Texans sign Benardrick McKinney to five-year, $50 million extension

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Linebacker Benardrick McKinney has agreed to a five-year, $50 million extension with the Texans, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports. The deal includes $21 million guaranteed.

“Bernardrick plays a key role in our defense and has been highly productive, but more importantly he is a core player who has developed into a team leader within our program,” Texans General Manager Brian Gaine said, via a press release from the team. “We are excited to have him a part of our long term future here at the Texans.”

The Texans were expected to sign McKinney to an extension before Jadeveon Clowney. McKinney had one year left on his deal and was due to make $1.16 million in base salary in 2018.

Houston drafted McKinney with the 43rd overall pick in 2015 out of Mississippi State. McKinney, 25, has made 282 tackles, nine sacks, 25 tackles for loss 21 quarterback hits and two forced fumbles in 46 regular-season games.

McKinney logged a team-leading 95 tackles last season, along with three sacks, eight quarterback hits and a single-season career-best 10 tackles for loss, while starting all 16 games in 2017.

10 responses to “Texans sign Benardrick McKinney to five-year, $50 million extension

  1. Benardrick to the who ha what ee?
    Never heard of the guy but then again I don’t pay too close attention to the Texans
    Having said that…..anyone who is earning a contract out of the spotlight or is appreciated by there team on different levels we can digest is refreshing.

  2. Something isn’t right with Texans defense, they seem to have a bunch of stars but at the same time they take a lot of points, search overrated in the internet and you might find a picture of them.

  3. Mock the deal as you please, but it says a lot to reward the unsung guy for being a leader and a guy who stays on the field. That’s a team that guys want to give their heart and soul to.

    Honestly, I’ve never even heard of him, despite watching several Houston games before Watson got hurt. I will be paying more attention now though.

  4. Doesn’t matter at this point what the Texans do or who they sign , The Jaguars will own McKinney and the Texans this year once again … Jags too strong for H-Town. Book It !!!

  5. youngnoizecom says:

    June 15, 2018 at 10:20 am

    He’s a beast, his numbers warrant the contract and Houston’s defense was porous mainly because of Mike Vrabel.

    Not to mention losing Watt, Mercilus and 2 starting CB’s…

    The Texans D is always on the verge of being really good but they are kinda thin at depth. List a piece or two and the holes get pretty big.

  6. Comparing him to Wagner is difficult because the schemes are so different. But McKinney pretty much gobbles up anything run to his assignment. And can get good pressure on the QB when called on. Has good speed and can cover well, but that’s probably the least strong part of his game; I’d hesitate to call it a real weakness though.
    He’s probably the best 3-4 MLB you’ve never heard of.

  7. stexan says:
    June 15, 2018 at 2:07 pm
    Has good speed and can cover well, but that’s probably the least strong part of his game; I’d hesitate to call it a real weakness though.


    He’s a snap hog who in 46 career stars has a grand total of 3 career pass breakups. Calling pass coverage a “real weakness” doesn’t do justice to what a liability he is on passing downs. He’s a 2 down backer who’s getting way too many snaps on passing downs thanks to the Texans’ lack of depth.

    He’s good against the run. Very good, even. His durability is valuable to a team that struggles with health. But overall he’s not even a top 20 inside lb in this league. I don’t begrudge him for taking the money but I don’t know who Houston thinks they were bidding against. He’s not in the same universe as Wagner or Kuechly in any scheme nor is he versatile in the way somebody like Anthony Hitchens is.

    And this team still needs to pay Clowney. And find an O-Line.

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