Odell Beckham says he will attend training camp, will not hold out


Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wants a new contract, but he has no plans to hold out of training camp to get it.

Beckham hosted a football camp today and spoke very briefly to reporters, who asked him whether they’ll see him at training camp.

Yes, you will,” Beckham answered.

So Beckham will not hold out?

“No holdout,” he said.

The next question, however, is whether Beckham will be a full participant in training camp. Beckham has been cleared to practice after the broken leg that ended his season last year, but he didn’t do much at the Giants’ mandatory minicamp. Might he show up to training camp to avoid getting fined, but say he doesn’t feel ready to practice if the Giants haven’t taken care of him contractually?

That question hasn’t been answered yet, and likely won’t be until the Giants report to camp in late July.

8 responses to “Odell Beckham says he will attend training camp, will not hold out

  1. This Dez ordeal has shaken him up. Bell better take notice as well. Owners going to start playing hardball, rb’s can be found anywhere and everywhere and 98 percent of super bowls were won with out a legit big name wr.
    These ingrates have to stop acting like 12 to 15 mil per every 6 months is chump change!

  2. I don’t even understand how these players even think they can “hold out”. Look, y’all have zero leverage. None. You either play for the contract that you agreed to or you don’t play at all. How long can you hold out till you start feeling it in your pocket? Yeah I know that teams can cut a player at will and contracts are not guaranteed…..well who’s fault is that? That is what you all agreed to when the last CBA was signed. You don’t like the terms then change it the next time its time to make a deal. Don’t hold the league accountable because some team gave a stupid large contract to some scrub receiver.

  3. This is so out of character for Beckham. It’s also gutless and stupid. The Giants have absolutely no incentive to give him a new contract now. He’s getting bad advice. He should hold out of training camp and the season until he gets what he wants.

  4. Your doing the right thing Odell. Just go to camp and tell them your leg hurts so you don’t have to practice but they can’t fine you. They’ll cave and give you what you deserve. If they try to play hardball when the regular season start then tell them your leg still hurt or that you have a headache and can’t play. You’ll show them you mean business when you start missing real games. You have excuse so they still have to pay you

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