Steelers comfortable going without a quarterbacks coach


The Steelers have a relatively old quarterbacks room, so for the moment, they’re not going to bother with having a quarterbacks coach.

When former QB coach Randy Fichtner was promoted to offensive coordinator, the Steelers let him keep his old title without hiring another one to replace him. And while they say it’s something they may revisit, the team is comfortable with the set-up for now.

“It’s a fine line because he wants to coach and be involved with the young guys, but he has to be ready to give me the next play in practice or whoever it is,” quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said, via Mark Kaboly of The Athletic. “It is something that we may just keep an eye on. I understand that he doesn’t want to break up that room and how it works and all that.”

With Roethlisberger 15 years in and backup Landry Jones entering his seventh season in the league, there’s a ceiling on how much day-to-day instruction they need beyond the coach they already know so well. The same isn’t true for third-round rookie Mason Rudolph, though his development is more of a long-term thing anyway.

“Maybe that will be something you explore down the road,” Fichtner said. “When you are not working with a veteran quarterback and I will throw Landry Jones into that because we’ve been together for six years. There is some natural communication that already takes place. It might be eye contact. Something might not even be said. It’s a look sometimes. You know how you give your kid a look when they made a mistake and they knew? . . .

“I think there might be value about that in the end. Right now the value in that is direct communication in that room of the expectations of what we are trying to do as a whole.”

Roethlisberger said he talked to coach Mike Tomlin about adding one in the future, even one of his former backups such as Bruce Gradkowski or Charlie Batch. That might be simply because of familiarity, because he’s always had a quarterbacks coach (including Fichtner for the last eight years).

“I’ve had a few and it’s great,” Roethlisberger said. “Typically the quarterback coach is a bridge between the OC and you. Now when your OC is your quarterback coach you don’t need a bridge. It’s nice to have someone to talk to and that’s why I think, and backups to, it’s important to have that bridge-the-gap type thing.”

Three other teams don’t employ dedicated quarterbacks coaches — the Patriots, Giants and Jets.

15 responses to “Steelers comfortable going without a quarterbacks coach

  1. The Pittsburghy dough boy looks like he just destroyed a couple of hero submarine’s in the picture & he is wiping off his hands.

  2. I don’t quite see the need for a QB coach when Pig Pen’s style of running the offense so often resorts to broken plays, schoolyard ridiculousness, and heaving into double coverage just hoping AB can pull off a miracle. Oh, and of course, limping around in “agony” afterwards, though it’s never enough to come out of the game.

  3. Prob something Ben Roethlisberger finagled. A Veteran QB that doesn’t want to help the rookie looking to take his job, and no QB coach for the rookie to work on fundamentals and the nuances of the pro game…

  4. The first five comments on here are from commenters who should not be allowed to post their hate and ignorant crap that is not football related in anyway. It’s sad that a persons sole aim on posting is to insult someone’s appearance…..but this is a reflection of where we are at as a country….there is no personal responsibility for respected each other as people. If you think insulting someone’s appearance is funny you are trying to be a bully, but i doubt if you have the stones to say that to Ben face to face. The keyboard is the safe place for a lot of cowards and tough guys ….

  5. Why not…..they have been going without a head coach for years now

    I have to admire the dedication of this troll in keeping his idiot badge shining. Time for some new material so you better ask mom to help you find a new joke you can use for the next couple of years.

    Ben at this stage doesnt need a coach now that Haley is gone….thank god.

  6. When the troll’s say “Dough Boy, Big Turd or Pig Pen”, you should say it accurately. Multi Superbowl Champion Dough Boy, Big Turd, Pig Pen”. That is all.

  7. Lots of hate out of NE for Ben and Tomlin. Sure, there appears to be a lot of drama associated with Ben and I think most will agree that Tomlin has made his fair share of mistakes (and what coach hasn’t) but at least the Steelers are very competitive every year and are usually in the top 4 AFC teams predicted to make the SB.
    Ben will be a hall of fame inductee and Tomlin is the best HC in the AFC North – certainly better than “The Whiner”, the “I haven’t been to a playoff game I haven’t lost” and “Mr. 1-31”.

  8. Little Ben doesn’t need coaching. He knows exactly how to let the Jaguars and Patriots run all over him. He’s got it down to a science, from leaving the field injured and then coming back to throw an interception in the end zone, to spending thirty minutes running up garbage points in a game that was over at halftime. Let Ben be Ben and the Tebows, Flaccos, Bradys, Mannings, and Bortles will have him for lunch.

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