Greg Little gets another tryout with Cardinals

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The Cardinals must have some interest in veteran receiver Greg Little.

Little is back in Arizona to take part in the Cardinals’ minicamp on a tryout basis, Darren Urban of the team website reports. Little did the same at the team’s rookie minicamp.

The Browns made Little a second-round choice in 2011. He spent three seasons in Cleveland before the Browns waived him.

The Raiders claimed Little off waivers, and he also has had stints with the Bills and Bengals.

Little, 29, has played 54 games with 42 starts. He has made 161 catches for 1,890 yards and eight touchdowns in his career.

10 responses to “Greg Little gets another tryout with Cardinals

  1. He the potential of being a solid #2 receiver on a poor receiving corps team…being a Brown doesn’t help your career…ever.

  2. I’m legit surprised this guy is still around. He had a cup of coffee as a Bengal in 2014 and haven’t heard a peep about him since. Actually now that I check, he hasn’t been on a team since then. Out of football for over 3 years and someone is interested? It’s not like he was impressive when he played.

  3. Years ago, I went to Lambeau for a preseason game vs the Browns, it was the Trent Richardson rookie year. Before the game, we were at the hotel in Appleton in the lobby. I had to hit the head, go in and notice a guy talking on his phone in the can. I finish up, walk out towards the lobby.

    A really respectful kid, must have been maybe 8 years old, asked me “Is Mr Little in there?” I had no idea, so I kept an eye on him. Greg Little comes out, the kid respectfully asked for an autograph, he signed. A few hours later, I checked his Twitter account. “Damn kids hitting me up in hotels for autographs, smh”

    I learned two things that day. Greg Little is my least favorite Tar Heel ever, and I once took a leak next to a Cleveland player taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.

  4. Little had the most impressive collection of driving tickets as a college player maybe ever but he indeed has not been impressive on the field as a pro. Just a college talent.

  5. He had potential in Cleveland. His Browns career ended with the drafting of Josh Gordon the following year and signing of Andrew Hawkins.

    My guess was that whole “talked a lot of trash without the ability to back it up” thing kept teams from keeping him longer than a cup of coffee once the Browns cut him.

  6. Anyone remember the Burger King commercial with the guy with the little hands. That was Greg Little.

  7. Looks like Tarzan. Plays like Jane. Drops have always and I mean always been a concern. You can blame it on the Browns but the guy has never been reliable to catch the football. Kind of important when you play Wide Receiver.

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