Phil Savage becomes G.M. of Phoenix AAF franchise


Well, now we may know the reason why Phil Savage exited his job as the the director of Senior Bowl.

The Alliance of American Football has announced that Savage will become the General Manager of the team that will be headquartered in Phoenix.

“Phil’s experience as an NFL coach, scout, player personnel executive and general manager is exactly what is needed to build a championship-caliber team from scratch,” AAF head of football operations J.K. McKay said, via Katherine Fitzgerald of the Arizona Republic.

“Over the course of his career he has shown a knack for identifying top talent, and we look forward to him doing the same here in Phoenix for the Alliance.”

The Phoenix team will be coached by Rick Neuheisel.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Rick, in his hometown of Phoenix, where we will strive to put together a first-class organization and a championship-caliber team,” Savage said. “We’re going to give this city a professional spring football team they will be proud of.”

The AAF, which will begin play in February 2019, has yet to determine how it will go about allocating players. Co-founder Charlie Ebersol addressed that issue, along with various others, during a recent visit to the #PFTPM podcast.

Before becoming director of the Senior Bowl, Savage served as G.M. of the Cleveland Browns.

5 responses to “Phil Savage becomes G.M. of Phoenix AAF franchise

  1. This league has a real chance at succeeding. They aren’t competing with the NFL, and with former NFL executives assembling the talent, the product on the field should be good.

  2. Phil gets tons of hate from his time as GM of the Browns even though the last time they had a winning season… Savage was in charge. I thought he did a good job, would have done better he he been allowed to pick a coaching staff to fit the system he came from.

  3. Now they are dribbling out the names of the GMs? And then they will probably dribble out the actual names of the teams. And then what – dribble out the names of the assistant coaches?

    I get trying to keep your enterprise in the news and on the minds of potential new viewers, but I’m getting to the point where I’m tired of all the dribbling and am finding it difficult to care anymore. I’m probably not the only one.

  4. If there is ever a Jeopardy question that says “He passed on Aaron Rogers with the #3 pick in the 2005 draft to instead draft Charlie Frye in the 3rd round and was the GM who is responsible for over half of the names on the “Browns starting QB” Jersey due to his knee jerk decision making where he signed free agent QB’s then released them after a year” the answer is Phil Savage.

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