Mike Pereira says NFL Network pulled the plug on a planned appearance

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Mike Pereira was once the best thing on NFL Network. In the early days of the league-owned cable channel, Pereira was the league’s head of officiating, and he made regular appearances to explain rules and calls. Pereira parlayed that role into a job as a full-time analyst on FOX, but now he has a beef with his former employer.

Pereira took to Twitter on Wednesday morning and said that NFL Network canceled his planned appearance for reasons he couldn’t understand. As a result, he missed an opportunity to promote Battlefields to Ballfields, the foundation he started that helps military veterans get jobs as sports officials.

“For those of you I told I was going to be on NFLN this morning, including you Veterans in Rochester, my appearance was cancelled because NFLN ‘was hesitant to talk about the rules of the game at this point.’ Really? Thought I was going to talk about our Veteran’s Foundation,” Pereira wrote.

It’s unclear why the NFL’s own network is hesitant to discuss the rules of the game. The rules of the game are always among the biggest topics of discussion during the offseason, especially this year, with the revised catch rule and the new rule against initiating contact with the helmet. And Pereira is the best in the business at analyzing the rules of the game.

And for the NFL’s own network to bypass an opportunity to promote a good cause like Pereira’s foundation is just bizarre. NFL Network should explain itself.

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  1. Please excuse me while I go get my crying towel so I can weep for one of the biggest blowhards on television.

  2. “The rules of the game are always among the biggest topics of discussion during the offseason”

    True, but watching people talk about the rules makes for horrible TV.

  3. Even the NFL doesnt understand the current rules of the game.

    It’s now a little bit of football followed by longer stoppages of play and appeals for interpretation.

    Soon, games will average 4 hours… and they’ll still not get it right.

    It’s become s micro-managed frustration for fans.

  4. Had anyone bothered to read the article…the cancellation was very disrespectful to veterans.

    He was going on NFLN to promote a program that helps vets become officials.

  5. For the richest Sports league in the world, the NFL certainly has some very poor quality officials and officiating. That is the fault of the Commissioner’s Office #hardtruth

  6. I predict the NFL will be defunct in 10 years. Overpaid athletes and greedy owners will cause this downfall. In the meantime, Congress should strip away all tax advantages for all sports organizations.

  7. The NFL gets tons of money from the military to market recruitment. FOX also gets paid huge sums. Pereira is used to the ad nauseum coverage of the military on FOX and wondering why NFL Network isn’t the same.

    I for one support the military, but do not need my football shows being ads for it. Anyone who watches FOX football broadcasts knows what I am talking about. There is one reason they do this. Money.

  8. zeke2517 says:
    June 13, 2018 at 9:09 am
    Can people stop using veterans as props?

    K thanks.


    Not when our society isn’t allowed to question what we’re doing when it comes to the military without being called unpatriotic.

    Fun fact: I enlisted shortly after 9/11 and we’re still at war. My entire adult life has been spent at war, maybe the military isn’t the solution to the problem. Won’t change though until people stop looking at the military as a holy icon and start looking at it as just one of many tools we have to defend our nation.

  9. you act like Pereira is the only interviewee hawking a charity, they all do it now when they give interviews, it’s just a way to squeeze out another buck.

    American professional sports is really becoming sickening.

  10. He’s a blowhard who doesn’t like the fact that his BS comments have put him on the outside looking in when it comes to the NFL . Using his charity as an excuse to whine about being shunned shows what a low class person he is . The NFL has plenty of issues worthy of criticism but turning away a self serving windbag isn’t one of them .

  11. Whatever anybody thinks about Pereira, for the League to cancel his appearance at the last minute, for a reason that apparently had nothing to do with what he was supposed to be talking about, is another demonstration that those guys can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. We already know that Roger gets paid over $40M to screw up everything he touches. How much do the rest of those stumblebums on Park Avenue get paid?

  12. And for those that don’t think the Department of Defense pours millions of dollars into the NFL you need to check yourself.

    Were you aware before 2009 no players were on the field for National Anthem? The anthem was played before the players returned to the field. Both teams were still in their locker rooms when the anthem was played prior to 2009. No of you cared or noticed. The players were lined up for the anthem starting in 2009 to appear more patriotic. These are some of things the government gets in exchange for it’s millions poured into the NFL.

    Only the facts from me. Sorry if facts bother you.

  13. Well, there’s the rules of the game & then in accordance with the Patriots there’s the adjusting of rules to the game so as to rob them of draft picks & award TD’s to other teams that were previously not allowed….. I can see why they were hesitant to let him speak….. at least till they get it cleared with ROGER & 345 PARK AVE.

    Besides that though, it’s a shame he wasn’t allowed to raise awareness for such a great cause!!!!

  14. I am getting tired of these charitable foundations that are really being used as tax shelters for the wealthy. Pereria travels in private jets, stays in the best hotels, eat the finest meals then writes it all off. The vets who need the help are lucky to 2 cents on the dolor.

  15. Don’t even play anymore just have both teams hire designated debaters go at it midfield Lincoln Douglas style. This game is becoming more and more lame

  16. I would guess the NFL doesn’t want Mike explaining the new helmet rule since he played no part in writing it and may not be the best to interpret it. They want their guys to do it. It would be just as bad as all the explanations from many in the media of what a catch is that have led to all the fan confusion.

  17. Here’s a thought about military. For many years after Vietnam, soldiers were treated very poorly. Now society (except maybe VA medical care) bends over backwards to acknowledge armed forces. Imagine if society would realize it can also happen with things like diversity!

  18. Kudos to NFL Network for doing that.. !! Now if they could just pull the plug on Deion, and Michael Irvin, I’ll renew my subscription to that channel

  19. Mike Pereira looks like he wasn’t too well liked by his peers. He looks like he wouldn’t tell you if your shirt was on fire, an all for me kind of guy.

  20. He’s a guy who used to be a ref, now he just talks about them. And he gets paid a lucrative salary to do so. Insanity. Refs? Are we talkin refs? Best ref is the one you didn’t know was there.

  21. I use the VA. I have dozens of friends and acquaintances who use the VA. It is amongst the best care available on Earth. We happen to have an incredible facility and personnel in our town. However, as has been the case for many years, if I were in another part of the state or in need of specialized care not available at a nearby facility, I can and have gone to private specialists and the VA paid for it. Stop spreading misinformation.

  22. Don’t even play anymore just have both teams hire designated debaters go at it midfield Lincoln Douglas style. This game is becoming more and more lame.

    Could you just imagine the brilliant debates. Order is lowest to highest wonderlic scores. I would definitely be watching that.

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