Ramon Foster: Others have to give more if Le’Veon Bell reports late again

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Running back Le'Veon Bell has engaged in a replay of last offseason since getting another franchise tag from the Steelers and that means he has yet to work with the team this offseason.

Bell stayed away for all of training camp and the preseason before reporting ahead of the regular season opener in September. The offense scuffled in that game — an 18-16 win over the Browns — and again in an overtime loss to the Bears in Week 3 in experiences that guard Ramon Foster said left the team with a lesson about not expecting the running back to do it all right off the bat.

“Reflecting on what transpired last year — and we did play against some good defenses early in the year, I will say — but I think we have to know we have to bring it a little more than them,” Foster said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “As great as Le’Veon is, we have to supplement what he does also. We have to make his job a lot easier. The fact that he’s not here, all of us are OK with that because we know what he’s bringing to the table. He comes right every year. He might take time to get going, but we have to be better prepared for that.”

It’s the sort of thing that may be easier said than done given Bell’s outsize role in the Steelers offense, but all current signs suggest it is one that the Steelers will have to do all the same.

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  1. Bell needs to hold out until week ten. Teach that billionaire owner a lesson. I am certain that the fans of the ten teams they play first in the season will support him 100%, Steeler fans, not so much. My favorite team does not play them this year, but, it increases the odds of my team making the playoffs.

  2. So a player is being selfish by demanding more of their team salary cap, and staying away from off season work, and you admit it takes him a few weeks of REAL GAMES to get going…

    And you’re okay with this?

    When Bell gets his deal, and Foster is a free agent after this season, does he think there will be enough money in the Rooney Coffers to pay him, as a 33 year old undrafted guard? Bell gets paid, veterans get let go, the team regresses.

    And he’s okay with sacrificing a few meaningful games…

  3. Even great RBs don’t stay great very long in this league. One of these years Bell is going to play this diva game and someone’s going to take his job.

  4. This is good practice for him since he’s going to be gone next year. The Steelers won’t be giving him $15M+ which is what he’s going to want. He’ll chase the money then complain about not winning.

  5. I’ve no issue with Bell doing what he is doing, I just cannot see a way where he win this stand off.

    RB’s age quickly and no team will give him the huge long term deal that he wants especially with the beatings he’s taken year in and year out

  6. Others have to give more even if he does report. Paying $14 mil for the 20th ranked run game in the league obviously isn’t gonna get them anywhere. A guy who can’t break a 20+ yard run because he spends so much time dancing and hesitating at the line isn’t gonna carry them over the hump, especially when he eats up so much cap that they can’t improve a defense that gave up over 40 points to the Jaguars.

  7. Why are people against football players making much money as they can? Wouldn’t you want the employee to win, knowing how much blood, sweat and tears they’ve been putting into their craft since little league? It’s kind of crazy.

  8. Browns completely dominated that week1 game last season. If it weren’t for a special teams gaff, the Steelers would have taken the L. Let’s see how this plays out this season now that we actually have corners that can play.

  9. Y’all aren’t hearing what Foster is trying to say. He can’t come out and say that LeVeon is being selfish or stupid by not showing up to OTAs. He still needs to have a good relationship with him as a teammate, or at least not a terrible one. What Foster can do is gently hint at the idea that LeVeon being out will cause him some rust coming in, which will make everyone have to work harder. He wants LeVeon and his supporters to know that, however the money issue is resolved, the holdout affects play on the field, and that’s the part that affects Foster.

  10. Bell is the perfect Steeler. It’s all about him. To hell with the team. Me me me me me me and oops, we got knocked out of the playoffs on the first try in front of all our obnoxious fans.

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