Seahawks expect Brandon Marshall’s hamstring to be ready by camp


The Seahawks signed veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall late in May, but Marshall never got into any team drills before the team ended their offseason program with last week’s minicamp.

Coach Pete Carroll said that Marshall was being cautious due to a hamstring issue and that the team expects he’ll be ready to start a fuller workload once camp opens this summer.

“We’re just making sure that we don’t have a setback on a hamstring that’s recovering,” Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “We talked about it today — he’s got a solid six weeks, he’ll be well. We need to do a really good job as we re-introduce him back into our tempo and speed and all that, that we don’t overdo it early in the excitement to see what he can do and all.”

Marshall missed most of last season with an ankle injury and had toe surgery to repair a lingering problem during his ankle recovery, so the hamstring isn’t the only reason to wonder what Marshall will bring to the Seahawks this season.

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  1. The patience Being shown right now won’t last much longer. If he can’t practice by camp and then misses the preseason with injuries, I expect him to be cut. If he gets healthy, can play, and demonstrates he has something in the tank, he will be a great addition. Not sure which way it will fall, but with the potential here, sure hoping for a positive result.

  2. Low risk, high reward signing. Can cut him if he can’t stay healthy or stinks the place up. Could be a decent red zone target if he manages to make the team.

  3. Year end totals for 2018 season: 8 touchdowns and 600 yards with avg. of 14 per catch.

  4. hawkkiller says:
    June 17, 2018 at 3:03 pm
    They also expected Thomas to be at training camp and that aint happening
    David Johnson isn’t at Cards camp either. Everything you post about Seattle is always about something that’s even worse in Arizona. Little brother syndrome must really hurt.

  5. nhpats says:
    June 17, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    Is it just me or do others expect the Seahawks to be a really bad team this coming season?


    Are you really asking? Most people, here and in the media, think they are in for another down year and possibly worst in the division.

    As a fan, I am more optimistic. I think the Rams had everything go right last year, and will take a step back. I think the 49ers are on the rebound but still are a year or two away from competing for a playoff berth, if everything goes their way. And while the Cardinals have a ton of talent, they’ve had that for years now. Every time it seemed they might make a run, Palmer got injured. He’s gone but replaced by maybe the only guy more injury-prone than he was.

    Meanwhile, the Seahawks subtract 3, possibly 5, of their defensive stalwarts, as well as Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson, Kearse gone before them. And they have not been able to keep a RB healthy and productive since Marshawn left. BUT they still have Russell Wilson, who has the ability to win games he shouldn’t. If things go their way (a LOT of things), I think they can be back in the playoffs.

  6. I’ll be completely shocked if Seattle isn’t at the top of the NFC this year. Their Offense is going to be potent. If they aren’t at the top, It’s because they let their defense fall apart.

  7. Rams fan here.

    You guys are in deep doo doo!

    I am watching that beat down you took kast year, Dec 17th.

    I can see your team is confused.

    I will admit you had a good run, but it’s our turn.

    Oh yea, Marshall is done!

  8. I’m not sure about his injuries as of late but this dude is a tough football player who normally plays 16 a year and had a tough break last year on a team that stunk it up. This dude is a stud when his head is in the right place and he has a QB that can give him time to get separation. If he stays healthy he’s a steal this year

  9. Seahawks are going to slap this division back to reality come September. Best QB, and a detailed list of what needs to be better between special teams and Oline/run game. They addressed the run game and have multiple players back healthy from bad early season injuries Fant/Carson.

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