Jarvis Landry: Ryan Tannehill and I didn’t have a good relationship

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Browns receiver Jarvis Landry sounds happy to be out of Miami, and to be catching passes from a quarterback other than Ryan Tannehill.

Landry, who previously said the Browns’ quarterback situation is a lot better than what he had with the Dolphins, told NFL Network today that he hasn’t spoken with Tannehill since leaving Miami for Cleveland, and he didn’t sound too broken up not to hear from him.

“I have not heard from Ryan Tannehill,” Landry said. “I’m not surprised. We didn’t really have a good relationship anyway, so I’m not surprised.”

Landry didn’t sound particularly interested in discussing Tannehill, and did sound optimistic about playing in a situation that he thinks is better.

“I wasn’t trying to look back in the rearview mirror,” Landry said. “I’m focused on here and where we’re taking it here. I wasn’t trying to take a shot at him. I understand how hard every guy in the NFL works, especially at the position, especially at the quarterback position. But at the same time too, I give credit where credit’s due.”

It’s not often that a player can join an 0-16 team and say with a straight face that he thinks he’s in a better place, but Landry quite clearly wasn’t thrilled with the situation in Miami, and is happy to be in Cleveland.

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  1. Landry is a me first diva. Miami is glad he’s gone to the Factory of Sadness. Just wait for him to implode when he’s not getting enough attention, balls, or can’t hock his backpacks and hoodies in Ohio. A team cancer.

    Tannehill has more class in his little finger than Jarvis will ever possess.

  2. You’d think that a QB like Tannehill, who himself played WR for 3 of his 4 years in college, would have a lot in common with his WR’s?

    Tanne was quite a good WR himself once. He probably would have made it at least TO the NFL at either position.

  3. That isn’t what he said when he was waiting for a contract in Miami. Must be hard to eat and talk out of both sides of his mouth. Les Miles had some Divas on that LSU team(s) for certain. Wonder if that is why he cannot locate a new job even with a National Championship?

  4. Hmmmm. You’ve led the league in catches and made 2 Pro Bowls, but your not happy with the QB play you had?. It appears to me the guy is saying what he feels he has do. He is all about the $ and not a team player anyways. The Brownies are one of my favorite teams, but who would actually wanna play there? You joined an 0-16 team and left the sunny beaches of South Florida. C’mon man!

  5. Tannehill has almost identical stats as Andrew Luck, sometimes better stats, and everyone acts like Luck is the second coming of Christ, and Tannehill is trash. Not really a fan or hate either of the two, I just don’t get it.

  6. artliedtocleveland says:
    June 13, 2018 at 3:52 pm
    Who would have a good relationship with a qb who couldn’t beat out Jay Cutler?

    Aahhhhhh, Cutler was signed to fill in for the hurt RT, there was never a qb comp between them. Weak dig.

  7. I’m a dolphin fan but not a tannehill fan either. But Landry was a big time diva who drops a lot of balls. Not to mention getting 15yd penalties after catching 1st downs. I’m glad he’s gone! He’s just pissed cause he had to get his contract from Cleveland. His agent probably told him he wasn’t getting anything close if he waited. Good bye n good luck!!! 0 n 16..real happy to be their

  8. I’m shocked! Can’t wait till he turns on his rookie quarterback. He’ll end up like the majority of the diva wide receivers. Out of the league in 5 years and broke in 10. Nobody will care because they were such A holes.

  9. artliedtocleveland says:
    June 13, 2018 at 3:52 pm
    Who would have a good relationship with a qb who couldn’t beat out Jay Cutler?

    Ummm…..Tannehill was on IR with a torn up knee…..

  10. That’s quite the insult to Miami where a dumpster fire like the Browns are considered to have a better QB situation.

  11. I’m not mad at Landry for his feelings. You should be happy about where you are and try to find all the positives that you can about your situation. BUT bashing past teammates or saying anything less than complimentary shows bitternehs. Maybe Tannehill didn’t pound the table on keeping Landry and now he is taking shots. In 2 years expect a severe restructuring in Landry’s contact. Cleveland is paying him for his Miami numbers. Those numbers came in part to the QB who Landry is taking shots at now.

  12. Jarvis just shut the hell up. You had a big mouth here in Miami and now you are at it again. No one here cares what you think, just have fun in Cleveland and try and not have too many penalties. You were an idiot when u were here, and caused several problems. Hope you can make some catches down the field, didn’t notice you made too many in Miami. Ryan is too much of a gentleman to speak to you, don’t wait for the csll😴😴

  13. Are there really people on here who think Tannehill is a good quarterback? Better question, are the people on here who really don’t understand how good Jarvis Landry is? He’s one of Bill Belichick’s favorite players, a great route-runner and an excellent blocker. You don’t find many wide receivers willing to get their hands dirty, but Landry has no problem when it comes to being a team player and springing a run. Not liking Tannehill doesn’t diminish how good he is, plenty of players on the Dolphins don’t.

  14. youngnoizecom says:
    June 13, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    Also, 8.8 yards per catch has to do with scheme and routes, not the individual player.

    I’m sorry but LOL! Have you ever heard of the stat YAC? It’s one of the most important stats a WR is rated by. His 8.8ypc has very little to do with scheme. You obviously haven’t played a down of FB in your life.

  15. One thing I can say about the Browns is their owner wants to win. He’s hired and fired so many coaches and GM’s, trying to get it right. Trying to put a winning team on the field. Lots of owners wouldn’t want to eat all those contracts. They might still be searching for the right people, but at least their owner is trying. Jarvis Landry can feel that.

