Jimmy Johnson under consideration for Cowboys’ Ring of Honor

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The Cowboys have 21 members in their Ring of Honor, but Jerry Jones has elected not to add a name to the facade at AT&T Stadium since Darren Woodson in 2015. The former safety stands as the lone inductee over the past six years.

The team has several candidates to be next to enter the Ring of Honor, including Jones himself.

Jason Witten’s retirement this offseason allows for the possibility that the former tight end will go in with his best buddy, Tony Romo, who retired after the 2016 season. Jones also has talked openly about inducting DeMarcus Ware, though that now seems at least a bit awkward after Ware took a job as a pass-rush consultant for the Broncos.

Instead, Jimmy Johnson, Gil Brandt and Jay Novacek are under consideration for the next halftime Ring of Honor ceremony in Arlington, Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Johnson and Brandt’s Hall of Fame candidacies would not be hurt by their addition to the team’s Ring of Honor. Brandt annually is a contributors’ candidate for the Hall, and Johnson has made the list of modern-era Hall finalists.

Jones’ sometimes icy relationship with Johnson has thawed to the point that the Cowboys owner has no problem acknowledging his former head coach’s contributions to the 1990s Cowboys.

Jones and Johnson, who parted ways in 1994 after back-to-back Super Bowl titles, both insisted during the 1992 team’s 25th reunion in 2017 that they have a good relationship. Johnson congratulated Jones on his Hall of Fame selection, and Jones credited Johnson for his part in the Cowboys’ dynasty.

Jones again praised Johnson at his Hall of Fame induction, where Johnson served as Jason Taylor’s presenter.

Novacek became a favorite target of Troy Aikman after signing as a Plan B free agent in 1990. In his six seasons with the Cowboys, Novacek caught 339 passes for 3,576 yards and 22 touchdowns.

83 responses to “Jimmy Johnson under consideration for Cowboys’ Ring of Honor

  1. Jimmy Johnson & Gil Brandt both helped the Cowboys more most, if not all, of those players.

    Novacek… for as low stats as he was he sure knew how to punch the opponent in the gut.

  2. Jimmy Johnson is the ONLY reason the Cowboys of the 90’s were winning super bowls. Well that and the unholy Hershel Walker trade.

    Without the worst trade in NFL history, the Cowboys don’t get the players that would would 3 superbowls in the 90s.

    That trade set the Vikings back 20 years.

  3. Guy wore so many hats and did it SO well. Talent evaluator, head coach and GM etc. Should be in the HoF too. Jimmy is da man period

  4. DeMarcus Ware? Good god. Who else are they considering?

    At some point the prestige of joining these “rings” is no longer there.

  5. It is simple, Jerry. Jimmy brought us 3 NFL titles (Switz doesn’t get credit for ’95; that was Jimmy’s team led by Aikman.) Put the man in the ring.

  6. There aren’t too many people in Cowboys history who deserve to be there more than Jimmy Johnson.

  7. ”under consideration”?

    That man is the 2nd best coach in Cowboys history who revolutionized the draft. He’s one of the greatest team builders, motivators, and coaches in NFL history. Even with the Dolphins he drafted players like a Hall of Fame DE in Jason Taylor, MLB Zach Thomas, Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison etc…

    If it wasn’t for Jimmy Johnson my 49ers would have 7 Lombardis. He built such a powerhouse in Dallas that a coach like Barry Switzer was able to win a Lombardi with it.

    Jimmy Johnson should be the one in the Hall of Fame – Not Jerry Jones. For him not to be in their Ring of Honor devalues their Ring of Honor.

  8. The only thing that is more of a joke then pushing Jimmy Johnson’s out the door in 1994 for Jerry wanting the credit is this….

    “Jimmy Johnson under consideration for Cowboys’ Ring of Honor”

    He should have been in 2 decades ago.

  9. The fact that Jimmy Johnson hasn’t already been put in the Ring of Honor is a farce just like Jones being in the football Hall of Fame is a farce. Reality says it didn’t take long for Jerry to turn the Cowboys into just “another team” after Jimmy left and as it stands today that’s what they are. If there was a Ring of Shame that’s where Jones belongs.

  10. Each time I read something about the Cowgirls ring of honor, I’m reminded of the 50 year old rust ring firmly embedded in the otherwise clean toilet bowl in my garage. They are almost the same thing.

  11. Novacek was a good player for a few years, but no way in hell foes he belong on that ring of honor.

  12. I hate the Cowboys. I can’t stand Jerry Jones, but I get that in some ways he is good for the NFL.

    All that said, the Cowboys owe all of their success in the 90’s to one man, Jimmy Johnson. This is a no-brainer.

