Patrick Peterson will get more varied role in Steve Wilks’ defense

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After spending most of his first seven years shadowing the opponent’s top wideout, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson‘s job is changing in new coach Steve Wilks’ defense. Peterson still will play some press coverage against the league’s top receivers, but he also will play off the ball and blitz, too.

“Over the last seven years, everyone who played against me knew exactly what I was going to be in,” Peterson said, via Kyle Odegard of the team website. “When they come here and play in Arizona, nine times out of ten we didn’t see what they ran in the previous game plan. “It was always a lot of motions and a lot of stacks to get my hands off [the No. 1 wideout]. Now they have to play a little bit more honest to where I’m still going to be in a little bit of press, but now my game has evolved into playing off the ball as well.”

Peterson made only one interception last season and has only six over the past three seasons. He had seven in 2012. Peterson also has not had more than eight pass breakups in any of the past four seasons.

Teams no longer have a desire to test the seven-time Pro Bowler.

“I was an artist at taking No. 1 receivers out of the game, and I was pretty damn good at it,” Peterson said.

The Cardinals are trying to find a way to allow Peterson to make more plays.

“I’m looking to make a ton of plays this year,” he said. “I’m looking to start jumping routes now. I’m looking to be a little bit more aggressive off the ball, and be the same as I am when I’m in the receiver’s face.”

11 responses to “Patrick Peterson will get more varied role in Steve Wilks’ defense

  1. QB’s just dont throw at Peterson much anymore because his coverage is that good and they just dont want to take that chance, via Pro Football Focus he was again the least thrown at corner allowing the least receptions per coverage snap so I like the fact that Wilks will be getting more creative in how they deploy and use Patrick Peterson. Peterson’s extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands, anything they can do to maximize his chances of getting his hands on the ball will only help the Cardinals.

  2. 1 interception and 8 pass defenses…or 1 interception and 15 pass defenses in one fewer game…which is better? Shaq Griffin > Patrick Peterson…

    In his first season…that’s why Sherman got cut…he’s already better than any player on Arizona’s roster.

  3. Lol at calling himself an “artist” at shutting down #1s…I go to a handful of Cards games out here and I watch PP through the entire play: he is constantly out of position with terrible technique but his athleticism saves him. Plus when he does give up plays, they’re always big ones (first downs and touchdowns). And he’s possibly one of the worst run defenders in football…he just doesn’t try hard to tackle running backs. Like I said, he’s more overrated than Arians was. Not a difference maker at all.

  4. kamthechancellor says:
    Lol at calling himself an “artist” at shutting down #1s…I go to a handful of Cards games out here and I watch PP through the entire play

    No wonder you sound so frustrated. If you’re going to games in Seattle, you’re used to seeing Seattle routinely lose to the Cardinals.

  5. I live in Phx genius…how else would I be able to go to a “handful of games” and watch Peterson? Reading is fundamental. So glad the teachers got a raise down here because you guys need help.

  6. Shaq Griffin was getting burnt left and right every time i turned on a Sea Chickens game. Teams targeted him a ton so he has more chances to make a play on the ball. Lol PP is not even a difference maker? That is why his peers have him rated #21 in the NFL, you know, the guys who ACTUALLY play football.

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