Ricky Stanzi washes out of the CFL

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A once-promising NFL quarterback has reached the end of the road in Canada. And, no, it’s not Johnny Manziel.

Via CFL.ca, the Calgary Stampeders have released veteran quarterback Ricky Stanzi. The former NFL journeyman parlayed a 2017 Spring League performance into a CFL gig, spending all of last season with the Stampeders and appearing in two games.

Stanzi, 30, spent time in the NFL with the Chiefs, Jaguars, Texans, Giants, and Lions. He never appeared in an NFL regular-season game.

Bo Levi Mitchell, Nick Arbuckle remain on the Calgary roster at the quarterback position, with Larry Brihm on the practice squad.

18 responses to “Ricky Stanzi washes out of the CFL

  1. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    June 19, 2018 at 8:54 pm
    When was Ricky Stanzi a promising NFL quarterback?


    At one point he could have started for the Vikings…

  2. He’s like the NFL version of Moonlight Graham. Well, without all that voices in a cornfield, dead guys playing a game, and dude who voiced Darth Vader stuff.

  3. Promising? Um. No. Poor decision making, bad footwork, couldn’t read a defence, inaccurate, consistently underthrew receivers on deep balls. Oh, and Mel Kiper liked him. So there’s that.

  4. mybigthirdleg says:
    June 19, 2018 at 8:58 pm
    I remember thinking, “this guy will never make it”…nailed it!
    Brave call on a 5th rd backup. But he did make 6-7yrs of employment doing what he loves, and raking in $1.6M over that period, and still only 30, healthy – a lot of college football kids would take that.

  5. In college… Ricky Stanzi was above… but… not much above… average.

    Stanzi’s 26 win – 9 loss record and 3 win – 0 loss bowl record is why I say he was above-average. He had some big BIG-10 wins (0 wins against OHIO STATE).

    Stanzi was kind of a Mike Kafka type of guy… except… more wins, less losses, more accurate/but/not by much, and bigger numbers… but… mediocre numbers… not impressive numbers.

    I never thought he’d be successful in the nfl… but… the nfl paid him $1,754,851 total dollars. So… who is the loser?!?

    Stanzi is from Mentor, Ohio.
    O – H !!!

    In Ohio… we all played against high quality athletes.
    Many were high quality w/ hard hat/lunch pail mentalities.

    Stanzi was a dirty lunch pail guy.

    26 wins – 9 losses at Iowa
    3 wins – losses in bowl games

  6. Didn’t Mel Kiper Jr. stake his reputation on this guy?
    Mel stakes his so-called reputation on anyone breathing. You, me, Ariana Grande, that old guy who lets his dog poop in your front yard.

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