Ravens players find Lamar Jackson “amazing to watch”


The Ravens plan to have quarterback Lamar Jackson active on gamedays this fall and they are looking into ways to have him play a bigger role than backup to Joe Flacco.

They have been working on looks that include both quarterbacks at the same time with the intent of getting their best players on the field. To hear Jackson’s teammates talk about it, there’s little question that Jackson will qualify on that front for the Ravens.

Wide receiver Chris Moore declared himself “in awe” of the way Jackson moves around the field and linebacker C.J. Mosley compared Jackson to another playmaker at the quarterback position.

“Once he gets out of the pocket, it’s like watching a young Michael Vick,” Mosley said, via ESPN.com. “It’s amazing to watch. When you’re defending him, you just have to act like you’re tagging off — you don’t want to be on the highlight reel. … It’s fun to watch him. It’s good to see him out there making plays and being comfortable.”

Mosley said the defense has had trouble defending the plays featuring both quarterbacks and thinks they can work as long as Flacco isn’t “doing too much running.” Mosley also acknowledges that the team doesn’t “really know it’s going to work until we put it out there” and, should it work, one wonders how often the Ravens could go to that well before people begin to wonder why Jackson just isn’t on the field every play.

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  1. Joe Flacco is the definition of having a career year at the right time. They haven’t been relevant since he signed that contract.

  2. Hopefully Jackson will replace Flacco sooner than later. I’ve always thought that Flacco was highly overrated and was a marginal QB at best. (He’s sort of the modern-day Daunte Culpepper–he had one good year and never came close to repeating that again.) Jackson will be a breath of fresh air. He was great to watch in college, and I hope he’ll be equally exciting in the NFL.

  3. Pink Floyd told Syd Barrett that they were bringing in David Gilmour because they wanted to explore a two-guitar sound. Then, once David had learned all of Syd’s parts, they kicked Syd out. Not that I’m drawing any parallels or anything.

  4. They were pretty relevant in 2014 when Kubiak ran the offense and they were up by 14 on the eventual SB champs that year in the Divisional round until the defense gave it away in New England.

  5. Lamar Jackson is perfect for the city of Baltimore. They will rally around him. Flacco is a loss to the Browns away from never starting a game
    In the NFL again, and I think it’s going to happen this season.

  6. As much as everyone wants him to start, the cap money tied up in flacCo along w LJ needng some time to develop means the smart move is to make flacco start and then next year turn to LG w RGME as the backup. Let flacco earn his last year and hope for a playoff berth. LJ will be more than ready next year.

  7. How about we fans and media just be patient and see how it goes.

    The whole make a preseason declaration and dig in and refuse to change dispute what actually happens on the field of play.

    That very impatience to me is what killed quality sports talk about 15 to 20 years ago. That and fans don’t have any respect for other fan bases or teams anymore. That too has killed quality sports talk. Now it’s just low brow monkey poo flinging that you see with wrestling.

  8. I was hoping for 2 years on the bench but cap numbers rule the world. That means 1 more year for Flacco before he becomes too expensive to keep.

  9. Two quarterbacks on the field at the same time? Oh my, how revolutionary! While they’re at it, how about Chris Moore at TE, Ricard at WR, Jimmy Smith at FB with that package? Jeez, let Jackson be a QB

  10. Just wait until these QBs start playing after a few years, it’s going to sting even worse for the Browns because he’s not only in the division, but he’s with the old version of their team.

  11. I’m sure Flacco loves hearing this. Jumpball Joe is probably having a meltdown. I expect him to have a terrible year and spend a good deal of it pouting on the sidelines while Jackson is playing.

  12. Jackson has all the tools to become a Franchise QB. Afte Allen, Jackson was the next best NFL QB in this years Draft.

  13. camsbiggestfan says:
    June 13, 2018 at 10:53 am
    The Cowboys should have drafted Lamar Jackson when they had the chance. He’s going to be a solid and exciting pro
    Kind of like Dak? where do you people come from…

  14. If Ravens are smart, they’ll train Jackson on how to work as a pocket QB. Everything outside of that will flow naturally from his talent and athleticism.

  15. silvernblacksabbath says:
    June 13, 2018 at 8:31 am

    I’d rather win than be in ‘awe’. lol What did Vick win???

    When has a qb ever won without a team? The team wins, not the player.
    Unless you mean to tell me bortles is a top 4 qb because his team finished top 4?

  16. Michael LaRocca, Business Editor says:
    June 13, 2018 at 8:26 am
    Pink Floyd told Syd Barrett that they were bringing in David Gilmour because they wanted to explore a two-guitar sound. Then, once David had learned all of Syd’s parts, they kicked Syd out. Not that I’m drawing any parallels or anything.
    You have no clue what you are talking about…..

  17. I have been saying for years that a team who can rotate between two competent QB’s would have a competitive edge if done right. You can switch from game to game or you can swap them out depending on the game script as it develops. As long as you let your QB’s know that from the jump you should be able to work around the “confidence issues” it could cause. Winning games is fun.

  18. If both quarterbacks are on the field, it is most likely a pass play because they are not going to turn one of them into a running back. If Flacco is not throwing the ball, then they have one fewer receiver or running back who can pick up the blitz.

  19. I think it is amazing that the guy got drafted. He didn’t show me much with his arm. He could run like the wind though. Another guy who could run? Kaepernick. Dont think Kaepernick is out of football because he is an SJW. Kaepernick is out of football because he couldn’t throw once defenses figure out how to stop the read option system.

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