  16. We hate it when people are honest. Jarvis Landry never had a decent QB in college, and he hasn’t had one in the NFL. He has perhaps the best hands in the league, and he’s tough as nails. He’s a gamer. He’s the guy you’re looking for when you absolutely need it. Cleveland will love Landry. It’s a tough town, and Landry will win the fans over. Landry will get the Dog Pound excited again.

  17. Wait until halfway thru the season and Landry is on pace to catch 70 balls for the entire season. Then you will see the real reason he is not in Miami. Great hands but a ticking time bomb. Would of like to still have him this season but it will all work out in the long run for both teams. Bashing RT who by the way has top 10 QB stats doesn’t make much sense considering he was the QB that threw all those balls to you besides last season. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have that fat contract on that 0 and 16 team..just sayin..

  18. And thank God I don’t have to see him signal another first down when he makes a catch for 5 yards and we are down 20 points. Selfish showboat.. Amendola will have better numbers this season.

  19. I think everyone here can agree that at one time or another you’re not going to get along with all your coworkers. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you have to take a shot at the guy on the way out. Makes me think that maybe Tannehill wasn’t the problem

  20. The Dolphins made a smart decision when they decided to purge the selfish, me-first guys from their team and it’s pretty obvious Landry was one of those guys.

  21. Tannehill is not a very good QB, and not a winner. The bad news is Miami’s other QB’s make Tanne look like a HOF QB. The good news is 4-12 top 3 pick.

  22. Jarvis Landry is not an elite receiver but he is now getting elite money. Jarvis benefited for several years with the Dolphin’s not having a receiving tight end. He catches 2 yard passes and was unable to pick up first downs in the Miami offense. Why? Because Jarvis Landry is a very slow receiver running a 4.77 40 yard dash at the combine. He can’t create separation due to his lack of speed. Let’s see what happens this season. Jarvis is one of the best receivers in the league with his mouth and during the off season. Jarvis tell us more on how great you are!

  23. Bashing RT who by the way has top 10 QB stats doesn’t make much sense considering he was the QB that threw all those balls to you besides last season. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have that fat contract on that 0 and 16 team..just sayin..
    Except Landry wasn’t a part of any 0-16 team. If the Browns go 0-16 this season, then fire away. But what does the Browns record last season have to do with Landry. Bet they won’t go 0-16 this year. Matter of fact they may have more wins than the Dophins this season.

  24. tannehil’s rag arm forced jarvis to play a bizarre role where he had to catch the ball in the danger zone every time. this is one of the rare ocurrances where moving to the browns was the right move. and the young ballers getting paid. go head jarvis!

  25. Those posters who think Tanny is so bad, should re-think some facts. Because he holds the record for most completions in a row (Titans D – 7, Texans D – 18 = 25) in NFL history. Oh, and let’s not forget he went 18 for 19 (94.7%) for four TDs, but unfortunately didn’t quailfy for highest completion percentage because he didn’t throw enough passes since they subbed Matt Moore the last four minutes of the game against the Texans. Yeah, he’s below average. Especially against those terrible Defenses in 2015.

    Not sure how holding an NFL record (and almost two records) can be considered so bad.

  26. Has anybody ever watched Tyrod throw a shirt to intermediate pass the last 3 seasons?

    There’s not a chance in hell he throws for 4k yards and 24 tds while completing 61% of his passes. Just wait until you see his hesitation to wait until the wr makes his break or gets open.,

    Tyrods a gamer but he is not a stat heavy q.b. When he’s up
    He’s fine.. don’t ask him to drive the field multiple times in the 2nd half to win games.

    I’m not saying Cleveland won’t be decent but let’s stop pretending Taylor will ever match Tannehill s stats.

  27. This guy averages about 10 yards a catch….is over paid/rated…..Stop having TE stats and talking! Just play ball!

  28. frodoftw7 says:
    June 14, 2018 at 1:08 am
    Tannehill has the same stats as Luck eh? Yeah, that was not the impression that I had, lol.

    Well if both were on IR then I gotta think the numbers are pretty close.

  29. Landry can catch the ball but has little yards after the catch production. That makes him one dimensional. His slow speed is big a factor. It’s why you never see him open down field were he was the primary receiver. He can’t beat anybody deep. Paying beyond top dollar to get 6 to 12 yards receptions for a me 1st player was not a smart move.

  30. Losing a lot of respect for JL. Tannehill is more than a few levels of class above your typical diva wide receivers. QB’s generally are, they get it.
    I don’t get why players have to say anything that makes them look like envious entitled little children. Tannehill’s performance’s helped in secure a nice contract along with his own hardwork so let’s be a little more classy Jarvis.

  31. “I’m sorry but LOL! Have you ever heard of the stat YAC? It’s one of the most important stats a WR is rated by. His 8.8ypc has very little to do with scheme. You obviously haven’t played a down of FB in your life”
    Have you ever heard about Pro Football Focus? They measure YAC/rec. Lanry was 4th in the NFL in 2016.
    And BTW YAC are not that important for a WR. Antonio Brown had 3.9 YAC/Rec in 2016. Julio Jones had 5 YAC/Rec. And both are better than Landry.
    Landry’s YPC had a lot to do with scheme AND QB play.

  32. Maybe the problem is with you, Jarvis, and Tannehill got fed up with your tantrums. You are the last person who can change the “culture” of Cleveland. You give a speech abut culture and then chuck a football at Mitchell’s head. You lay a horrible hit on the Bills’ Aaron Williams that ended his career. Look in the, mirror.

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