they’re like that cartoon dog’s whose apartment is on fire.

    “This is fine.”
    “Im perfectly OK with everything that is happening right now.”

  2. Who cares? He’s 30 years old, can’t stay healthy, has a bum foot, caught 4 tds and dropped about 10. Washed up and over the hill. Trade him while you can get something for him.

  3. I remember when the Falcons were blown away when visiting with Julio about what a “team first” guy he was. He wasn’t going to be a “diva” WR. Now he’s missing mandatory time from an employer that’s made him a millionaire and hanging with T.O. He better return to the old stuff before he finds out that life goes on.

  4. Though he is not over the hill and washed up, that is in the horizon.
    He did had 1400 yards and makes many freakish catches. As for the end zone, if 1400 yards and freakish catches leads to more TD’s for Freeman and others, why care who scores?

    That coming horizon, I believe, is what this is all about. He probably has two years left. If he waits until the proper time to renegotiate, he will not get a mega deal. He will be Dez. Maybe seeing Dez fall off and get cut caught his eye?

    IF he gets a new deal he will be cut after 2019. If he doesn’t he will finish out the remaining 3 and have. ‘Joe Horn’ season somewhere else.

  5. Business as usual? I guess so. They’re used to seeing passes dropped in practice and in games.

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