Giants practice scuffle escalated quickly, helmet swung


The Giants spent a lot of resources on new offensive linemen this offseason, so rookie coach Pat Shurmur couldn’t have been pleased when one of them nearly got brained and another one limped off after a practice scuffle that got out of hand.

Via Jordan Raanan of, the incident between defensive tackle Damon Harrison and second-round pick Will Hernandez got out of control, with Harrison pulling the rookie’s helmet off and swinging it at him.

Fortunately, Harrison missed, but there was nearly some collateral damage.

Left tackle Nate Solder, the big-money free agent pickup, walked away from the scrum with a limp after being rolled up on by a teammate. Solder said his knee “hurt a little bit,” though Shurmur said on the field he was told Solder was “fine.”

“It has been very competitive the whole camp and there are certain things that we certainly can’t do,” Shurmur said of the fight. “We get them out of the drill and try to settle them down. That happens. It’s very competitive up there.

“Will Hernandez is a very competitive guy, and they just kind of butted heads.”

Hernandez is fortunate he still has his.

Practice fights are the kind of things some coaches will tolerate, but this one clearly crossed a line, and Shurmur was smart to get it broken up quickly.

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  1. Atta boy Will. Regardless of all the thumbs down you keep doing what you’re doing. When an Oline can get inside the head of a Dlineman that’s half the battle you won already. Just kick ass and don’t even take names. Enjoy moving people against their will 👍

  2. Not good… Nothing wrong with a scuffle in practice but swinging helmets and rolling into a teammates knee? There needs to be better control, mainly from the players

  3. “Breaking it up” really doesn’t do much to discourage it from happening again…
    Why allow a place for stupidity in your practices? Maybe next time the helmet swing connects or Solder has his leg at a slightly less forgiving angle.

  4. Something tells me that Will H will be getting into many more “scrums”. This is getting common for him in the little time since we lucked out and got him in the 2nd. Great pick by the Giants. Snacks, please dont swing helmets dude.

  5. It happens, yes even the swinging of the helmet. These two guys are warriors and they’ll probably end up really good friends by tomorrow. If you’ve played the sport at a high level, you know how things get when it’s hot outside and the only people you can hit are your teammates.

  6. After talking about hitting Barkley, it seems that Snacks needs to be reminded that hurting his teammates is detrimental to the team’s success.

  7. Will has had several scuffles since minicamp/OTAs started. Keep in mind, they’re aren’t even inputs yet. Ive been in the League as a player and coach. This is a case of typical overzealous rookie, trying to prove his toughness while in underwear. One thing every pro must learn is how to practice. Will will learn how to practice soon enough

  8. another year, another undisciplined Giants team. there’s a reason they haven’t sniffed the playoffs since they fired Coach Coughlin. #4-12

  9. @youngnoize com
    I know for a fact that I have not played any sport at a high level,and I also doubt you have either. That make any sense?

  10. On the earlier story about Hernandez starting fights with teammates, I made a comment suggesting that may not be the ideal approach to team building. I got a lot of thumbs down but I haven’t seen anything yet to suggest that I was wrong. Fighting in practice is something that can happen from time to time but when it’s the same guy starting it every time, you have a guy who is a problem, not a warrior.

  11. You don’t get to the NFL by going 70%. The reality will always be that elite athletes are highly competitive, and sometimes will go too far in the heat of the moment. It isn’t desirable, but neither is it indicative of a team chemistry problem. Lucky all around that nobody got seriously hurt, otherwise nothing to see here.

  12. amaf21 says:
    June 14, 2018 at 3:09 pm
    another year, another undisciplined Giants team. there’s a reason they haven’t sniffed the playoffs since they fired Coach Coughlin. #4

    they went to the WC in McAdoo’s 1st year

  13. Who says Harrison would win the fight?

    Only people who have never been in one. Plenty of 210lb guys can knock the crap out of people that weigh more and even have black belts.

    It’s the size of the fight in the dog. Always has been, always will be.

  14. Now, I love Snacks, but that DL better not mess with Hernandez – the dude could rack up a heavy MMA record if he decided to go that route. Still, you just get that “Giants jinx” feeling and hope the knee is nothing to be concerned about with Solder – lots of bucks invested there & you hate to see him be an observer this year if damage was done in the fight

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