Congress to hold hearing on sports betting next week

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The NFL has refrained from lobbying the various states regarding their sports gambling programs, opting instead to push for a comprehensive federal regulatory scheme. Next week, the effort to craft such a system will commence.

David Purdum of reports that the House Judiciary Committee tentatively plans to conduct a hearing regarding sports wagering on Tuesday, June 26. The NFL has been invited to testify.

Separately, Senator Orrin Hatch has vowed to prepare legislation regarding the issue. According to Purdum, Hatch will focus his effort on bolstering the federal Sports Bribery Act, which wasn’t affected by the recent Supreme Court decision that wiped out the prohibition on the expansion of sports betting in the various states.

The NFL, which has been working with Senator Hatch’s office, realizes that it makes far more sense to have one uniform set of laws that applies to all 50 states, in lieu of dealing with up to 50 different sports wagering rules and regulations. This will also make it easier for the sports leagues to finagle a piece of the action. Clumsily dubbed an “integrity fee” by the NBA, the NFL likely will couch it as fair compensation for providing the basis for the betting.

26 responses to “Congress to hold hearing on sports betting next week

  1. This just proves that the leagues were only against gambling because it was only allowed in 4 states, and for all practical purposes just one. Now that it can be nationwide all they see is dollar signs. I live in Texas and they say we are a long way from legalized sports betting. No way, not when Jerra Jones sees the kiosks taking bets outside of Jets, Giants, Raiders, when they get to NV, and many other stadiums. He’s gonna want to be able to take bets too. This will be one time when a rich owner greasing the palms of politicians will actually benefit me.

  2. It’s a shame these sports leagues can’t just count their blessings that gambling is now legalized. Gambling is exactly what brings viewers to the game. Gambling is why Monday Night Football exists. Gambling is why ESPN can show 30 college football/basketball games every Saturday. Gambling is why the NFL is what it is right now. Because from office pools to fantasy everyone has a piece of action. These leagues need to relax and watch the TV dollars come pouring in.

  3. Sweet. So if I bet 10 of my own dollars straight up…..after taxes and more taxes….I will what….take home 3.75 on a win? That’s awesome odds. 50/50…..lose 10 or win 3.75. Sounds like a winner to me;)

  4. So, if the Superbowl is a PK’m with the 49ers vs New England……..all the people that live in Mass bet the Patriots and everyone in SF bet the Niners. The line thus moves in opposite directions?? So the bookmakers call each other to layoff the overinflated local betting? Sounds like a mess to me.

  5. This will definitely cause the downfall of the CORRUPT NFL. Wait till players start being called out on fixing games and all…….who dropped a pass……who interfered for a long gain…..etc. If u think games were fixed before this, just wait. Much like congress……there will be investigations investigating investigations… will seem like the good old days.

  6. This is the last thing sports bettors want, let it be dealt with on the state level, once the federal government gets involved it we be over taxed and poorly ran.

  7. So rather than fixing the law they created that is separating children from parents at the border they plan to meet to discuss sports betting?

    It is time to replace every single incumbent.

  8. I’m glad Senator Hatch has time to spend on this important issue since there aren’t more important problems facing the country. Why not bring back the panel on Steroids while he is at it?

  9. nhpats says:
    June 19, 2018 at 6:41 pm
    So rather than fixing the law they created that is separating children from parents at the border they plan to meet to discuss sports betting?

    It is time to replace every single incumbent.
    It’s not a law but a policy decision that the potus can stop at any time, w/o congress. But I do agree with you that one party needs to be replaced, absolutely.

  10. Maybe they can focus their efforts on the concentration camps and the branding of children like Nazi Germany. Who cares about sports betting when children are being ripped from their parents’ arms in order to serve the hate-filled policies of thearchcriminal Trump?

  11. Again calling the NBA clumsy. Last I checked the NBA has been kicking the tail off of the NFL when it comes to new revenue streams, growing the game overseas, maintaining a socially aware stance that doesn’t alienate huge numbers of people no matter what it does, and actually allowing players to benefit from the revenue of the league. One of these two leagues has a future for he next 60 years and one doesn’t.

  12. What could possible go wrong with congress looking in on it?
    They will decide that this subject calls for a special sub-committee in which all members will be taking lobbyist money from Draft Kings etc etc –
    As forrest Gump says, Crooked is as Crooked does.

  13. Leagues shouldnt be paid a dime. Sportbooks will do a much better of monitoring for integrity than anyone else. The leagues are going to see exponential growth as it is from the increase in viewers and ad revenue.

  14. patriotmaleorgy says:
    June 19, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    Does this mean Goodell and the refs can’t fix games for the Patriots anymore?

    Not to worry. Belicheat will still be around

  15. It’s great that we get to be “represented” by a bunch of old ignorant clowns to determine whether or not we’re Free.

    Can’t wait to see if they decide if we’re Free or not.

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