Praising players who played through pain

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A decade ago, Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open with a torn ACL. Which inspired Friday’s PFT Live draft. Which included as one of the picks one of the men doing the picking.

The topic: Top player performances through pain.

And, yes, PFT Live co-host Chris Simms merits a spot on the list, because he not only played through pain but also nearly died after a September 2006 game against the Panthers.

For the full list (and to see whether Simms picked himself or whether I picked him), check out the video.

And feel free to suggest any that we may have missed. And to call us idiots for the omission(s).

37 responses to “Praising players who played through pain

  1. Terrell Owens in the Superbowl. Richard Sherman 2014 NFC Championship Game vs GB. Kam Chancellor Superbowl 49, Ronnie Lott amputated finger. Aaron Rodgers hurt feelings.

  2. As a Patriots fan I gained a lot of respect for Philip Rivers when he played in the AFC title game w/o a functioning ACL. Ironically the week before Rivers made a fool out of himself for taunting Indy fans as he went to the locker room after injuring that same knee.

    That was the fastest turnaround that I can recall for a guy to ruin his image then fix it. 7 days. Impressive.

  3. HOF linebacker Rickey Jackson played for the Saints with a broken cheekbone and his jaw wired shut in 1989 if I remember correctly. Doctors said he would be out four to six weeks. He missed two games. Pretty darn tough.

  4. McNabb beating the Arizona Cardinals playing the second half with a broken leg..Owens Superbowl with Broken Leg..

    Hate giving love to ANY Cowboy..but Emmitt Smith beating the Giants with separated shoulder.

  5. Personally, I find it downright stupid to award praise on a player dumb enough to put their “well being”, or life at risk by playing a game injured, just because they want to prove to themselves or their teammates that they are tough.

    Ask the veterans who hobble around at 40 years old if a paychecks currently roll in from their sacrifices from 10 years ago.
    All they are left with are “memories” and a broken down body.

  6. Rocky Bleier tried to play with grenade shrapnel he had in his foot from a firefight in Vietnam for a year before doctors removed it, along with ripping up scar tissue to gain flexibility, and then became a 4 time Super Bowl Champion.

    Thank you, Art Rooney, from a lifelong Packer fan.

  7. The Favre Bounty game was pretty impressive as well.

    If Peterson hadn’t fumbled the game away, that may have been his signature win.

  8. I’m wondering if we really should be praising players for playing through serious injuries? In old school (Ray Nitschke, Dick Butkus, Chuck Bednarik) football, there was no such thing as a concussion. Playing through injuries made you a legend.

    But how many of those guys were actually able to walk after they were done playing football?

    Almost all contemporary players are playing with injuries. Even if they don’t want to play, not so subtle hints let them know that their career could end if they don’t. And of they do sit down, fans call them wimps.

    Was Joe Theisman a hero for getting his ankle destroyed on a Monday Night. The replays of that injury were gruesome. I remember watching them all being entertained by the brutality. But that was before I figured out that players are people — rich people, but still people.

  9. Matthew Stafford rookie year 11/22/09 comes back into the game after suffering a grade 3 shoulder separation on the previous play to throw his 5th TD pass on the last play of the game to beat the Cleveland Browns …..I knew he was a keeper after that play. The win was more important then was a business decision.

  10. Brady playing an entire season with broken ribs and broken fingers on his throwing hand.

  11. Matthew Stafford has played through numerous injuries, but that game winner vs Cleveland where he avoided doctors to throw the game winning TD was impressive

  12. Jim “OO” Otto of the Oakland Raiders.

    Played in team record 210 games, one year with torn MCL and ACL’s in his knee.

    Today, he still endures surgeries (83 and counting…) from his many years of HOF play.

    I am amazed at his toughness and willingness to do it all over again. A legend.

  13. Jason Witten – broken jaw, broken nose, burst spleen, no helmet – unstoppable. Made guys like Chris Cooley and Jeremy Shockey look like snowflakes.

  14. O-line units in GB and NE playing with a constant wringing, whining sound in their ears.

  15. I broke my leg in a game but could still hobble on it so I went back in to play quarterback figuring I could just stay in the pocket and throw the ball. When I stepped into the first pass, the pain was unbearable and it fell well short of the target. These guys who continue to play at a high level with severe injuries are pretty impressive, even if they probably shouldn’t do it.

  16. Jim Marshall started 302 consecutive games, including postseason, and had numerous injuries and hospitalizations he had to fight through to keep the streak going. One week he accidentally shot himself and still started on Sunday. He also survived being stranded outside during a blizzard on a snowmobile trip (one member of the party died) and he crashed his hang glider onto the football field at my old high school. I’m sure he doesn’t mind having to wait to get into the Hall of Fame because he appears to be immortal.

  17. Dude! Greg Jennings putting the team on his back, playing with a broken leg and catching a 99 yard TD to beat the Saints 49-20 blowout. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search “Greg Jennings put the team on my back”. If you watch it, you’re welcome.

  18. What about some of these great fans who’ve participated over the years with some obvious mental stumbling blocks to overcome.
    Who participate on these message boards with what they think are funny, pithy comments, but are in reality just tired, dumb, redundant blather.
    Bless their hearts.
    Yes, I’m looking at you, Viking fans.

  19. Chad Ochocinco Johnson catching a long touchdown pass less than a week after teammate and close friend Chris Henry was killed.

    Carson Wentz tearing his ACL and still leading his team on a touchdown drive.

  20. Every single player still on the field at the end of the NFCCG against the Eagles………extreme pain. The Viking fans too….at the same time. I’ve never heard so much moaning and groaning.

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