Ryan Grigson joins the Seahawks

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Six years after becoming the successor to Bill Polian as General Manager of the Colts, Ryan Grigson has entered the “bouncing around the league” stage of his career.

Last season, Grigson worked for the Browns. This season, he’ll work for the Seahawks.

Agent Buddy Baker announced on Twitter that Grigson will be working with Seattle G.M. John Schneider, in an unspecified role. Grigson is not yet listed on the page of the team’s official website that specifies the persons who hold the various jobs in football operations.

When getting the job in Indy after the 2011 season, Grigson fell into the first overall pick in the draft, with Andrew Luck the consensus No. 1 choice. But Girgson otherwise did a poor job of putting talent around Luck, using for example a first-round pick on failed pass rusher Bjeorn Werner and sending a first-round pick to Cleveland for failed running back Trent Richardson. Finally fired after the 2016 season, Grigson left a largely empty cupboard, one made weaker by the injuries suffered by Luck behind an offensive line not nearly good enough to protect him.

In addition to winning few friends with his performance, Grigson made plenty of enemies, including former Colts punter Pat McAfee, who has made no secret of his disdain for Grigson and his interpersonal style.

Grigson has since admitted to flaws regarding his (in)ability to work and play well with others.

“What I really think that I wasn’t able to ever do in that time I was there was really get to be a human at times,” Grigson said in April regarding his tenure with the Colts. “I hunkered down and just was laser focused. I probably should have pressed pause and took some time to breathe for a second and communicate better to let people in more.”

The Seahawks, a team that needs all the help it can get as it restocks a roster depleted by the departure of several key veterans, apparently see enough good in Grigson to give him another chance, even though Schneider’s former Green Bay colleague (current Browns G.M. John Dorsey), decided in roughly a month on the job that Grigson didn’t have a place in Cleveland.

40 responses to “Ryan Grigson joins the Seahawks

  1. Seahawks better brace themselves – if this guy is in any position of authority whatsoever they are in for a rough ride to the bottom.

  2. Starting to think Scott McCullin had a lot to do with their previous success in Seattle.

  3. Laser focused on drafting and signing players that wouldn’t be with the team in 3 years. He was handed Luck, he deserves credit for TY Hilton and he was basically forced into Ryan Kelly as public outcry to protect Luck gained critical mass.

    Other than that, not much left but scorched earth from his time in Indy.

  4. Its never good when your initial reaction is “oh no”!

    Not gonna lie, not diggin this news. Oh well, out of my control.

    Go Hawks!

  5. The only thing funniest than the Hawks bringing this loser aboard was watching the readers over at Fieldgulls website trying to convince themselves this guys a good talent evaluator and a good hire… Bringing one of the worst talent evaluators in recent NFL aboard a rebuild team to try and “improve” them, absolutely hilarious.

  6. I know now that the Seahawks have hit rock bottom. Wasn’t Grigson the one that played the shell game with the Browns and lost? He gave up a #1 draft pick for Trent Richardson.

  7. Evaluation aside, he is one of the worst people in the NFL. Very few people like this guy. But truthfully, this type of thing goes on often in the NFL. This is basically a “favor” because they share the same agent. He will essentially get paid 6 figures to do…NOTHING. He won’t have to sit in draft meetings. He won’t have to evaluate. He will have the luxury of sitting in meetings and listening to the people who have done the work to actually talk about them. He will get paid 6 figures to literally do nothing! And his brother Dru isn’t very well liked in Arizona either

  8. Who ever said the Seahawks were smart. A once good football team – yes, smart – not so much.

  9. >>Grigson has since admitted to flaws regarding his (in)ability to work and play well with others.

    If you are a jerk then you need compensating qualities, such as being a pro-bowl QB, a multiple SB winning head coach, or an amazing evaluator of talent.

    Grigson is none of these.

    Why was he hired?

  10. How does this guy continue to get jobs? He’s about as qualified as Helen Keller. In fact, she could have probably done a better job than this idiot. Maybe it’s like a previous poster said–he’ll be highly-paid to empty trash cans and make coffee. If they let this guy make any decisions they haven’t been paying attention to what he did at his previous jobs. This guy is pathetic.

  11. In defense of Grigson if it wasn’t for him they would not be proudly displaying their ‘AFC Playoff Participant’ banner.

    He was the architect of that Playoff Participant.

  12. Relax guys, I hear they signed him because they thought he can play offensive line.

  13. He helped turn the Browns from a one-win team to a zero-win team after nearly destroying the Indianapolis Colts. He shouldn’t be working in football at all. He’s incompetent.

  14. The Seahawks have undertaken the philosophy of George Kastanza. If he says to do something; they will “do the opposite”.

  15. minnesotablizzard says:
    June 13, 2018 at 2:29 pm
    How does this dude keep getting NFL gigs? You can literally see the ego oozing out of him in every single picture or interview.

    To keep him from going public about deflategate. It’s not impossible that details of that scam could be useful in say, a collusion case?

  16. I really don’t understand the Grigson bashing, other than from Patriots’ fans, and there are plenty of influential Patriots’ fans working in the football media. Ryan Grigson inherited a 2-14 team from Bill Polian, and Grigson’s Colts went 49-31 over the five years he was there, never having a losing season. He was even awarded an Executive of the Year title. There were several teams that would have taken RG3 over Andrew Luck, so it was far from a consensus. Even when Luck was injured, Grigson’s Colts were always in the hunt. The first year without Grigson, the Colts went 4-12, but the new GM inherited an 8-8 team. Grigson inherited a 2-14 team and was 11-5 his first season, with a rookie QB. It doesn’t appear that the Grigson bashing has a lot to do with his ability as a GM. I thought he was outstanding, but I’m going by the won/loss record.

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