Former Cowboys cheerleader sues over unpaid wages

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Many former NFL cheerleaders have filed lawsuits in recent years regarding the alleged failure of teams to pay fair and proper wages. And NFL teams nevertheless allegedly continue to fail to pay fair and proper wages to cheerleaders.

Via the Associated Press, former Cowboys cheerleader Erica Wilkins has filed suit seeking “unpaid overtime wages, minimum wages, and all other available damages” for the period covering 2014 through 2017.

The lawsuit also alleges that Wilkins had a standard pay rate of $8 per hours, and that the team’s male mascot made $25 per hour.

In other cases filed by cheerleaders against other NFL teams, the deficiencies often arose from cheerleaders not being paid for time that technically constitutes work, and from not being paid time-and-a-half for work hours in excess of 40 per week. Making the claims against the Cowboys more surprising is the fact that the Cowboys and all teams have been placed on notice for several years that some teams have failed to properly compensate these employees.

11 responses to “Former Cowboys cheerleader sues over unpaid wages

  1. Guess the hopes of finding a rich Sports loving fan, wanting to lure a “cheerleader”, didn’t pan out. Therefore I must sue for not getting the sugar daddy my companions managed to tag.

  2. Wow!! A cheerleader getting $8 an hour versus some dude in a
    costume making $25 an hour. That’s crazy!! Without sounding
    misogynist, I’d much rather see the cheerleader over the mascot.
    Even if the mascot was in a cheerleader’s outfit. lol

    But seriously, just another case of the rich getting richer and
    the poor getting poorer. A lot of these stadiums being built are
    being done so with tax payers money as well!! I swear, if the 99%
    don’t wake up, start getting mad and do something, anything! The 1%er’s are
    going to have it all!! You think the world/society is crazy now?

  3. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are iconic and very much part of the history of the team – probably more so than the mascot.

    Whilst it isn’t for me to dictate what a fair wage is for a professional cheerleader, any employee is definitely entitled to be paid for additional time they have worked at the set pay rate their contract stipulates.

  4. Comparing the pay rate of a female cheerleader to the teams male mascot is apples to oranges. A much better comparison would be to compare what the female cheerleaders make compared to the male cheerleaders

  5. Jerry builds a $1 BILLION dollar stadium and pays these ladies $8 an hour?

    First team I think of when NFL cheerleaders come up is the Dallas Cowboys. They have been for years yet they don’t get much more than minimum wage?

    And say what you want about them just being ‘eye candy’. They are part of the NFL experience and should be compensated accordingly.

  6. Did the terms of the job change after she was employed? If you take a job that pays $8 per hour, you shouldn’t complain years later that you only make $8 per hour. Not saying they should’t make more, but if that’s what was offered and you took it, too bad.

  7. I’d be willing to bet if they made it an unpaid job there will still be plenty of females lining up to join. If the claims she made are true then she should be compensated accordingly. Eventually it will get to the point where all NFL teams will just forget about having a cheerleading squad and replace them with computer animation or robots.

    I doubt most of these ladies become cheerleaders for the money. After all, I believe most of them have full-time jobs. I’m sure they make good money for appearance fees not to mention all the publicity they get. I’m sure they love that.

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