Randy Fichtner: Mason Rudolph’s “been everything we’ve asked”


The Steelers wrapped up minicamp on Thursday, but the team’s rookies will be sticking around for a little more work before breaking the middle of next week.

That means a little more time for third-round pick Mason Rudolph to work with the team’s coaches, including offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner, ahead of training camp. To this point, Fichtner has liked what he’s seen from the rookie.

“Mason’s been everything we’ve asked, for sure,” Fichtner said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Throws, obviously, a nice ball. The physical things are all there. Obviously mentally and learning is an acquired taste; that’s going to come through reps, physical reps, in-helmet perspectives, things that you’re not going to get and it’s not going to happen overnight.”

If Rudolph’s progress continues through camp, the Steelers may have a call to make about who will be the No. 2 quarterback come September. They aren’t going to cut Rudolph, so the question will be if he’s shown enough to supplant Landry Jones as the next man up behind Ben Roethlisberger. Fichtner’s comments suggest there’s a chance that’s how things will play out.

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  1. I really liked Landry Jones,but I think his days are numbered as a
    steeler QB.It’s a shame too ,but it took him soo long to grasp the offence.
    The light turned on for him last season

  2. mybigthirdleg says:
    June 14, 2018 at 7:35 pm
    The good news is that he’s not raping like the starting QB is famous for

    You mean the unfounded accusations? Because the starting QB is known for being a 2 time super bowl winner, the toughest QB in the game, the leader is many all time Steeler records, and future hall of famer.

  3. They should hope he beats both Dobbs and Jones. If Jones had been drafted by almost any other team (other than maybe the Packers), he’d likely have been cut by now. The Steelers like to hold on to veteran backups (especially those who know their system), but Landry Jones has not been impressive on any scale in the NFL. His college game was suspect to me, but Mike Vick outplayed him at age 35 in 2015 in the short time he was there. If Jones has a future in the league, it’s not in Pittsburgh. Dobbs is a (very!) smart guy, and seems like a great teammate and a good face for the franchise. However, his accuracy is atrocious, and watching frequently at Tennessee, I’m not sure it will improve much on the national level. The Steelers QB staff is undoubtedly better than either Butch Jones’ or Derek Dooley’s, but Dobbs seems to just be inaccurate.

    Rudolph can play from the pocket and has a strong arm, seems to be intelligent and a hard worker. He already has shown a little bit in the way of PR skills, and James Washington is on the Steelers’ roster. If Pittsburgh does not expect him to be able to compete for the starting job when Ben retires, or inherit it outright, it would be shocking.

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