Larry Fitzgerald won’t say whether this year will be his last


Many think Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald will exit the NFL after the 2018 season, the 15th of his Hall of Fame career. Fitzgerald isn’t thinking that far ahead.

I’m just trying to make it to February in one piece,” Fitzgerald said after a Wednesday minicamp practice, via the Associated Press.

”When I say that I’m not saying it jokingly, that’s the mentality that you have to have,” Fitzgerald added. ”All these guys, they’re not bringing them in here for their own health. They’re bringing them here to give them the opportunity to take your job. That’s not lost on me ever. I’m fighting and competing just like everybody else is.”

Fitzgerald’s longevity may depend on the quality of quarterback play. He seems to be impressed with rookie Josh Rosen, the 10th overall pick in the draft.

”I’m really impressed with how Josh has been able to grasp everything,” Fitzgerald said of the former UCLA starter.

Everything Fitzgerald has done in his career has been impressive. He has one thing left to accomplish: Winning a championship.

Given the status of the NFC West, it may take more than a year or two for the Cardinals to get back to where they were a decade ago, when they were on the brink of beating the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII — which would have resulted in Fitzgerald undoubtedly being named the game’s MVP.

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  1. He’ll play more years if Rosen ends up being good. If he’s a douche and sucks, the Fitz will quit

  2. Fitzgerald says the exact same thing every year, that all he’s concentrating on is this year. This article was designed solely for click bait, Fitzgerald has said before he will play so long as he can continue to do so at an elite level. When he cannot anymore, he’ll retire.

    Also it will not take Arizona long at all to get back into contention, they could make the playoffs this year. I dont think they’re a super-bowl team right now or even an NFC Championship team right now, but they could make some noise. Arizona went 8-8 last year with the entire offense basically on IR and a couple key defenders injured as well with Drew Stanton and Blaine freaking Gabbert at QB for 11 games.

    Arizona still has one of the top 5 defense’s in the NFL rankined via DVOA 4th overall, #1 vs run n 10th vs pass just last year, the defense will be much better with top tier DE Markus Golden & Deone Bucannon healthy, along with All-Pro Safety Budda Baker n Hasson Reddick going into their 2nd seasons. The defense is loaded.
    Offensively Arizona has vastly upgraded the QB Room, they will have a very good above-average O-Line with everyone back healthy along with the additions they’ve made and 4 first round picks starting up front along the O-Line. Elite All-Pro RB/WR David Johnson is back who doubles as a legit elite #2 caliber WR ranking as the #1 WR in the NFL in 2016 via PFF w/ a 92.4 overall grade & #3 RB. Arizona drafted RB/WR Chase Edmonds who also is an excellent pass catching back ensuring Johnson isnt over used. They have a good solid WR group behind Fitzgerald and drafted WR Christian Kirk who had a 1st round grade and looks really good with 2 good receiving TE’s one being above-avg & one being very good. Arizona has a lot of weapons.

    Next off-season Arizona will have a QB on a rookie deal with 90$M in cap space to really go out and load up on talent while re-signing their own guys to new deals like Bucannon and Golden, all that money with Josh Rosen on a rookie contract will allow to build an absolute dominate squad in the desert next year. With the way the roster is though with a top defense and one of the best rushing offenses in the league , Arizona definitely has enough talent to field a 10-11 win team this year with a little injury luck.

  3. Such a waste of talent…. but I don’t feel all that bad about it actually…. he could have left for a competitive team but chose to stay….hope he’s happy with that in the long run!!

  4. Who cares? Let him play this year so we football fans can enjoy it. I didn’t read it but I am sure it is the same thing hawkkiller said.

  5. I really wish I could’ve seen him play more. The few times I got to watch him, I was amazed by his ability to track the ball and come down with it. Imagine what his numbers would be if he had consistent QB play. I still think Jerry Rice is the best receiver of all time, but Fitz reminds me of Rice a LOT, while never having a Joe Montana or Steve Young to throw him the football.

  6. Not sure why he is trying to make it to next February – December would be a more realistic goal.

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