Sidney Jones isn’t worried about latest setback

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Sidney Jones has proven his patience and his diligence.

That’s perhaps why he isn’t sweating his latest setback, since he insists it is temporary.

Via Eliot Shorr-Parks of, the Eagles cornerback spent his time on the sidelines during minicamp with what he would only call “soreness.”

He said it was unrelated to the torn Achilles that kept him out of all but one game last year. The injury was suffered in a pre-draft workout, and the Eagles took him in the second round anyway, amounting to a redshirt season.

Precaution,” Jones said of the recent issue. “[The team] doesn’t want me practicing right now. Just minor soreness.”

Jones didn’t participate in the OTA session open to reporters last week either, but he said he was encouraged by the progress he’s made the last two months.

“I feel really good. Coming back is a blessing. I feel really comfortable on the field, getting used to the defense, knowing the defense inside and out,” he said. “Getting comfortable with the defense because last year when I was playing I was practice squad going against then. But it is a good feeling to be in the defense and get the scheme.”

The Eagles think he can be a major contributor, and he’s moved around the secondary in workouts, in the slot as well as outside.

7 responses to “Sidney Jones isn’t worried about latest setback

  1. Doug Peterson and the Eagles have been this way with players since he was hired. They are ultra conservative with guys not being 100% during off season workouts and pre season games. You won’t see some of the older veterans until week 1 when the games count.

  2. mybigthirdleg says:

    June 14, 2018 at 7:13 am

    Never heard of him, but if he plays for the Eagles I’m sure he’s annoying

    He was the top CB prospect a month before the draft last season.

    Football much bro? Obviously not.

  3. CaptainDiddly says:
    June 14, 2018 at 8:24 am
    And I thought the Patriots were the only team to make 2nd round reaches for injured CBs.

    I guess that’s how you get to the Super Bowl.

  4. Reality check: the Eagles stomped their way through a 13-3 season and an impressive super bowl win. At some point, they are bringing back their starting QB and Sidney Jones, plus they added some talent in FA and this year’s draft. On paper, they will be significantly better than last year’s team.

    I’m not happy about it, and I hardly think they will waltz to a repeat, but that’s the reality.

    And as annoying as any team’s fan base is on these boards, I think Eagles fans have been comparatively muted. They don’t crow nearly as much as recent SB winners have, or even recent SB losers…heck they are even less obnoxious than Vikings fans, who have nothing more than a couple recent divisional titles to crow about.

  5. Talk all the trash you want about us Eagles fans, but one thing you cannot say is we are not passionate about our team.
    We live and die with our team and we travel well and we cheer our team on with the best of them.
    What we do not do is cry about things when they don’t go our way.
    We dig in and brace for it then we recover and keep it moving forward.
    Don’t be surprised if you see the Lombardi once again being paraded down Broad Street.

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