Report: Raiders wary a suspension could be coming for Martavis Bryant

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In acquiring Martavis Bryant in a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers in April, Oakland General Manager Reggie McKenzie said the Raiders felt “good about giving Martavis an opportunity.”

It appears as though that good feeling may have left the building.

According to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders are wary that a new suspension for the talented, but troubled, receiver may be imminent.

The team declined to comment on the matter to Gehlken but affirmed they are awaiting word from the NFL about a potential violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Bryant was suspended for the entirety of the 2016 season due to repeated violations of the substance-abuse policy. He was conditionally reinstated last year and played in 15 games for Pittsburgh with eight starts. He caught 50 passes for 603 yards and three touchdowns before being traded to the Raiders in exchange for a third-round pick.

A failed test isn’t the only way Bryant could run afoul of the league policy. Missed tests could trigger another suspension as well.

78 responses to “Report: Raiders wary a suspension could be coming for Martavis Bryant

  1. Got what they paid for. Did anyone expect anything else? It was obvious he’d screw up again when he complained incessantly last season.

  2. “Why would we be worried about a receiver with substance-abuse history in a newly pro-marijuana state?”- Raiders FO

  3. Glad pittsburgh got rid of bryant, was a cancer last year and not close to being worth a 3rd rounder, I guess we got lucky. What a clown.

  4. It’s only because he’s a Raider now,the League’s always out to stick it to the Raiders!

  5. Such a shame if it’s true. He was complaining about playing time and his contract when he should have been concentrating on his behavior. Nobody can trust you dude

  6. Great.

    3rd Rd pick in exchange for nothing now.

    Plus Khalil not reporting to camp.

    This is not getting better…

  7. Still the same ol Raiders.
    Just Screw It Up Baby !
    Mediocrity begets mediocrity

  8. Yeah, nobody realized that weed is more important to this guy than a paycheck? Way to waste a 3rd, Reggie and company! Tell me again how this stuff is harmless- sometimes it just wrecks lives, doesn’t take them. This guy will be another smoked-out semi-zombie in 5 years or less. I’ve known too many of them…nice people, just scraping by when they could have made a better future for their families.

  9. Really rooting for this kid, here hoping this is not the case. But to be totally honest players that fail what seems like a lack testing policy screams of control issues. But the NFL and PA have to follow the rest of the world and reduce penalty or no longer have weed as a banned substance. It’s a better alternative then pill narcotic being prescribed for players. Savvy deal on the Steelers if they saw the writing on the wall and still got a third. Wanted us in on it when I saw the deal lol!

  10. This had better not be for the deadly drug marijuana. The fact that people get suspended for it is beyond stupid. Then again, it may be something more for this guy. I’m not sure what drug he was suspended for in the first place.

  11. For a repeat offender, why wouldn’t the Raiders put some sort of clause in there where if he fails a drug test before he has played a game the trade is void or compensation reduced or something.

  12. This guy is so immature. Talented but his attitude of above everyone and anything could land him out again.
    When he grows up, who knows when, and he looks back on his NFL days, he should kick himself in the ass. All of these idiots do not appreciate the opportunity that lies before them to play a game and get millions. What dumb asses.

  13. Not smart enough to stop doing drugs. To make millions that most of us will never see that kind of money. That he make in a year working that he would not make in his life if not for NFL. He will be bankrupt with in 5 years of retiring if he not band from the NFL first.

  14. Two years ago, with a healthy Derek Carr, the Raiders went 12-4. Now they’ve added Jordy Nelson and drafted Marcel Ateman (a Davonte Adams clone). They also acquired a good little slot receiver, Ryan Switzer. They got rid of Crabtree, who was always dropping passes. The WR corps are much, much better than when they went 12-4. I’m not really worried about Martavis Bryant. He’s a luxury, not a necessity.

  15. Why would you trade a pick for someone who was already out an entire season for repeated use???

  16. I’m a Raider fan, but this was one of the dumbest trades I have ever seen them make considering all the circumstances. It’s like late stage Al is back in charge. THAT is not a good thing.

  17. wow… Steelers got rid of this clown at the right time… To bad Gruden has to deal with this idiot in his first year.

    All that Talent… still doesn’t learn from multiple rule breaking events.. no feeling sorry for him, just hoping he can get his life together.

  18. Meanwhile teams like buffalo draft guys like Austin Proehl in the 7th round who will fight, claw and kick their way to hopefully maybe make the team.

