Browns sign Greg Robinson

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One of the biggest busts in recent draft history is getting another shot. In Cleveland.

Greg Robinson, the second overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, has signed with the Browns. To make room for Robinson on the 90-player roster, the Browns cut offensive tackle Rod Johnson, a 2017 fifth-round pick who spent his rookie year on injured reserve.

An offensive tackle from Auburn, Robinson was viewed as a big-time prospect when the Rams chose him in 2014. But although he was a starter for three years with the Rams, he never developed into the kind of player they hoped he would be.

A year ago the Rams traded Robinson to the Lions, who started him for six games early in the year but waived him midway through the season. He cleared waivers and hasn’t been with an NFL team since.

Now Robinson will try to make the Browns’ roster. If he doesn’t, his NFL career may be over.

33 responses to “Browns sign Greg Robinson

  1. Good luck with that. Dude was awful here last year. Aw. Ful.

    One of the players on Minnesota’s d-line called him out before a game last year, then proceeded to eat his lunch for 4 quarters. It was ugly.

    He might work as an interior lineman, but as an NFL starting left tackle? No, no and h*ll no.

  2. what in the h**l is wrong with this team?

    their management is not only abysmal, it is almost criminal;

    Greg Robinson is so bad teams Detroit played last year were literally drawing straws on the sidelines to see who’d get the next chance to run around him to Stafford, who suffered the highest number of sacks in his career;

    he literally has no business on an NFL roster;

    Robinson is going to get Taylor and Mayfield killed and another coach fired because of it, and the browns just guaranteed themselves four more losses;

  3. How long can FOX SPORTS 1 keep paying people just to talk about Tom Brady ,Bill Belichick ,and Lebron James this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen !

  4. Haha what’s the big deal about bringing this guy in for training camp? There’s not many negatives about any of the guys John Dorsey has brought into Cleveland. This is purely a depth move.

  5. As a Rams fan I’m literally getting PTSD when I hear his name. He is a horrendous football player whose mental errors and penalties (for which he seems to have no remorse) were as devastating as his pass blocking, which is some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Thanks Jeff Fisher. Good luck Browns.

  6. Just goes to show how hard it is to predict what someone will do in the future. I like to think I can evaluate talent, but honestly I cannot, I thought this guy was a “can’t miss” boy was I wrong. The misses for OL are about as bad as they are with QB’s, maybe more so.

  7. Come on, people… Robinson won’t be starting. Barring injuries, he won’t even be playing. They’re probably just trying him out so that they know whether they can cut Stephenson after his AWOL/PED antics and still have some depth on the OL.

  8. As A Rams fan I thought Jason Smith was the biggest tackle bust we’ve ever drafted..until Greg Robinson came along. I can’t even count how many times he cost the team a long play or Td with stupid penalties. He is just not a good football player.

  9. Calm down everyone. If he is on the roster after training camp then you can complain about the Brown’s utter stupidity. He is just a body at this point. Who would Cleveland rather see get hurt in training camp, Robinson or one of their starting OL? In the end there is no way he makes the final roster. He should take up Bull Fighting because he has the o-lay part down pat.

  10. Guy is a bust no doubt, but every analyst and draft geek had this guy pegged as a can’t miss All Pro in the making. Really goes to show how much work ethic and coaching come in to play. Talent and motivation get lost when players get paid.

  11. “Greg Robinson is the stud of that line.” “He’s one of the elite left tackles, his star is rising, his arrow is up. He’s a heck of a football player.”

    Mel Kiper, talking to USA Today, November 13th, 2013. Before that Kiper interview Robinson was flying under the radar.

  12. Hey Browns fans, stop crowing about how smart these “depth moves” are until your team wins more than 1 game out of 32. The Browns haven’t outsmarted anyone in a long time. People have every right to criticize. Oh, sorry, I forgot John Dorsey was Paul Brown 2.0.

  13. Aw so we officially have our “failed draft bust fighting to get a roster spot before eventually getting cut for having a bad pre-season” storyline player for Hard Knocks. Having that role extended Aguayo’s career last year and he was a kicker who sucked at kicking.

  14. No reason not to take a flier. Risk minimal.

    For Robinson it’s the mental side of the game. Officials got into his head and he’s never been able to just play and block out the noise.

  15. “Hey Browns fans, stop crowing about how smart these “depth moves” are”

    Man I don’t see anybody crowing. Just saying this is a training camp body and potential depth move. It’s acknowledged he may not make the roster. No harm in taking a look at him.

  16. Kick the tires on a former #2 overall pick. Probably won’t make the 53 man roster, and if he does it’ll be for the veteran minimum. Maybe I missed something, but we didn’t win any games last year. Can Robinson make us worse?

  17. Robinson couldn’t block a pass rusher made out of LEGOs;

    it is not only foolish but downright dangerous to have him on your roster in ANY capacity, he is that bad a football player;

    he is the NFL Mandarich/Mamula award winner every year he’s been in the league;

    he is a certified QB, RB and head coach killer—just ask Matthew Stafford and Detroit’s former coach last year;

    any QB he’s called on to block for will feel like George Plimpton;

    any RB might as well hand the ball off to the defender for his own survival since both all three will arrive at the same time;

    this guy doesn’t belong on an NFL roster in any shape form or fashion at any time at all;

    sadly, the browns are going to learn that painful lesson at the expense of one of their QBs;

    ladies and gentlemen, this is how you plan to lose from the top down in the NFL;

  18. He started his career as a Guard next to Jake Long. He played good at that position with Tre Mason and Zac Stacy both ballin outnof their minds. Maybe let him go back there? He is quick enough to get out and Run block. Passing… not so much.

  19. Calm down Browns bashers, Lions and Rams fans. He’s 3rd string on the depth chart and unlikely to make the team. Lions should be more disappointed that it took 6 games to yank him out of there.

  20. Anyone criticizing the Browns for making this move knows 0 about the NFL. This is just the front office taking a “flyer” on a guy who was once viewed as an elite prospect.

    The claim made by dreemeagle…that Robinson’s poor play will lead to a Brown’s QB being hurt…is just ridiculous ! The reason being ? In training camp practices, the quarterbacks wear red jerseys to signal that they cannot be touched. So if he turns out to be a liability in training camp, he will get cut before having a chance to play in a pre-season game. Therefore, there is no chance of him getting a quarterback hurt.

    It is a long shot, but former 1st round “busts” have been able to resurrect their career with the 2nd…or even 3rd team, that they sign with.

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