Robert Kraft calls Gronkowski trade rumor “hogwash”


On Friday, rumors became rampant of a potential trade that would have sent Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to the 49ers or the Titans or, really, anywhere but New England. On Tuesday, to the extent that the widely-debunked rumor needed another coat of debunking, the man who reportedly blocked the deal went on the record.

“When you’re team is good, people are looking for things,” team owner Robert Kraft said Tuesday at the annual Myra Kraft Community MVP. “I’ll just tell you it’s a bunch of hogwash that I vetoed some trade [involving Gronkowski]. That was never in the works. It’s just completely made up . . . and I think we have to be careful in society, people just can’t come out and say things. This bit about us trading Gronk to the 49ers or Tennessee, there’s no basis to it and it gets a life of its own. I just want to go on record to make sure you all understand there’s no truth to that.”

Few if any believed the bizarrely specific report that: (1) the trade offers were on the table from San Francisco and Nashville; (2) coach Bill Belichick wanted to proceed; (3) quarterback Tom Brady responded to the news by threatening to retire; and (4) Kraft stepped in and put the kibosh on the transaction. To the extent anyone did, they now shouldn’t.

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  1. If Billy B gets a good offer for the meathead he will be dealt, he will tell Kraft to keep quiet & go back to his office.

  2. At no point did Gronk (or Brady etc) ever say they wanted trading, at no point did they ever say they weren’t having fun, at no point did they ever state anything negative about BB or his work ethic, at no point did BB say any thing negative about them, nor Kraft about them or BB. Gronk wasn’t at all the recent voluntary team stuff but to compensate took part in Brady’s two extra voluntary passing camps at Foxboro both weeks ago and just before the team meet. (Extra camps on top of BB’s supposed too-hard work ethic).

    All the nonsense claims come from the latest in a long line of bitter wishful thinkings from the salty mountain of hate, further massaged and sometimes invented* by an ever hopeful but baseless media narrative and churned into a constant supply of clickbait.

    *eg- media wondered if Brady was pissed at BB to the point where Kraft had to mediate. Kraft said he wasn’t aware of any problem but always has talks after the season and had spoke with both (but didn’t even say “together”). This was widely misreported as Kraft having to sit both guys down – together – on some naughty step and sort them out. #narrative-over-facts.

  3. Isn’t this the guy who gladly accepted the deflategate punishment and then swore nothing ever happened?

  4. Gronk started the rumor in hopes he would get a raise … or get traded, and then get an even bigger raise.

  5. Maybe I’m being naive here, I get that he’s a business owner and doesn’t want wildfires….but Kraft, if nothing else, has always struck me as a pretty genuine dude. I can believe that he might not tell us everything, but I don’t really see him lying outright. I think Goodell did him foul with that whole Deflategate wink-and-a-handshake deal at the owner’s meetings, and Kraft truly thought Goodell would call the dogs off of Brady if he took a team punishment instead. I don’t know, again, I might be naive, but he just doesn’t seem the least bit disingenuous, he seems like a good-hearted man, in my honest opinion.

  6. terripet says:
    June 13, 2018 at 7:04 am
    Liars lie cheaters cheat welcome to New England
    & those who have NOTHING to look forward to AGAIN from their favorite team can only find pleasure by blaming the Patriots for their teams CONTINUOUS FAILURE to compete….welcome to the fan bases of most every other team NOT called NEW ENGLAND

  7. In the deluge of stories about how Friday was going to be the big day for all this Gronk stuff, none of them remarked that on Friday Bill Belichick was on vacation in NYC with his girlfriend.

  8. This is for Terripet: life Is about choices, I find it very interesting that you choose to spend your time on Patriots sites, what does that say about you? My take is pure JEALOUSY of the Pats, sinne they own your team the Colts!
    Go Red Sox!

  9. takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikeababy says:
    June 13, 2018 at 8:06 am
    Isn’t this the guy who gladly accepted the deflategate punishment and then swore nothing ever happened?


    No, it’s the guy that called out the Wells Report by prepping a Counter Report in advance of the Wells Cheating Report being released.

    Talk to cheater John Mara who called Kraft and all but told him he had to accept the punishment and to stand down, and that the ship already sailed on the decision to frame and cheat the Pats.

    Facts are good.

    Lies and regurgitating those lies = BAD

  10. An Indy fan who spends more time posting to Patriots threads than he does watching his own team just can’t get the image out of his head of Luck spending the bulk of another year on the injury list or, worse, playing in multiple interception games.

  11. If it’s hogwash, why are other GMs confirming the Pats made Gronk trade calls 3 days before the draft?

  12. purpleguy says:

    June 13, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    If it’s hogwash, why are other GMs confirming the Pats made Gronk trade calls 3 days before the draft?


    Because Kraft is talking about the story that this was all going down LAST WEEK. Understand now?

  13. OK, I admit it. I started the rumor. I wanted to add some Steelers-like drama to NE.

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