    This guy is ruining a chance so many others could only hope for

  19. Hated giving up a 3rd for a guy looking at a long suspension… Come on McGruden!

  20. Think the Steelers did wise by moving on when they did . Some things just cant be fixed .

  21. I wish I was good enough to play in the NFL.
    I’d be thrilled to play for the veterans minimum, forget about multi-millions.
    And I’d do all I could to avoid getting suspended.

  22. Steelers: Okay Jon this is how to play this game. We put a pea under one of these shells. Then we move the shells around and all you have to do is pick the shell that covers the pea. Got it?

  23. Stop blaming the NFL. Blame the federal government for not only keeping it illegal, but classifying it a Class 1 Narcotic along with heroin and coke. Blame the attorney general and the current president for appealing to their base of conservative evangelicals who think that weed is the devil’s lettuce. If you continue to vote for the party that caters to religious fanatics and a snowflake, then you have absolutely zero room to complain about the NFL’s policies.

  24. Last year I kept making references that the Steelers should trade him given all that went on last year simply because it was only a matter of time until he was suspended. I sure did receive a lot of thumbs downs. I also said it was a good trade when they traded him for the same reason. Again, more thumbs downs. Well, the inevitable has happened. He just can’t help himself. The Steelers got a 3rd round pick for a guy who is now likely to be suspended indefinitely and probably never get on the field again. Great trade Chucky. What were you thinking?

    Personally, I didn’t think he could remain a Steeler after the game Schuster was suspended. They put him back to return kickoffs and when he was returning kicks all he was doing was jogging. They replaced him after a few kickoffs. I think that was when the Steelers knew he had to go. Given this guy’s attitude any team would have been dumb to trade for him.

  25. Nice Kick Norwood-it’s still wide right says:

    June 15, 2018 at 1:51 am

    League is still out to get Al Davis
    And if Joe had a brain he would be dangerous.

  26. granadafan says:
    June 15, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Stop blaming the NFL. Blame the federal government for not only keeping it illegal, but classifying it a Class 1 Narcotic along with heroin and coke.

    We are talking about a player with repeated violations who knew exactly where he stood. He put himself in a zero tolerance situation, a glass of wine would be enough to violate him. Stop blaming the federal government for a player’s inability to best his personal demons. IF Bryant used, and we are still at ‘if’ at this point in time, the only one to blame is him.

  27. It’s a huge mistake by the Raiders if they didn’t have some condition to void the trade or reduce compensation if he got suspended again.

  28. jjfootball says:
    June 15, 2018 at 3:00 am
    It’s only because he’s a Raider now,the League’s always out to stick it to the Raiders!

    The Raiders stick it to themselves every year, the league doesn’t need to.

  29. Another FLEECING by the Steeler’s front office. Steeler’s owned Al Davi’s in the 1970s and continue to do so in 2018.

  30. nhpats wrote (in yesterday’s story on Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster’s knee issues):

    “Somewhere Martavis Bryant is laughing….”

    Somebody’s laughing, but I bet it’s not Martavis Bryant.
    Or maybe it is. Weed does tend to give one the giggles from time to time. Plus, it appears he may be about to receive an unexpected free vacation.
    What’s not to laugh about?

  31. When I saw the headline I had sort of a deja vu and thought for a minute there that the Raiders had signed Dez Bryant and that he’d pulled off another signature stunt.

  32. How do you blame the Raiders! Maybe it was the Cowboys fault
    or Steelers! In this day and age many many players are smoking
    weed. It is part of the fabric any more. It is also legal in many states.
    So, don’t go blaming a particular team for its players habits.

  33. I was rooting for him until he came back and became a bad teammate and complained after the Steelers stuck by him when he let them down time after time. Can’t believe the Steelers got a third for him.

  34. Steelers totally fleeced the Raiders with this trade. Why don’t the Raiders ever sign class players? The renegade outlaw thing is so tired and played out.

  35. I have mixed reviews about McKenzie as Raiders GM (horrible 2013 draft, fantastic 2014 draft, average drafts 2015-2017; mixed results in free agency). However I don’t for a minute believe that McKenzie would be so stupid as to make a decision to trade a 3rd round draft pick for a player who was going to be suspended (yes, he acquired Aldon Smith but there were no strings).

    No, this imbecilic move (like all of the other bad 2018 roster moves) is ALL on Gruden. But then I suppose I should not dare to criticize Gruden because despite a mediocre track-record as HC he is after all a “coaching legend” – at least in his own mind, Son-of-Al’s and those who are gullible enough to drink the kool-aid.

  36. Yeah NHPats thought Bryant would be laughing at JuJu – typical Pats fanboy arrogance. They start chirping before the games are actually played.

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