  13. so the guy that MADE the cowboys a dynasty is under consideration for the ring of honor?! Let it go Jerry, if your ego wasn’t what it is we could’ve have about 8 total rings instead of the 5

  14. Leather faced Jones will never admit that Jimmy Johnson was the reason for the Cowboy’s success back in the 1990’s. For that reason alone, Johnson has zero chance of being inducted. And the legacy of Jimmy Johnson continues to this day, until the Cowboys hire a real GM, they will be stuck in mediocrity.

  15. Without Jimmy, the Cowboys would only have one more Super Bowl than the eagles… That would sure suck! lol…. C’mon Jerry, put him in!

  16. How the hell is not only Jimmy Jones but Gil Brandt in their ring of honor.

    Both should also be in Canton

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry put himself up first. Jimmy built the team he had and yes Barry won with Jimmy’s players but Jerry hasn’t done crap since. Jimmy or nobody.

  18. Yeah, this is a close call. Jimmy Johnson built one of the all-time great dynasties, won two Super Bowls, set up the franchise to win a third, and drafted or acquired an absolute truckload of Pro Bowlers. At one point they had a Top Five player at every single one of the 22 starting positions. If he would’ve stayed the Cowboys probably would’ve won five straight Super Bowls.

    So yeah, hopefully he’ll somehow squeak in.

  19. For me the notable part of this story is the fact that Jerry Jones is putting himself in his own ring of honor.
    Your move, Dan Snyder.

  20. Jerry Jones is a piece of ****! Jimmy Johnson should have looooooooong ago been in the ring of honor. He shouldn’t be in “consideration”. That’s an out and out insult for the three rings he brought to the Cowboys. And yes, even the ring they won under Switzer is Jerry Jones ring and anybody on that team will tell you so.

    The way Jerry Jones has tried to be little Jimmy Johnson over the years is crap. I hope the Cowboys never win anything again as long as Jerry Jones is the owner. He doesn’t deserve to win anything again.

  21. yankeemofo says:
    June 18, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    Former Vikings GM Mike Lynn should be next.

    Absolutely. Without that guy, the 90’s Cowboys never comes close to happening.

  22. What have the Cowboys accomplished since Jimmy left the team? Think about it….two measly playoff wins in all that time.

  23. If I was JJ I would tell Jerrah and his induction team to go pound sand. Not interested.
    Troy Aikman speculated that if he and JJ could have stayed together , the Cowboys would have been the Patriots of the 90’s. The fact that a Jerrah put his ego and familty above the team and fans of Dallas football is IMO… “idiotically reprehensible” .

  24. @yankeemofo says:
    June 18, 2018 at 10:26 pm
    Former Vikings GM Mike Lynn should be next.
    Dallas should be sending the Vikings one of those canned DAK hams every year as a token of gratitude.

    This is a no brainer, looking back it’s simply amazing how Johnson turned that team around so quickly, and of course all of his draft day trades.

  25. Niners fan here. That Jimmy is not already in speaks volumes about the pettiness and gigantic ego of the special snowflake Jerry Jones. Johnson was the best thing to happen to the Cowboys in the 90s. Jones is not even the best guy with the initials JJ in Cowboys history.

  26. Maybe Jerry will put in Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer at the same time. You’d think with all that money, and all those championships, Jerry would be a happy person. He’s the poster boy for “money can’t buy happiness”. Very sad. I shouldn’t feel sorry for Jerry Jones, but I do.

  27. Jimmy Johnson and Drew Pearson belong on the that ring! The fact that they are not is absurd and infuriating. Do the right thing Jerry and put them on the ring this year!!

  28. The fact that Jimmy’s not already there speaks volumes about Jones and why he hasn’t had success since that period. It takes a certain humility to be successful over the long haul in this league and Jerry clearly doesn’t have it.

  29. I would think that everyone thought Jimmy Johnson was in the ring, how could he not be, given his teams brought them 3 Superbowl Wins . the 3rd ring was Jimmys team not Switzers.

  30. Former Vikings GM Mike Lynn should be next.
    Ding Ding Ding!!!! We have a winner folks. Please tell Yankee what’s he’s won Johnny…

  31. Man gets you two super bowls and you fire him……how’s that worked out for ya all??

  32. Man gets you two super bowls and you fire him……how’s that worked out for ya all??

    Jerrah deservedly looks like a fool in the situation, but by any account, the parting was mutual.

  33. Wouldn’t it be easier just to put “Jerruh” in place of all the names? After all, we all know he is the smartest man on the management team and he’s always right and is a doctor, a lawyer, and can play every position at HOF levels.

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