Deshaun Watson: “The knee is doing good”


Texans coach Bill O’Brien seemed surprised that quarterback Deshaun Watson showed up for practice yesterday without a knee brace.

Watson seemed pretty matter-of-fact about it, declaring himself recovered from the torn right ACL he suffered last November.

The knee is doing good,” Watson said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “For the nine-week goal we put in from the beginning [of the offseason program], I’m pretty much where I wanted to be. Kind of passed it inside in the weight room, mentally and also on the field, so everything’s going smoothly right now.”

Watson has participated in the Texans offseason program and OTAs and this week’s minicamp (though he was held out of team drills). He was initially wearing a knee brace, but replaced it with a sleeve last week, and then discarded the sleeve.

“I’m not really surprised,” he said of his rehab. “I kind of knew where I was going to be because I put the time in the work in every morning. I’ve just been grinding. I’m right where I need to be and where I want to be.”

That has the Texans back on track for where they want to be, before Watson’s injury derailed their season. He threw for 1,699 yards and 19 touchdowns in the seven games he played.

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  1. Living in SC I’ve watched this guy for five years. I was stunned he dropped as far as he did in the draft, but I never thought he’d be this good. Hoping the knee injury does not derail his promising future. He’s fun to watch and just an all around good human being, this Panther’s fan is cheering for him.

  2. think-182 says:
    June 14, 2018 at 6:03 am

    {“He’ll have a better career than Brady, Brees and Rodgers combined, he’s Michael Jordan”.

    Who named you captain of the Good Ship Lollipop? Try tapering your expectations before putting the hex on the kid”.

  3. “Dude put that brace back on and slow yourself down lol, so that way you will be in it for the long run.”

    Playing like you’re scared to hurt yourself is a great way to hurt yourself.

  4. “rageviral says:
    June 14, 2018 at 8:54 am

    And what was their record in those 7 games? Yeah 3-4.”

    And you’ll tell us when that can be laid at Watson’s feet…right?

  5. A healthy Watson and a healthy defense should put the rest of the AFC South on notice.

  6. danbo3330 says:
    June 14, 2018 at 9:02 am
    “rageviral says:
    June 14, 2018 at 8:54 am

    And what was their record in those 7 games? Yeah 3-4.”

    And you’ll tell us when that can be laid at Watson’s feet…right?

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    so he can take all the wins, but not the losses? doesnt work both ways.

  7. Nobody in the AFC south is scared of this poor mans RG3, not in the least.

  8. but the texans, aka the franchise thats name and logo leads you to believe it was created in madden 05 by a 12 year old, are doing BAD

  9. I don’t watch college football but did see Deshaun Watson in the bowl game and was hoping that the Bills drafted him because he was clutch on the biggest stage of college football, then I fell into the pre draft pundit noise about him not being that good for the pro game and then the kid goes out and throws for 300 yards and 4 tds every game when he got on the field before that unfortunate injury. I like his attitude and hope that he can continue where he left off last season, the leauge needs as many good QB’s as it can find because the top ones now are aging out.

  10. I was at the Seahawks-Texans game last year, and I can tell you how unbelievably impressive he was in that game. He had a couple of INTs that he shouldn’t have thrown, but for a rookie QB to go into the loudest stadium in the NFL and almost pull off the upset of the Seahawks, it was incredible. Everything that the draft “experts” cited as reasons for why he wouldn’t be successful in the NFL – lack of arm strength, inability to read defenses, etc has been proven completely inaccurate. This guy is the real deal and I’m pretty excited to have him back on my team.

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