CFL has its eyes on Mexico


The Canadian Football League hasn’t expanded its revenues in five years. If the CFL’s Commissioner has his way, the league will double in size within 10.

One idea? Infiltrate Mexico.

There are [over] 100 million fans in Mexico,” Commissioner Randy Ambrosie told the Vancouver Sun. “We have to stop thinking small. I think that’s part of what’s happened to us. We’ve been small and we have to think big. Part of that is reaching out to the international community. That, to me, is part of building the CFL on a more ambitious platform.”

It’s unclear whether the CFL would play games in Mexico or put a team there. The NFL currently plays one game per year in Mexico City.

In the early 1990s, the CFL placed several teams in the United States, including a franchise originally known as the “Baltimore Colts,” before a legal challenge by the NFL resulted in the team being called the Baltimore Stallions. The experiment ended after only a couple of years.

The CFL currently has nine teams.

27 responses to “CFL has its eyes on Mexico

  1. A league called the “Canadian” Football League, having a team in Mexico makes so much sense. ..Sarcasm..

  2. Fine. Put 3 CM(Canadian/Mexican)FL teams in Mexico. After that they can put 3 teams in Europe and it can be the CME(Canadian/European/Mexican)FL. 3 divisions with 1 Mexican, 1 European and 3 Canadian teams each.

    3 Division winners and 3 Wild card teams make the playoffs, 2 top division winners get a bye.

    Then the NFL can stay in the United States for all it’s games and not have to bother with going to England or Mexico.

  3. Idk how I feel viability wise for a Canadian league having teams in Mexico, but I could see them putting 2-3 teams in the US where there’s a market. Price is for the average family. It’s a fun passing league, I could see it do well

  4. CFL should change its name to Continental Football League to attract cities such as Boise, Helena, Fargo, etc in addition to cities in Mexico. Great potential for player development.

  5. And seeing as Roger Goodell and certain submissive owners have sworn a loyalty oath to Trump, you can bet Mexico will relish putting out a welcome mat for the Canadian Football League!

    That’s not to say the NFL team is unwelcome in Mexico.

    It’s just that any American players need to realize that if their children accompany them going to Mexico, the government there reserves the right to take them away from their parents and put the kids in concentration camps.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  6. 1995 Grey Cup Champions: Baltimore CFL Colts/Stallions, bay-bee! Best drawing team in the CFL in 1994-95. If the Browns hadn’t moved to Baltimore the CFLs/Stallions would still be here.

  7. Terrible!!!!

    The problem is the on the field product. Anyone who thinks you should be able to challenge penalties watch 1 CFL game and you’ll see how dumb it is.

    Also they play more games than the NFL. That’s right, 9 teams play 18 games… Dumb!

    And finally they go head to head against the NFL for the final 8 weeks of the year. Not only is this dumb, but a league predicated on passing plays 90% of playoff games in snow. So basically the regular season is a joke with 6 of the 9 teams making the playoffs after 18 games. Then they play a completely different game in the playoffs and basically no one is happy.

  8. Come on Mike! He was talking about expanding VIEWERSHIP. The league’s U.S. incursion was acknowledged as a disastrous failure, and there are no plans to repeat that. Part of the problem is that there is a Canadian content requirement for rosters — which aren’t enforceable outside Canada. So this put Canadian-based teams at a big disadvantage, in the Canadian league.

  9. Umm, no they don’t. They might play a game, but no ones putting a team in that mafia/cartel infested cesspool.

  10. The CFL could have succeeded in the USA had they been patient and not had their feelings hurt when an American team won the Grey Cup so quickly. I was a Shreveport Pirates season ticket holder. Their team was bad. The ownership was alienating to the locals. Yet, the fan base was finally starting to grow. Then the unthinkable happened; an American team won the Grey Cup. The Canadians took their ball and went home.

    CFL style football is a lot of fun to watch. It could succeed anywhere American football is popular. But you can’t just give up and quit after three years.

  11. j0esixpack says:

    It’s just that any American players need to realize that if their children accompany them going to Mexico, the government there reserves the right to take them away from their parents and put the kids in concentration camps.


    As the players would not be entering the country illegally, they would not have to worry about having their kids taken away.

    Once again, the left doesn’t understand the real issues. They just obfuscate constantly.

  12. cfl should expand already. united states probably will take them again. and it sure as hell beats watching the cesspool tha has become the national felons league.

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