Cowboys lack a true No. 1 receiver but insist that doesn’t matter


Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott recently said he doesn’t know “if any team in the league necessarily needs a No. 1 receiver.” He better hope the Cowboys don’t need one.

Dallas released Dez Bryant, leaving them minus a feature wideout.

Even in the two seasons Prescott played with Bryant, though, Bryant never had a 1,000-yard season. In fact, Cole Beasley was the team’s leading receiver in 2016.

The Cowboys insist their lack of a No. 1 receiver is overblown.

“As far as this locker, to ourselves or in the meeting rooms, we don’t talk about that at all,” said receiver Allen Hurns, who signed with the Cowboys as a free agent. “The main thing for us is we come in and compete and try to earn our job. I feel like we’ve got a lot of guys who’ve got to come in and prove ourselves regardless. It’s motivation, but that’s not our main motivation. Our main motivation is to come in and be great. Me, I’m not coming off my best year. That’s the same with Beas. He didn’t have his best year last year. Same with TWill [Terrance Williams] and Tavon [Austin]. The list goes on. We’re not coming off our best year. Being young guys coming into the league, you’ve got something to prove. That’s not our main motivation, but it does add fuel to the fire.”

The Cowboys’ projected top-six receivers have one 1,000-yard season among them. Hurns, Deonte Thompson, Beasley, Williams, Noah Brown and third-round pick Michael Gallup have combined for 754 receptions for 9,692 yards and 65 touchdowns. (Austin, who will play receiver and running back, has 194 receptions for 1,689 yards and 12 touchdowns in his career.)

Chances are the Cowboys won’t have a 1,000-yard receiver for the fourth consecutive season. They have not had one since Bryant earned All-Pro honors with 1,320 receiving yards in 2014.

Prescott likes spreading the ball around and figures to do that again this season.

“Depending on what offense we’re in, a lot of people could be No. 1,” Beasley said. “It just depends on what you’re doing. You spread the ball around. It really doesn’t matter. Even with a No. 1, I feel like the balls should be spread anyway. We’ll see. I definitely don’t think it has to be like that, no.”

15 responses to “Cowboys lack a true No. 1 receiver but insist that doesn’t matter

  1. Cue the people that say we shouldn’t have cut Dez even though he didn’t have a 1,000 used season, the season before Dak arrived.

    All these teams with true number #1 WRs… how many of those true #1 cap space eating WRs have championship rings? Antonio Brown? Julio Jones? Odell Beckham? AJ Green? Randy Moss? Megatron? TO?

    I’ll wait.

  2. Really what does it mean to be the #1 receiver? If a #1 draws double coverage the #2 needs to get open, or the slot receiver etc. no matter who is doubled, the others need to find space. I think the better your running game is, and the better your QB distributes the ball ( remember the tight ends and RB’s can catch) the less likely you are to see a thousand yard receiver. I agree it’s no big deal to not have a#1 but you need good hands on all your skill position receivers.

  3. One might argue they’ve been without a number one WR for the past few years.

  4. Jared Goff threw for 3804 yards last season over 15-games (the Rams held him out of the last game). Over 16-games, based on his per game average, he would have finished the season with 4057 yards and THAT should be Prescott’s goal… 4000 yards which would put him at the bottom of the Top-10. If he can do that, he won’t have to worry about not having a WR1 because those yards would be spread out among several players which would make it harder for defenses to pick which player to take away from them. In that case, it wouldn’t matter because he’d still have several other viable options he could pick your defense apart with.

  5. The Danish Ham, Dak, is so inept that he could have the best wide receivers available and he’d still not be able to defeat a pass rush. Repeatedly this clown has been exposed as a running back who has marginal passing skills. Defenses don’t fear his passing – only his running – and when you just control the Bearded Woman Beater to 125 yards or less, he won’t beat you. Allowing the Danish Ham to run will hurt because he gets yards there that he KNOWS he cannot earn passing the ball.

  6. officialgame says:
    June 14, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    When he coached the Eagles Andy Reid said the same thing. And you know what, he was proved wrong, it matters.

    game: actually doug peterson would tell you otherwise. and belichick the year before. and about half or more of the past ten super bowl winners didn’t have the big time #1 wideout….

  7. vikings1234 says:

    Don’t blame the owner, blame the GM.
    I have a great idea, when Dak’s contract is up lets give him an 83 million dollar ALL GUARANTEED extension like someone did this offseason……….hmmmmm!

  8. Dak made JJ watts & other great defenders look weak & foolish escaping big hits & grasps to make big plays
    So you trolling him as not being able to play through the pass rush is as erroneous as it gets

    Prescott performs better under pressure than not

    It’s when he’s blindsided in under 2 secs (via Green or Bell), after losing 2 starters from 2016 O line & no Zeke to help stop the pass rush, with a regressed Dez etc

    Yeah, put it all on 2nd year HC,
    OC, QB coach, & QB, (ALL N 1) Dak Prescott
    It’s his fault

    But, now he can trust in WR’s who will be at a designed spot,
    (even Beasley 2days ago, just admitted learning route trees after being in the league)
    He can again trust in an upgraded O line,
    He has Zeke back, & several receivers that can’t be schemed against early on due to being in Dallas’s personnel
    for the very first time
    & new coaches with fresher ideals

    So Dallas just might have their true #1 & 2 receivers on deck already
    However undisclosed / discovered afterall
    Would be nice
    Plus I agree, their #1 WR they just released wasn’t gettin as much doubleteams any longer & when he did the #2 & 3’s were getting open

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